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Funny witch drawing flying on broom

easy witch drawing for coloring

We are going to prepare you a good group of witch drawings to color, because I know that you will like them a lot.

Witches are supposed to be terrifying beings, however they tend to be very nice when it comes to cartoons, and that is what I want to bring you in this article: a good number of drawings of different witches, where most are cartoons, for that you can download them, print and then paint as you like. Surely the witches are not usually very colorful, but in the first drawing I have put it in colors so you can see that you can make beautiful drawings colored with witches.

Witch silhouette flying

scary witch drawing

As in all kinds of drawings, there are different styles and especially drawings of different levels, to adapt to each person. Coloring drawings can be used from the youngest children to the oldest, since the coloring action is very relaxing and is a very fun entertainment.

That’s why I started thinking about the little ones, placing this image of a silhouette of a witch. The little ones won’t even worry about painting without getting out of the lines. They will put their colors to work inside the figure and outside if necessary.

n this case we have a very elegant witch, who even has a pearl necklace. However, he gives his hat and his huge nose with a large wart that makes it clear what kind of character it is. In case there is any doubt, you have in your hand a typical witch’s broom, which not only serves to sweep, but is your means of transport to fly.

This drawing is a beautiful cartoon that you can paint anyway, as you like.

The witch has already taken flight on her broom and is surely about to do some spell. Here you have another cartoon, but in this case it is a cartoon that aims more at children, with more rounded features and framed figures in a simple way and without too many strokes, so that children can easily color.

witch line drawing

And here we give a touch of tenderness to the witch. It is a girl witch, or a girl disguised as a witch. He even has his own broom, of course on his scale. It is a nice drawing to put more color, since it has striped socks in which you can see to put colors in the elements, both in the socks, as in the dress and hat.

Pretty drawings of flying witches

baby witch

Typical image of the witch is flying on top of her broom. That is why here you will find several drawings of witches made in this way, and ready to color. These drawings are variable. This is how the one you have above this paragraph has a cartoon witch, with huge eyes and sitting on the broom as if it were a delicate lady. The image of the girl has nothing to do with the image we always make of witches, those ugly old women. It’s the good thing about making cartoons, which allows you to give it the air you want.

witch drawing for coloring

In this case, as in the previous one, it does not seem to be the typical ugly old woman. It is only about the silhouette of the witch, but from the profile it can be deduced that she is also a young girl flying on the broom, and takes her cat on the tip of the broom. The drawing is completed with two flying bats, to give the witch’s terrifying appearance, but in reality it is a very nice picture.

witch cartoon drawing

Now there is an old woman, but her face is that of a good grandmother. What happens is that she is dressed as a witch, and does not neglect the broom she has in her hand. The dress is so long that you can’t even see your feet. The hair is typical of the witch, the same as the hat, but she wears glasses and a look and smile that make her a very tender grandmother.

And now we finally arrive at a drawing where a witch from the stories is seen: with a very large nose, thin and long hands, the pointed jaw, an evil look, to which all the complements are added typical of witches. On his head is the inevitable witch hat, long dress, pointed shoes and the typical broom are the elements that complement this evil witch.

If you look closely, it is the drawing that at the beginning I put it already colored. It looked pretty good, but I could have left it even better if I placed areas of intense shadow, to make it more terrifying. I’m going to let you do that in your drawing. Cheer up !!

witch drawing

Another thing that always relates to witches is making magic potions, and here we have an old witch about to throw a lizard to complete the spell. The face of the witch, despite being old and ugly is very nice. These drawings can be very fun to color.

And now we have a girl disguised as a witch. He has a false nose held with a thread that passes behind his head, a hat and a cape. These coloring pages of witches can be very fun. If this costume exists in reality, more than one would like to wear it.

witch for kids

A babe with a magic wand. It could be a good fairy, but it has the witch hat. Anyway it is possible that it is a good witch. It is a cartoon that could be part of a witch cartoon. Would you like to learn how to make cartoons? Soon I will upload some articles where I can teach you to make the funniest cartoons. I don’t know if others will have fun, but I assure you that you will have a great time.

Coloring pages of cartoon witch

witch drawing easy

Do you like the coloring and painting drawings I’m leaving you here? I hope so because I prepared them with great desire to give on this website.

In the image above we have another drawing to paint of a witch in an easy drawing for children. If they are encouraged they can even draw it, because it is easy to draw. It is a witch who is taking flight on her broom, and has a very simple profile, where only a large nose, and a large jaw protrude. Dare to copy this drawing and then paint it. If you dare send it to me by mail and I can incorporate it into the article, putting your name, so everyone will see that you are included in the page.

drawing of a witch

Are you painting the drawings I leave you? Here you have another opportunity with this witch who is a little chubby. She is very happy straining on the broom. It is an unusual image of a witch, because they always draw them thin and tall, so here you have an original witch drawing to paint as you like.

Also funny are the witch’s head drawings, because the facial features are best seen. This is what happens with this drawing of a witch who is smiling and happy. When you laugh you can see that he only has one tooth in his mouth and a huge wart on the tip of his nose.

pretty witch drawing
easy witch drawing
three witches
easy drawing for coloring
flying at the moon
drawing for coloring
nice drawing
evil witch
flying witch

This drawing is lovely. The witch is clinging to her broom with all her mouth open and a marked smile. The eyebrows seem to contrast with the huge smile, and gives the witch a crazy look that makes her more sympathetic. Coloring this drawing is very funny, because you can see that it has a striped hat that you can paint with fun colors to give this witch a different air.

Girls witch drawings

The drawings that point to children are rather received by them when it comes to children’s drawings. In this drawing there is a girl disguised as a girl who is with her pumpkin full of candy. Take the broom in the other hand, and you can see the moon and a cloud to complete the drawing.

Another girl you have in this drawing. In this case he is carrying a suitcase and you can see behind two bats that make the space a little gloomy.

A pretty young witch is flying on her broom. He takes his cat, his inseparable pet, mounted on the end of the broom. Witches are always represented as old women, but if we start thinking, we realize that at some point they will have been young. That is why it is not so crazy to make these types of coloring pages.

witch hat drawing

And we finish this article with the witch drawings to color with the head of this bad witch who is looking at you and is telling you: If you do not share this article I will get angry! Hahahaha, just kidding. What is not a joke is that I would like you to share this article on your social networks, so that others can take you to see the drawings.

Keep browsing the entire web, especially in Coloring Pages, because you will find many pleasant surprises for you.

For example:

Anime drawing – How to draw anime

anime drawing

The term Anime includes all types of animation, whether in a traditionally done style with hand drawings, or in the most modern way it is through computer works, which come from Japan. Anime drawings are a means of cultural expression that in Japan is constantly expanding. It is aimed absolutely at all audiences, for which there are the classifications that they share with manga drawing, which are also comic strips of great impact on Japanese culture.

How to draw anime

anime ayes drawing

When faced with the question of how to make anime drawings, the answer can be very broad, as broad as the cultural concept of this art form.

