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Easy drawings is a website that is designed for audiences of all ages.

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Here you will find images to draw, which can serve as a starting point for the graphic arts, both for the elderly, as well as we present easy drawings to copy and learn, specifically designed for children. Also designed for these, we present you, for the little ones, simple and simple drawings, ready to color, so that the child can develop in their first uses of colors.

easy thigs to draw step by step

Christmas Drawings for you

We have a good collection of Christmas drawings, for the enjoyment of the whole family at this important time of year, and a special article with Christmas tree drawings

Easy things to draw

If you came here looking for easy drawings to copy, I’ll put a couple of video tutorials with easy things to draw:


This first example is for the SpongeBob fans, there are many. It is a very short video tutorial, and with which you will learn baby Patrick Star. It is a very nice drawing that you can learn to draw if you follow the step by step that is shown in the video. You just have to go to the play and stop it as you make your own drawing. If you do not get out the first time, do not get discouraged. Think that everything that is worth costs, so go ahead.


In this other video tutorial, you will find the step-by-step drawing of a nice elephant, like the one you are seeing on the video’s face. This drawing is designed for younger children than the previous one. You try it, and if it does not come out the first time, the second one will go better, and so on until you get it as you expect it.

These videos are just examples of what you can find on the web. If you visit each section, you will find many articles with more video tutorial options to learn how to make drawings step by step.

Cool easy drawing for kids

how to draw a horse easy

The priority on the web is to put easy drawings, so that even the smallest can be able to copy them. In this case you see above, there is a horse made in a very easy way, and with a style that can be of the liking of the little ones. But I will also be creating works to learn step by step how to make these drawings simple and easy.

This is an example. Here is a step by step of a very easy penguin drawing. A child does not need to know or even read in order to follow this tutorial. With a pencil and a paper, and this image, in just seven steps any child can have a penguin drawing made.

In this other image we have the steps to learn how to make a cute monkey, also in just seven steps. In this type of tutorials, the forms are always very simple, so that the youngest are able to make these drawings without major complications.

Also to easily draw an elephant you have this simple copy tutorial. You will see how, in just a few steps, a child can make these drawings. In this case, the drawing has a little more complication because the body also appears. This is so that there are different levels of difficulty in the drawings.

Here is another quick mouse tutorial. They are all simple and simple forms. As well as these tutorials that you see here, I recommend that you enter to look for the different articles, because we have much more to give you and you can return periodically because you will always find new things. Enjoy them.

Pencil drawings

drawing a bunnt face

Among the easy-to-make drawings, on the one hand you can find the whole part referring to pencil drawings.

simple bunny drawing

yogui bear pencil drawing

Some easy-to-make drawings can be reproduced simply by copying by eye what you are seeing. But on the other hand, we also present tutorials to make drawings in pencil. These tutorials on drawings easy to do in pencil, will also be varying levels, to be useful for an older person or for a child.

When you say: these are easy drawings to make, that will be the moment when you should go to a bigger challenge.

pink panther drawingt

In the case of pencil drawings, you can start with drawings that are made from simple shapes, and thus have an initial level.

But there are much higher levels. For example try to make portraits, where getting to make an image that resembles the original is the maximum complication. Another high level for pencil drawings is to give realism to the drawing with the use of shadows and lights, which can be achieved in colored drawings or simply making pencil drawings in black.

Love drawings

Learning to draw is very beautiful, and it is a thing that is suitable for anyone. What it requires is a lot of patience and perseverance when it is not a natural ability in you.

love pencil drawing

Among the easy-to-make drawings, here we bring you some ideas of pencil drawings of love, so that with them you can surprise your partner, your parents, your children or your friends. This kind of drawings can also be very simple and easy to make drawings, as well as those other complicated and difficult drawings. The good thing is that each one looks for the type of drawing according to the level he has and little by little he will grow in the level.

The pencil drawings that we present can also have different levels. You can learn by initially drawing those drawings that are easy to make, to progress towards those that seem more complicated, such as those in which shadows appear, or complex shapes.

easy pencil drawings

It is also interesting that you can create your own models. These easy-to-make drawings that we present to you, can be a guide or an inspiration, so that you can develop your own models, and in that way surprise someone with the originality of your design.

heart drawing

Within the love drawings, another option is to incorporate ink into the graphics. For this it is interesting to have markers of different thicknesses. Once the base of the pencil drawings is made, the ink can later be incorporated. In this aspect we will also present you in DRAWINGS EASY TO MAKE some tutorials to incorporate ink to your drawings in pencil, to have another level of drawing.

Cartoon photo

cartoons drawing

Another form of drawing that has many followers is to make caricatures for photos. In this type of drawing, we are already talking about a higher level of drawing because not only the qualities as draftsman are important, but observation is almost as important as this. To make caricatures for photos, knowing how to rescue what are the most characteristic features of each face is the basics if you want to make caricatures for photos.

Within the easy drawings, we can not include the group of cartoons, but as the idea of ​​this page is also for the benefit of all people, we incorporate this section with a class of drawings that can be higher in terms of level of drawing.

old cartoon

For the realization of cartoons, it is important to have a level of drawing so that we can be able to make the drawing of a portrait. In other words, to be able to make a face of a real person, and that really looks like. To make a caricature, it is essential that the portrait be known first, because in the caricature the essential features of the person must be reproduced as they are. In this way it will be recognizable. Within that exact drawing, it is that the exaggerations that determine the final quality of the caricature will be produced.

In the two images above you can see an example of what I was saying before. In the first place there is a quick drawing that I made of the former president of Spain, and in the other drawing there is a caricature. The results are pretty good. In the cartoon it is perfectly recognized because the general features are similar, though caricatured. It is a nice form of expression in the drawing the theme of cartoons.

Digital drawing

Hether or not pencil drawings, is and always will be irreplaceable, new technologies invite us and almost force, every day more, the learning of computer graphics.

easy digital drawing

For this reason, this drawing section is born in two and three dimensions, in which, on the one hand, there will be the minimum useful brushstrokes for the beginnings in the use of computer programs, and on the other, a gradation will be made to complex designs and compositions.

Among others, the most common computer programs in drawing and design will be used, such as Autocad, Coreldraw, Illustrator, for the case of two-dimensional drawings, and Scketchup, 3D max, Rhinoceros, Zbrush, among others, for compositions and 3D drawings.

free fish coloring pages

Both beginners and more experienced users will find in this section, both drawings finished in the two dimensional varieties, and step-by-step processes for their preparation. These transformations will take place in formats of still images or videos.

The applications of the graphic image, both freehand and computerized, consists of endless aspects, such as graphic design for advertising, corporate images, architectural drawing, marketing, immersive images or videos of virtual reality in 3D, among others …

angry bird drawing

But the applications are not necessarily professional, if not that any user, with not even only knowledge, can begin to learn to draw and make drawings and designs, which can be used in their daily life; greeting cards with illustrations, business cards, caricatures for photos, drawings in pencil, cartoon images for children, logo design, beginnings in compositions for student work, and many more.

How to draw manga

manga drawing

If you want to know how to draw manga, in our articles you will find interesting tutorials where you will learn to draw manga eyes, or complete faces, or to draw manga girls as well as learn how to draw manga characters for your own books.

In the image above you can see a drawing of a manga style girl. The drawing is done in pencil, and painted with colored pencils .


In the image you have a drawing of Astroboy, one of the pioneers of Japanese anime and manga. This drawing is also made in pencil and colored with colored pencils to get a very nice result.