If we talk about what animation is, the characteristic is the expression called in the plane, the suspended time, the recurrent appearance of historical or even mythological characters. As for the plot of the stories, they contain a huge thematic breadth and with a complex narrative. From the point of view of aesthetics, it shares the same characteristics with the manga drawing: the characters with the characteristic very large and oval eyes, straight hairs with protruding tips, very small noses, very stylized bodies.

anime boy drawing

In anime drawings, mouths are usually rather small, except when they have to make grandiloquent expressions. In the animation the movements of the lips are minimal. Another feature if you want to know how to make anime is in the application of a lot of color and very striking.

anime character drawing

A large number of anime drawings are structured as television series, in which there are a certain number of chapters in which a rather complex plot is generally developed. In the 70s, anime was differentiated from what western animation was: while it was specializing for a children’s audience, anime dealt with ever deeper issues such as existentialism, sacrifice, love. This led to the appearance of scenes that would not be admitted in Western animation.

Love anime drawing

anime cuple drawing

Anime love drawing is one of the characteristic themes. Most of the series that are made of anime have an emotional character, within which allusions to love cannot be lacking. In addition, other types of interpersonal relationships appear, such as friendship or family.

anime cute drawings

In the series that are intended for female audiences, the characters’ feelings are the protagonists of the series.

Anime girl drawing

anime drawing ideas

In the design of the characters, the anime girl drawing has its own peculiarities. The eyes in general are extremely large. Huge glitters appear, and even more so when it comes to a sad or sentimental scene. They are usually defined with strident colors to be eyes like red, pink or purple. It is said that the appearance of the huge eyes occurred so that the character could be more expressive.

anime drawing step by step

In anime characters, hair can be varied, but it always has the characteristic of pointed tufts. They can also be very colorful, appearing hairs of any color. The shading technique is used a lot in the hair, so that volume is also given.

anime face drawing

The bodies are very stylized, and generally do not appear in full body scene. Only the upper part of the body appears in the scenes, and if you want to show the whole body a camera movement is made.

anime girl drawing easy

On the face, the characteristic of anime drawing is that they are capable of making many expressions, usually very exaggerated. As for the design of the faces, in general the noses and mouths are small, contrasting with the size of the eyes. The shape of the face is generally following the human face, although the pointed jaws stand out.

anime hair drawing

Easy anime drawings


All these anime and manga drawings that I am leaving you in this article are about to color them. I invite you to download them for free and color them with the technique you like best.

These types of drawings can look great with a colored in watercolors for those who master this technique. But it is that colored pencils can also give a very good result

cool anime drawings

Another challenge that I want you to put is that you discover what familiar characters you find in this article, and which series they belong to. There are some who are very famous characters, others less famous, and others that are not known anime characters, but are characters designed by us. I encourage you to comment by saying which characters you have discovered.

cute anime drawing

The female anime characters are very expressive and feminine. Here I bring you a character of a girl in a very youthful design, with shorts with a belt in a very nice casual type pose.

cute anime girl drawing

In this other drawing you have the character with a huge chaplain that becomes the total protagonist of the image.

drawing anime step by step
easy anime drawings
how to draw anime body
how to draw anime boy
how to draw anime character
how to draw anime eyes
how to draw anime face
how to draw anime girl
how to draw anime hair
how to draw anime head
how to draw anime noses
how to draw anime people
how to draw anime
learn to draw anime

I hope you enjoyed this article of anime drawings. I invite you to comment on any impression he has given you, as well as tell us which famous anime character you have found here. Share the article on your social networks, and keep visiting our page because you are going to find things as fun as these.

Fish drawing – How to draw a fish – Fish coloring pages

Ready, set and go. Fish drawings are here ready for you to download and paint.

In addition I bring you some already in color, in case you want to print them directly to use them. Remember that they are all free. All I ask is that you share our page on your social networks, so that many people know us.

Fish for coloring and painting

fish coloring pages

We start with the fish drawings with this funny cartoon drawing. The good thing about the cartoon is that the cartoonist has total freedom to do what he wants with the drawing. In this case, the fish is female, with long eyelashes and very thick lips. Thing totally unreal but very funny.

printable fish coloring pages

Here I leave you a drawing fish of the classic orange fish, which everyone has because they are very resistant. They are also in white and mixed colors. The fish in reality are very beautiful, but you can paint them even better.

fish bowl coloring pages

Continuing with the cartoons inside the fish drawings, here you have a slightly chubby fish that seems to be very happy because he is smiling. They are the cartoon drawings that are very funny and that you can use to decorate your room once you draw them.

How to draw a fish

fish coloring pages for preschool

Fish coloring pictures are very beautiful, and children enjoy painting and scratching on them. But for those who also have the concern to know how to draw a fish, it is also interesting to motivate them to start making their drawings.

Drawing you have above is a good opportunity to start learning to make beautiful fish drawings. The body is practically an oval, and from there it is only necessary to add the fins so that it really looks like a fish, and then the details of eyes and mouth. Try to make your own fish drawing to see how it works out for you.

fish drawing simple

Here we have a drawing of a fish also smiling, and with the drawing of the scales that had not yet appeared. You will have this color later colored by me, but it is a totally unreal thing. Everyone can paint it as they want to see the results they get.

how do you draw a fish

This other fish drawing has an attitude that can respond to different things, and it is the eyes that give it. It can be an attitude of superiority, where he sees others doing less, or it can also be a lazy fish, who is very sleepy, and therefore the eyelids close. It is a fun drawing of fish.

how to draw a small fish

Here you have a fish drawing that tends to be a realistic drawing, but very simplified. It’s another way of drawing pictures so that we can quickly have a sketch of what we want to do.

fish drawing step by step

Sharks are feared inside the sea. But when it comes to cartoons, everything can be transformed. This shark is smiling, but in that smile you can see how scary the teeth are. It is a cute coloring page.

Dory drawing

The films of Looking for Nemo and Looking for Dory took the fish to the big screen made very nice characters and loved by children. Here is a nice coloring page for Dory, so you can have a lot of fun.

fish drawing outline

When drawings are made for babies, strokes tend to be made simpler. That is what you see in this drawing, where the total body is a perfect circle. In another perfect circle is the eye, and from there you only have to add the remaining elements. Even fish scales are perfect circles. It is a form of maximum simplification, specially designed for the understanding of the little ones.

detailed fish coloring pages

Again with a rather realistic drawing for coloring. They are drawings of very cute fish to put our own color. You can print several times the fish drawings that you like the most, and paint each one with different colors.

realistic fish coloring pages
fish line drawing

Here I bring another of the drawings for the little ones. It is a simple drawing, but that leaves no doubt about what it is. It is the idea in these types of drawings: to reach a maximum abstraction, so that the children do not have problems to understand the drawing and enjoy painting.

fish drawing pictures

In this the cartoon reappears, we could even include it in the kawaii drawings, where the main feature is those huge eyes.

how to draw a clown fish

Before we saw a cartoon shark, and here is another. They are drawings with which you can enjoy a lot if you paint them.

angler fish drawing

Piranhas, in real life, are scary on the one hand because of the sharpness of their teeth and their bad faces, but on the other hand the shape of their mouth and face makes them very funny. Here is the drawing of a piranha, ready to color.

simple fish drawing

Angel fish is one of the best known in aquariums around the world. Here is a cartoon of one of these fish. The body shape is indisputable, everyone recognizes it that way, and on the face we see the characteristics of a cartoon.

cute fish drawing

Seahorses are one of the most tender characters you can find in the sea. That’s why I didn’t want to leave them out of our list of sea characters. It is also cute to color.

cartonn fish drawing

Another cartoon of a fish with big thick lips and very nice eyes. It has a good job of scales, which can be painted in different ways that will be very nice.

easy to draw fish

This drawing seems done by a child. I have not done a child, I did it myself and the truth is that I am not very proud of him, but I have put it the same because painted can look great.

fish drawing

We continue with fish cartoons. These fish are seen to be very happy, and here they are enjoying the colors that you are going to put on them.

how to draw a fish

Among the fish cartoons, this is one of the funniest. Surely it is a telescopic fish, whose eyes are as if they were out, but in this case they are exaggerated, which makes them even more sympathetic. It is a good example of a fish drawing easy to draw, and that painted can be very beautiful.

fish drawing easy

Drawings of goldfish

As I said at the beginning of the article. I not only wanted to bring you the fish drawings to color, but also some colored ones.

Now you will see how cute these drawings are. I hope you like them.

free fish coloring pages

Here I leave you the already colored drawings so you can use them however you want. In my case, these drawings are used by me as characters for personalized gift products, and they look great, for example on cups or t-shirts.

The fish you have above has a very funny and nice image.

fish food coloring pages

I also have an octopus, which has huge eyes and an expression that seems to have some fear. A nice drawing.

beta fish coloring pages

And now you will see some of the coloring drawings that I left at the top of the article, already colored by me. It’s just because you see some possibilities for coloring. In the first case it is one of the slightly realistic drawn fish, painted in blue and gray, with shadows on the lower parts and glows on the upper parts. The result is very good, and it gives you an idea of ​​what you can do. It does not necessarily have to be in these colors. That is an invention of mine. You can give it the colors you want.

fish drawing for kids

This other fish is painted in gold and red. Here the scales wanted them to stand out as something very bright, and it is very successful. This effect can be achieved exactly the same working with colored pencils, where you leave a blank area and from there on out you paint first gently and the farther the stronger, in order to achieve a gradient that will be very good.

how to draw a cartoon fish

In this other fish you can see that you can color as you like. A fish so green I do not know if it exists in reality, but it is very beautiful for the compositions that I need to make. Come on, go ahead and make your own.

how to draw a fish step by step

So far our article. Enjoy all our drawings, and not only in this article, but throughout our website.

You will find very fun and interesting things in Pages coloring Like this:

Drawing for kids – Things to draw for kids

Parents, above all first timers, are always doubting what are the best drawing for kids.

In this article I bring you some beautiful drawings that can be used for babies, in decorations, on clothes or in any other element they use, and I will also tell you about the best cartoons for babies.

how to draw for kids

The drawings for babies have to be simple, non-complex shapes, and especially with a lot of color. In this article I am going to put you a list of drawings that I have drawn myself, although they are all in black and white. If you want to go through the article later, I will put all the same drawings but in color, so that you have twice as many drawings and with a striking color.

drawing pictures for kids

I continue with the theme of marine drawings for babies. In this case you have the drawing of a sea turtle. As I said before, the colors are the ones that call the attention of babies, so in this case, for example, the shell could be painted each part of a different color. It is something that is far from reality, but in this case that is inconsequential. What is sought is that it attracts the baby’s attention, so that his curiosity about colors is aroused.

simple drawing for kids

Now you have the drawing of a fish. It is no accident that different areas appear in all drawings. In this case the fish appears striped, and it is because the idea I carry is to color with many different colors. That way we will be able to get the baby’s attention and he will like the drawing much more and will be entertained for longer.

step by step drawing for kids

In the case of the duck drawing, there will not be as many colors here as in the previous drawings, but the yellow that it must carry is so striking that it catches the baby’s attention. A duck drawn in this way is ideal for baby drawings, because they are very simple shapes, which they can easily understand. The simplicity of the drawing, together with a striking color manages to get the baby’s attention.

Drawings for decorative babies

things to draw for kids

Now I’m going to put some drawings for babies designed for decoration. With this type of drawings you can make beautiful decorations for the bedroom. For example with this beautiful elephant you can make a great vinyl that is in a special corner. They would also be good for bedding prints, or a pendant for the baby to play.

drawing for kids

In the same style of the elephant that you used to wear is this turtle. It is a very nice drawing that can come in handy in the decoration for the baby. If it is a decoration, I would not put as many colors as I commented with the shell of the turtle before. I would already put the whole shell of one color, the turtle itself of another and the hooves in another. To have something more sober, thought of a neutral baby room decoration.

easy drawing for kids

In this case you have a nice hippo, with very bright eyes and a very shy posture. It is a beautiful drawing also for the baby.

learn to draw for kids

The best drawing for kids

easy drawings for kids

The best drawings for kids are the simplest in terms of shapes, but which in turn are striking in terms of color. In this image that I put above, you have a saucepan in a very simple way, with a ladle inside, of which only a part is seen. In turn in the saucepan there is a drawing of an apple, which is also a simple form. This element appears so you can have an introduction of another color in the element and make it more striking.

cool drawing for kids

When the drawing has a simple shape it is ideal. But if the simple form also adds that it is a known element, the better the result. That is the idea with this drawing of a flower in its pot. It is the simplest way to make a flower, just as we have all learned to make it. The pot is added to have another element to color, and it can be a very beautiful result. With several copies of this drawing, in different colors, you can make a very funny garland for the baby.

cartoon drawing for kids

And it always relates to flowers with spring and why not, with butterflies. Butterflies are drawings for ideal babies, because they can be simplified in terms of shape as you see in the drawing. And they are susceptible to coloring with a great variety of shades, with which we will obtain very attractive results for the baby. This image can also be used to decorate the baby’s bedroom, either on the walls or in the lamp, or a pendant for the crib or car.

easy things to draw for kids

Just as the butterfly is related to the flower, the bee too. That is why I have put you here this beautiful drawing, so that you can have it together and form a picture, which could add to the decoration of the baby. There are beautiful drawing for kids for you.

drawing games for kids

Another form of drawing that works very well for the baby is that of inanimate elements to make them cartoons. In this case we have a two-ball ice cream, where each ball has a face and a gesture of joy. This drawing can also be given the colors you want to get very nice elements.

Element drawings for babies

For different things, all the elements that are actually related to the baby, but drawing facts, are always good too. That’s why I’m going to bring you a short list of this kind of drawings:

drawing for kids step by step

And we start with a baby drawing. It is not a drawing that tries to be realistic but quite the opposite. Its a drawing for kids. As I have been saying from the beginning, the idea of ​​baby drawings is that they be as simple as possible. This is how we have the head that is a pure oval, with no more forms of cheekbones, cheeks or anything. Inside the head the minimum elements necessary to make it recognizable. The body can basically be said to be a triangle with the arms at the sides and the feet two small ovals. They are simple drawings that can get the baby’s attention.

cute drawings for kids

And if we had the baby’s drawing, we can also have her clothes. Baby clothes are ideal for drawing because they are very simple shapes, as you see here. In this case a decoration of a heart appears to give a little life to the drawing.

drawing ideas for kids

The socks have a very simple shape of drawing for kids, and the good thing is that in so little drawing you can have very striking colors, as you will see when you have this same colored image.

easy drawings

Animal drawing for kids

I already put some drawings of animals for babies, in the style of the simplest. But it is also nice when the elements are recognizable and day to day. That is why some animals that may be companions of the baby in their own home would be missing.

animal drawing for kids

It is likely that at home you have a cat as a pet. That is why here we have a simplified drawing of one of them. The gesture of the cat is tenderness and pampering. These drawings may really like the baby who has a cat as a companion.

dog easy

And if there was the cat, of course the dog could not be missing. Dogs are incredible animals to be with a baby, for the care they have of them. If your baby has a dog as his good companion, the drawing of the dog will love it and attract a lot of attention.

easy pictures to draw for kids

Boy drawing

boy drawing

Boy drawing in cartoon style can be a lot of fun. An example is this that you see above, of a child who is bored in school.

In the boy drawing you can see him sitting at his desk supporting his elbow and thinking about how fun it would be to be playing at home.

draw so cute boy
cute boy drawing
cartoon boy drawing
drawing for boys
how to draw a boy

Coloring boy drawing

Seeing the best boy drawing, I thought it would be fun if I left you some of these colored drawings for me.

Below you will find funny drawings of children colored by me on the computer, but so you can see that with your colors you can paint them in the same way.

little boy drawing
how to draw a little boy
how to draw a boy face
boy hair drawing
best boy drawing

Boy and girl drawing

how to draw a boy and girl
drawing of a boy and girl
drawing ideas for boys
cute drawing of girl and boy
cute boy and girl drawing
cool boy drawings
boy and girl pencil drawing
boy and girl drawing
boy and girl drawing sketch
boy and girl cartoon drawing
best friends drawings boy and girl
anime boy and girl drawing
cute drawings of boys

Girl drawing

girl drawing
beautiful drawing for kids
baby boy drawing
cool drawing for boys
easy drawings for boys
cute easy drawings

I hope you liked the list of drawings for babies that I have brought you. If so, I invite you to share it on your social networks, and continue visiting our page in Pages of Coloring because you will find many fun things. For example:

Cat drawing – How to draw a cat

Cat drawing that you can find on the internet can be of many kinds.

Cats succeed on the net. On YouTube the most watched videos are always those with cats as protagonists.

If you want to know how to draw cartoon cats, here we are going to show you some simple models, so that you learn to make a cat drawing, or simply to print them and color them.

funny cat drawing

This first example is the simplest of all. It is an almost childish design. With this drawing cat, you can learn the basic things to draw a cat, and from there you can develop more elaborate elements. This cat drawing can be used to make decorations in children’s rooms, or decorate birthday invitations for children.

To draw this model, you must start the cat drawing by making an ellipse with the major side horizontal. That will be the head of the cat. In the middle we put a very small ellipse for the nose, and on it two round black eyes. The ears at the top and the whiskers will finish setting the drawing cat in terms of its head.

hen the front legs are made for the body, and then with a curve the rest of the body is made, integrating a rear leg. The tail, with its stripes, plus the stripes we make on the cat’s back finish forming the cat’s drawing. Now you know how to make a cat easy and fast.

Children’s cat drawings

In this image we see another cat drawing with a quite childish image, but that carries a little more detail than the previous one. What makes this cat’s drawing much easier is that it is symmetrical. The only element that breaks the symmetry is the tail. This means that by making a half, exactly the same is repeated on the other side and that’s it.

We also started making the head with a kind of flat oval. In the lower part another small oval that indicates the part where the mouth is. A triangle generates the nose, from which those lines that finish forming the mouth come out. Putting both eyes and two whiskers on each side we have configured the head, not forgetting to put the typical pointed ears of cats.

With the head formed, we pass to the body. In cat drawings you can determine the characteristics of the cat’s physique. In this case we have made the cat a bit chubby. We start with an arc that opens down, which determines the body of the cat. Before reaching the end, we take out the back leg that is understood to be bent because the cat is sitting. Then we make the front leg and reproduce the same on the other side. Thus we will have completed the body. In the central part we draw what you see from the belly of the cat. On either side we draw the tail and finished work. These cat drawings are childish and simple, but they look great.

On this occasion we show you another cat with similar characteristics to the previous one, but where the features suffer small variations. This is to show how to draw a different cat from another with only small changes. In this drawing cat appear a little more worked eyes, with the drawings of iris and pupil inside. The snout changes as the oval disappears, and the mouth is loose under the nose. The whiskers move farther out of the head, and those details already set up a very different cat drawing. It is a very interesting cat if you want to color, since in it you can try different painting techniques.

Cat drawings for girls

kitty cat drawing

For girls, you always have to think about drawings of different cats. For starters, it will always be the kittens that fulfill this task. And simply because they are cats, decorative elements usually appear. That happens in this very nice cat drawing. Above the left ear of the cat drawing, a loop appears, a typical element in cat drawings.

In itself with regard to cat drawing, this image presents a more developed drawing model. To begin with, the head ceases to be a pure form, as were the oval or oval flattened of the previous versions. The simple fact of making curves and countercurves in the lines, already generates a much more attractive result in a drawing. On the other hand in the ears there is not a pure line, but the cat’s hairs are simulated. The same happens in the upper part of the legs and tail.

Another element that differs greatly with the previous cat drawings are the eyes. An oval that cuts abruptly at the bottom shows a more typical type of cartoon eye, and that gives this drawing an even more fun sense.

easy way to draw a cat

This image of kitten goes in the sense of the previous one, but still with a more developed drawing. In the eyes there is an expressiveness superior to all previously seen. The detail of the white circle inside the eye, simulating a reflection of the eye, always gives another color to the gesture of the drawing.

On the other hand, the position of the cat, which ceases to be symmetrical, also means a greater work of drawing in terms of the proportions and the different parts of the drawing. If you try to reproduce this drawing, you should pay close attention to the shapes of the original on its legs. Despite being a cartoon drawing, the shapes of the paws are recognizable in cat paws.

simple cat face drawing

This last image is pointing to a drawing not so much cartoon, but is closer to a more real drawing of a cat. A cat to be more precise. It is in the middle of the road, but it is an interesting way to make drawings of cats.

Top Cat drawing

top cat drawing

Top Cat is a series of very old cartoons, which tell the story of a gang of street cats, led by Don Gato, the most intelligent of the gang. They live in an alley, and they are always suffering poor Matute, the neighborhood policeman.

The one in the image above is Top Cat, in a digital drawing that I have made, even colored. But then I will put the same drawing so you can paint it yourself as you want.

top cat drawing coloring pages

Here is the drawing so you can download it for free and paint it any way you want. But not only I bring you the drawing of Don Gato, but I bring you to the whole template, in the colored version, and then the drawing to be colored.

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Cats coloring pages

I hope you like everything I’ve been putting you so far, however do not think that everything is over, but I have prepared other drawings of cats, some are already in their colored version, but also ready to paint. And other cat drawings are already just for you to paint them as you want.

i want to draw a cat for you

We started with a well-known cat: Garfield. The most lazy cat known, who loves lasagna and especially likes to rest. In the image above we have it colored, but don’t worry, because now you will see it drawn in line drawings, so you can print it and color it to your liking.

garfield drawing page coloring

Now I will continue with another very famous cat, although in this case it is indivisible with his partner. This is Tom and Jerry, the typical enemies that still continue with their pranks.

cute cat drawing

Here we have one of the typical images in which Tom manages to hunt Jerry, although he always ends up going wrong. Now I put the same drawing ready for coloring.

tom and jerry coloring pages

Cat Drawing for children

Now I’m going to put other different drawings of cats ready to color that I liked a lot, and I hope you like them too.

cat coloring pages
how to draw a cat
cat drawing
cat drawing easy

On our website you can find many other drawings to draw in the different articles we have in Coloring in pages. For example:

Elephant drawing – How to draw an elephant

Elephant drawing that for some people can be very complicated, but which in turn can be very nice. Surely if you came here it is because you are interested in elephant drawings, and I hope not to disappoint you.

I do not know what you are looking for, but I will try to succeed in your need. If you want drawings to print and color elephants, I’m going to put an interesting list of several different models of elephant drawings, so you can choose the one you like best and use it freely. You will also find drawings of colored elephants, very nice, in case you want to print them and be able to use them on a card that you are preparing to give to someone. And if what you want is to learn to draw pictures of elephants, I will also give you tutorials with images and videos so that you learn to make your own drawings of elephants.

Elephant drawing: how to draw an elephant

elephant drawing so easy

In the image you are seeing above this paragraph, you can see a cute elephant drawing made by me, and you may be interested in knowing how to draw an elephant with these characteristics. So that you are encouraging to release your hand, I’m going to start putting you a video tutorial, in which you will find two models to make elephant drawing: firstly an easy elephant drawing, which is special for children, and secondly, the elephant that is seen in the image, which is a little more difficult but is very funny, since it looks like a cartoon character.

In the video, you can see that the drawings are made on the computer, however everything goes exactly the same to make the drawings by hand. So that it does not get very long, I did not get to the point of coloring the elephant drawings, however I encourage you to paint your drawings with the techniques you want. Colored pencils can always be a good solution.

Elephant drawings: Coloring pages

how to draw an elephant

Here is a model of a beautiful elephant so you can color it. Our coloring drawings try to be the most pleasant, so you can enjoy painting time, and you can also have a beautiful image that can then be used to decorate children’s notebooks or create beautiful cards for friends or family. In this case it is a baby elephant drawing, which has an expression of joy, which gives it great sympathy. It is a beautiful example of our coloring drawings of elephants.

elephant drawing

Here I want to put a couple of drawings of colored elephants so you can see some examples of how you can color. First of all we have an elephant that is enjoying playing with water at the top of this paragraph. Both the drawing and the coloring have been done digitally, that is to say that the computer was used for coloring, but that the techniques of hand painting can be applied equally. In the case of the elephant that plays with water, everything is painted in a general pink color, and it could look like this. But if you want to improve it a bit, you can apply a painting with a black pencil in certain areas where you could say that there are shadows, as you see in our image. This simple change causes the quality of the drawings to rise considerably.

elephant drawing easy

In this second case of colored elephant drawing, we have the drawing that you can see in the video tutorial to learn how to draw it. Now let’s consider the coloring. First of all we also give the color to each thing with the colors we want. In our case we have the pink elephant, with a yellow shirt and orange pants. That would already be colored. However, if we want to progress in our ability to color the drawings, let’s see what concepts we have applied to this drawing. The first thing we have to do is determine a place from which the light will come. This is imagination, of course. In our case, we decided that the elephant is illuminated with a spotlight from our left. Then we have to think that all the parts that face this side, receive more light, therefore it should be painted more clearly. This is how you can see the left edges of the elephant, shirt and pants that are clearer. On the contrary, the parts that would be hidden in that light will be in shadow. This is how we shade the remaining parts to the right. These concepts can be applied to color anything, and this is how we have a good technique to improve our colored drawings.

Elephant: drawings to color and draw

cute elephant drawing

Now we will continue with other examples of elephant drawings that you can print and thus have your own drawings to color. Above this paragraph you can see an elephant that seems to be small, and that is in an attitude of being thoughtful but thinking something nice because it looks very cheerful.

easy drawing

In this other image, we see the elephant that I previously showed you colored. In this case you have it unpainted, so that you can print and color it to your liking. This elephant is also happy because he is playing with water, something that elephants love. These drawings of elephants are also very easy to learn to draw, so go ahead and try to draw yourself all these options that we put in this article.

elephant cartoon drawing

Until now we had seen all the drawings of elephants in cartoon style. But in this case you can see a type of children’s elephant drawing but that looks a bit more real. It is still clear that it is an elephant drawing, but the features are more realistic than those seen before.

easy to draw elephant

In this drawing we have the example that we saw before colored, and that in turn I taught you to draw in the video tutorial. In this case I put it to the drawing so you can print and color it to your liking.

elephant head drawing

Here I bring you another drawing of elephant very easy. If you want you can print it for coloring, but I encourage you to learn to draw it yourself. It is a very easy drawing, since, except for the trunk, it is perfectly symmetrical. This means that from its central axis, what goes to one side is equal to what goes to the other. In addition the figures are quite simple. As I said, the only thing that breaks with the symmetry is the tip of the tube, to give a feeling of depth.

how to draw an elephant step by step

Here we return to the drawings of elephants in more cartoon style. Again it is a baby elephant, and in this case it is a drawing with a very very large eye, a typical feature of cartoon drawings. This elephant stands on its two hind legs, and presents a very nice gesture.

simple elephant drawing

And we finish this list with another easy drawing of elephants so you can color it to your liking.

How to draw an easy elephant

So far I left you several drawings of elephants so you can download them, print and then color, or even some elephant drawing already colored so you can print to place on a card or gift. But now I’m going to make a quick tutorial on how to draw an easy elephant. This tutorial is aimed primarily at children, so that they learn to make some funny elephant drawings, but anyone can learn to do it.

In the image you can see below, you will find the finished model that we are going to reach. As you can see it is a nice elephant drawing, with very simple strokes, for which we will learn an easy method, so you can do it as many times as you want.

elephant drawing step by step

We get to work to make our elephant drawing easy and fast. We will start with two geometric figures: on the one hand an oval with its longest side horizontally, which will be the basis for the elephant’s body. Next to it, we will build a circle, which will be the basis for the realization of the head on it. We will draw an arc through the lowest part of the middle of the circle, as you can see in the image that follows this paragraph. This line is made whenever a character is drawn, and it is the one that gives us the orientation that the head will have. Based on this stroke, in successive steps you can place the different elements that the face has. In this case, the facial features are reduced to only one eye.

how to draw a simple elephant

When the above is already done, the next step to make our elephant drawing is to make simple strokes, which will be the basis for almost the entire elephant. In the drawing you can see below are all these strokes, and from left to right are the following: first at the left end of the oval a short stroke that indicates the position of the elephant’s tail. On the bottom of the oval, what will be the two legs of the elephant. A line that joins both initial figures, to configure the entire body, and below the circle of the head, a sinuous line, which will be the base for the elephant’s trunk.

At this point, the drawing is not that it has a lot of elephant shape, but don’t despair, that with this base you will soon start to see how our elephant drawings are configured.

elephant drawing picture

And now we are going to start seeing the shape of our elephant. Once we have the entire base made, we will start by shaping the head, ear and tube. All this goes in a single stroke as you can see in the image of the next figure. You can see that the base is the stroke that we have already done before, but that the definitive figure almost in all the extension goes outside, except at the top of the trunk, which is where it makes contact with the circle of the head .

african elephant drawing

Once we have defined the head, now we will complete the bottom of our elephant. The lines we had before the legs become the axes of the legs. Now let’s make the legs themselves, remembering that the elephants’ legs are quite thick. The same goes for the tube. The line we had was the axis of the tube: now we are going to make the entire tube, and joining with the head line we made in the previous step. To make the drawing more funny, we will make all the rounded corners, as you can see in the drawing of the following image.

elephant simple drawing

Now we have to complete the shape of the elephant’s back, which is going to be joined with the little tail that it has. In this way we have almost all the elements. On the line we made in the first step we will place a small circle that will be the eye, and that way we will have all the elements of our elephant ready.

artsy elephant drawing

Now the last step will be to highlight all the lines that will be the good ones already in our final drawing. How about? We had a nice elephant drawing, and that despite having a long explanation, once you do it a couple of times, you will already be an expert in making your elephant drawings.

elephant drawing step by step

I hope you liked this tutorial and the whole page with our elephant drawings. If you liked it, you can put us a comment and share our page on your social networks. I also invite you to continue exploring our page because you can find very curious and useful things, for example:

Mouse drawing – How to draw a mouse

Mouse drawing can be in multiple forms. In this article we will focus on the drawings of cartoon mice, and we will also present a small tutorial, so that in addition to being able to color the drawings of the mice we are going to show you, you can also learn to draw your own mouse.

To learn how to make easy mouse drawings, sometimes you don’t need much domain. Only having some images of mice in drawings can guide you, either to copy what you see or even, with a little imagination, to invent your own drawings of funny mice.

Mouse drawing easy

mouse face drawing

In the drawings of mice, we start showing you this image that, while it is very cute to color, is an option to learn to draw your own mice.

It is the image of a mouse that is as if it were being viewed from above. What you are seeing is a pencil drawing, very quickly. You can download it to color it, but I will also show you in a few steps, how you can draw it yourself.

How to draw easy mice

The first thing you have to do is draw an equilateral triangle, with the base at the top of the drawing. That triangle is going to be the basis for making the mouse body.

Once you have the triangle drawing, you can start to configure the body shape. The cusp of the triangle, which you have on the back, you will start to round it in such a way that you configure the mouse’s snout. Do you see it in the finished drawing? Something similar is what you have to do at the top. The triangle has a straight base. The mouse ends in a curved shape, so you start rounding the back of the mouse.

The next step is to make the ears. Approximately in the middle of the sides of the triangle, and symmetrically, you will make two circles, with half inward and half outward. At this moment you already have the basics of the complete mouse, and now you can start to make the details, to get drawings of running mice.

You can start making the details of the mouse face: at the bottom end you have to make another triangle with rounded tips. That is the nose. From there to the sides you can draw the whiskers.

Between the ears and the nose you must put your eyes. In this case there are two ovals with a circle inside. The inner circle can be painted black, which would be the pupil.

In the drawing of the eyes you can vary different options, depending on the skill you are taking with the drawing. If you add some eyes of the cartoon type, you will get a nice mouse drawing.

The last thing left to complete the mouse drawing is the tail. You can give it the length you want, making curves.

At this point, all you need is to highlight the drawing to finish it. You should highlight everything you’ve drawn before. Keep in mind that the circle of the ears should not be remarked completely, but a blank piece remains. To finish the drawing you can do it with the same pencil, tightening more, or you can also use pen or some fiber to get more strength to your drawing. The following, and that I leave to your liking, is what to paint it. I hope it fits you very well.

Pencil Mouse Drawing

easy draw of animals

We continue with our pencil drawings of mice. Here we start with a list of drawings of cartoon mice, that is to say they have a typical cartoon style. They are drawings that perhaps could be done as cartoons, or be comic characters.

In the case of the drawing that I am showing you before, you can see a mouse that is in a typical image of shyness. The interesting thing to discover the gesture are the details in the form of body placement. In a cartoon drawing, it is of great importance to use the lines of action. These are the ones that give dynamism to a drawing. In this picture drawing, there is a clear line of action that starts at the neck and goes to the foot, in a curved shape. This line of action is used to give the backward arched shape of the body. With this posture, the arms are back, and the mouse is held with one hand of the elbow of the other arm, giving the feeling of shyness in the shape of the body. With the feet that come together, the shyness of the mouse is reinforced.

Cartoon mouse drawing – Head

I have left for the end the theme of the character’s head, since his features are very important to determine the drawing of a cartoon. The eyes are very important when giving expression to a drawing. In this case I opted for big eyes, which mix with each other. The eyebrows themselves are the upper limits of the head. In the mouse nose there is an exaggeration in terms of length, since the mouse drawing allows it, and the nose itself ends up marking a shy smile. The drawing is completed with the ears and mustaches. The bigger the ears are made, the funnier the character will be.

Easy to make mouse drawings

mouse to draw

We continue with our easy-to-make mouse drawings. Here we see another drawing of a mouse of a cartoon style. Here we see that the gesture is totally different from what I told you before. In this case, the gesture is innocent. We could say that he is an innocent character or that he is a bit of a fool. On the face, what gives that feeling is the shape of the mouth, half open and marking a simple smile. Having your eyes together increases the feeling of innocence. And if we go to the body, we see how the mouse drawing confirms that gesture through having a raised hand, giving the feeling that what you are going to do is suck your finger. In this mouse drawing, we see that it could be easily transformed into a kangaroo: putting the pocket in the belly could already transform into this animal. It’s the beauty of drawing, that many things can be represented very easily.

When we make the drawings of mice, trying to make them cartoons type, the elements of the face are the fundamental ones to achieve good results. Cartoon characters should always be friendly, even if they are evil characters. For example, for everyone to understand with a known example. Among Walt Disney’s drawings, Pete the black is the bad character. However, nobody can deny that he is a very nice character.

Pretty mouse drawing

mouse to draw easy

Continuing with the drawings of pretty mice, here is another cartoon mouse drawing. This drawing is very nice. The prominent belly shown by the character makes it very particular. In the face, the big tooth it has is very funny, inside a head that has the shape of an oval. The ears have a very large size, which gives a very funny proportion.

Images of infant mice

sleeping mouse drawing

These images of coloring mice can be painted the way you want, even with the colors you want. It is not bad to make a mouse drawing in red for example. It would be very original of you.

simple mouse drawing
pen mouse for drawing
mouse trap drawing
mouse pictures to draw
mouse drawing
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mouse cartoon drawing
beautiful mouse
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best drawing
look al this draw
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simple mouse
green mouse
mouse cute
cute drawing

So far my mouse drawings. I hope you liked them. Keep visiting the web, because there are many other fun things, like this:

Duck drawing – How to draw a duck

Let’s color the duck drawing, right? I bring you a lot of drawings of ducks so you can paint them the way you like best.

And to start I will put a very famous duck, see if you recognize it:

donald duck drawing

Of course you recognize it. It is the Donald Duck. One of the most famous ducks on television. With the bad character he has, however we all love Donald Duck. Do you like this coloring page?

How to draw Donald Duck

Surely you like to paint and color the drawings of ducks, but you might also like to learn to draw Donald Duck. That’s why I’m going to put a video in which, if you follow it step by step, you can learn to draw Donald Duck. Luck!!!

Let’s see if you get the drawing. If you want to send me the drawing you made, I will publish it to you in this article.

But in case you do not have enough with the Donald Duck, I will put another drawing, so you can learn to do in different poses:

how to draw donald duck

Cartoon ducks drawings

duck of regular show

Regular Show are cartoons widely seen by children. Within that strip, in some chapters the ducklings appeared, one of which can be seen in the drawing above. These are ducks that talk and help the characters in the series to fight the bad guys. The features of these drawings are typical of the series, by the definition of the legs or the beak.


Here is one of the drawings of easy-to-draw ducks. This duck drawing is very simple. It has the typical form of the duck that we learn from the number two, only in this case it is the other way around. Then from there the wing appears, and the beak and the eye are defined. It is a childlike drawing of a very cute duck to color and paint.

how to draw a duck beak

A duck that is in the water walking. In general, it looks like the previous drawing, but here are more details. For example, the eye has a greater definition, with more lines. The same goes for the peak, which has the most defined shape, even it is split at the top and bottom. The wing also has some details that simulate the feathers, and is completed with water.

how to draw a simple duck

This other drawing falls into the category of simple drawings of ducks. Nor do the legs appear with what we can consider or that is lying on them, or that it is in the water. The shapes are very simple like the previous ones. What gives this drawing a little more quality is that instead of looking at the plane, it is made as if we saw it in perspective. Always a drawing in perspective has a higher level than something seen in the plane, since it is closer to the vision we have in reality.

Cute duck drawing

duck drawing images

It is funny that within the title of drawings of cute ducks we start with the ugly duckling, but it is really a beautiful drawing. The details it has are far superior to those we saw before. In this case the head has a more realistic and worked with incoming and outgoing. Also appear elements that simulate the feathers on the head. The details of the eyelashes and the bottom of the eye also gives a lot of quality the same as the details in the beak. Body and wing also have a job with those rounded shapes to simulate the wings that end up making a higher quality drawing.

how to draw a cute duck

A close-up of a duck’s head. This drawing is quite original. Being only part of the duck, the details it has make it a very nice drawing.

baby duck drawing

Following the drawings of pencil ducks, this appears to be a small old duck, I would almost say that he begins to walk. In this case the cartoon makes the wings appear to be two arms, and with huge eyes you get a result of a very cute duck drawing.

Duck drawing to paint

simple duck drawing

Here we have another drawing of rubber duck type duck. It is the typical drawing that comes from number two.

duck draw

Here is another cartoon of a duck, but that is closer to a realistic drawing. This is in regard to the legs, the body and the wings. However, in the head it still has the characteristics of a cartoon, since the beak seems to smile, and it has eyes that look like those made in the cartoon drawings of people.

how to draw a cartoon duck

Within the children’s drawings to color, I bring you this very nice duckling, who is walking very happy.

how to draw a duck step by step

This duck drawing is very funny. It is a small duck that is very happy. The beak and the eyes are denoting that he is laughing with great desire. It’s the good thing about cartoons, that you can make characters that have no expressions, such as ducks, can acquire it. And if we talk about animations, I don’t even tell you how much fun it is. That a character of yours comes alive, and can speak or do what you want.

cartoon duck drawuing
rubber duck drawing

Of the drawings of ducks in the water, this one is easy to draw. It is a fairly round body, with a wing that is the same way as the body practically. In the head the beak, the eye the eyebrow and as if it had the hairs standing up they configure a simple drawing of duck that is very cute so that the boys can color them and paint as they like.

how to draw a duck easy

Within the drawings of cartoon ducks, we have this one that seems sad. He is looking up, looking at something that is gone. The eyes are those that show sadness, which is reaffirmed with the wing, which acts as if it were an arm, which is fallen. It is a very cute drawing that can be used to make cards, for example to tell someone that we miss him and that we would like to see him.

duck drawing easy

As I said before, that cartoons may have life, here appears a duck that seems to be crazy. That is simply achieved by making huge eyes and it seems that they leave the face. You are accompanied by a small smile like the one that is noticed in the beak and voila, you have achieved it.

how to draw a duck

Here we have a nice drawing of baby duck. The ratio of the head to the body is the same as a human baby. As our head has learned that, seeing this duck drawing we think it is a baby. It is in itself an easy drawing to draw, but if we are right with the proportions, we will also get that feeling. The huge and bright eye gives tenderness to the image.

duck drawing

I hope you like everything I’ve brought you about duck drawings.

Keep visiting our website in Coloring Pages because you will find very funny things for example:

Bunny Drawing – How to draw a bunny

If you are looking for bunny drawing, here we will present several different models. These are easy drawings for children, something to draw that children find simple and make them want to learn to draw. Our drawings of bunnies are basically easy drawings, with which you can have a good time enjoying an activity as healthy as learning to draw.

If instead of drawing, you just want to color rabbit, you can print a rabbit drawing of the ones shown here, and you can paint it any way you want.

Bunny drawing in silhouette

We begin this list with the rabbit drawing that practically marks the silhouette. With a very organic line, the shape of the rabbit is outlined. Only the silhouette is broken to show the thigh part of the hind leg and the eye of the rabbit. It is an easy drawing to make and simple to copy and draw.

cute bunny drawing

The following drawing is a rabbit with simpler features. A lot of use of geometric shapes and simple shapes. Here you can see how to draw a rabbit for children. In the final part of this article I present you step by step how to draw a rabbit very similar to this one. You can try it and you will see how good the rabbit drawing is.

These drawings of rabbits are a little more cartoon. They are easy drawings to make because they can be summarized in small elements that are coupled to each other until a desired result is achieved. When we want to make easy drawings, what we have to do is summarize all the shapes to known figures, this is how in the drawing you will see below, the main element is the head, which is summarized in an oval. This oval is the central element of the drawing, and that transforms this image into an easy drawing to make. From that simple and common element, all the other elements that will finally form the drawings of rabbits that you like so much are developed.

bunny drawing cute

Going more into comic rabbits drawings, here you have a funny bunny, which has a mix. Having the features in his head of a rabbit, in the rest of the body we can appreciate more a human form. These types of combinations are typical of cartoons, where animals can be exactly the same as humans. To complete the cartoon image, the rabbit has huge feet, even longer than its leg. You can intern copy this drawing and you will have a great time drawing and coloring this rabbit.

The good thing about making drawings of rabbits comic type is that you can take licenses that are moving away from reality. In this simple rabbit drawing, the head could be perfectly of a drawing dog, and nothing would happen.

Another element that allows comic style drawing is exaggeration, as if it were a normal cartoon. In this drawing, you can see the legs of the rabbit that have immense proportions with respect to the size of the total body of the rabbit. This can be done because it is a cartoon drawing. If you are going to draw a bunny, realistic, that cannot happen, as would be the case of the first rabbit drawing, in which the silhouette tries to perfectly reproduce a rabbit as they are in real life.

easy drawing

Another comic bunny drawing model is the one you’ll see in the next image. Here is only the head of the rabbit, which is adorned with a bow.

The rabbit’s smile is rogue, and the swollen cheekbones above the bears make him very funny. These kinds of rabbit drawings are very nice, and children are encouraged to try to imitate them. You could incorporate stars drawn around it, because it would seem that it hit and is stunned. The drawing of this rabbit looks like chocolate rabbits that are sold, especially for the Easter season. That also gives a special character to this drawing of a rabbit, and so you can print it for coloring and make some special card.

cute drawing

One last image shows a funny bunny drawing. Extremely large eyes, occupying most of his face and with such sharp highlights, look like a manga eye.

The posture of the bunny also mixes the human image with that of an animal, since it is standing on its hind legs, and the front ones are hands. Another example of rabbit drawing done as cartoon.

easter bunny drawing

Buggs Bunny drawing


Here we have the image of Buggs Bunny. In a cartoon character, the creators’ mastery is to show an image that demonstrates the character’s character. In the case of the Buggs rabbit, that was achieved in an exceptional way. And if we want to draw the Buggs rabbit, then we must be very careful with those same details, otherwise we will find that it does not resemble the original at all, and more than a drawing problem, it will be a character character problem.

The rabbit was always very crazy, mocking. Undoubtedly, it is his eyes that prove it. When we are going to draw it, we have to make the expression of the eyes accurate, to avoid mistakes in the rabbit’s drawing. The elongated shape of the eyes, and something pulled back and up, give that stingy touch to the character’s face. The other notable element is that eternal smile under the big teeth. Simply taking into account those details, we have already won a great field in terms of our desire to draw the Buggs rabbit and that resembles the original character.

buggs bunny drawing

How to draw a bunny

If you really like bunny drawing, and you don’t just want to color a rabbit, here I will show you step by step how you can make a rabbit drawing.

Among the animals to draw, knowing how to draw a bunny can be one of the most interesting things, but above all, here we are going to show you an easy drawing model to draw.

We are going to start drawing a rabbit making an oval lying down, following more or less the proportions that you will see in the drawing below.

how to draw a bunny
rabbit drawing

Once you have that oval, which will correspond to the rabbit’s head, the next thing is to make the ears. There are many different ways to make a rabbit’s ears. Many of them are easier than those shown in this tutorial, but the truth is that these ears look great and give the rabbit a very funny air.

The shape of the ear consists of a kind of oval that we do in the air, where the upper part of the oval ends straight. This oval is separated from the head, and displaced from the center. Its position is vertical. Then we make the union of the oval of the ear with the head with three curved lines as you can see in the graph. Similarly, in the form of a mirror, you can draw the rabbit’s second ear.

How to draw a rabbit for children – The body

At this point, we will make the body. Now we are going to refer to a simple way to draw, so that it is a rabbit that can be drawn by a child. Under the head, and starting from the sides of it, we will make a kind of oval intersected with the head. I say a species because at the bottom we have to do it rather flat. It is because it is as if the body is lying on the floor. We can see this in the image that follows. At this point, rabbit drawings seem to be more real.

bunny drawing

As the previous image shows you, on the sides of the body you can see two protuberances that also appear symmetrically. These elements are the part of the hind legs, with which the body of the rabbit is completely formed.

To finish the general parts of the rabbit we make the two front legs in a triangular shape, but without vertices, but with rounded shapes. They must also be placed symmetrically. In the drawing of the legs we will include two curved lines in the way you can see in the following figure, which mark the fingers of the legs, and also give a sense of perspective.

easy bunny drawing

The last step in this tutorial about how to draw a rabbit, are the elements of the face. In a drawing as simple as the one I am teaching you here, the elements of the face are fundamental, because they will give character to the character we are creating.

We start with the eyes. It is about two large ovals. In the drawing I made, the upper eyelids are half eye. When the eyeball sticks to the eyelid, we will give the character a sleepy or silly air. You can see that in the image that follows. The eyebrows are also placed. As you can see, the ones that I have drawn are not symmetrical. Although the whole drawing is symmetrical, the fact of putting some asymmetric elements gives character to the drawing. You could try the same thing for example by making one ear like this and the other fully extended. This will result in a much more working item.

Having already eyes, between them we draw a triangle with the tip down. That is the rabbit’s nose. From the nose, we draw two symmetrical curves to the sides that generate the rabbit’s mouth. In this case I have finished it with a small curve, to show a smile. If these arcs are made in the opposite direction, and larger, we can show inflated cheeks, which will make it funny too.

The last element is the teeth. It is an identifying element of a rabbit. That’s why you can see them exaggeratedly large here. Identifies it and at the same time makes it funny. It is very fun to put exaggerated elements to a cartoon.

bunny drawing easy

As you see in the previous image, the drawing is complete. It would only be necessary to highlight it. With a fiber it can be very beautiful. When remarking you must be careful with the lines that go behind, and that should not appear. For example in the line of the body that is behind the legs. All this is highlighted and once dry you can erase the lines used to diagram the drawing.

Did you like the final result? You can draw a model equal to mine, and then make the alternatives that I have been commenting on in the tutorial to see how you can draw rabbits with different characters.

More bunny drawing to print and color

In case you still have not enough with everything I’ve put you here to make rabbits drawings, now I’m going to incorporate some other images of rabbits to print and color, so you can spend time entertaining in a very healthy and fun way :

simple bunny drawing

We started with an easy rabbit drawing for children. Here you have a very nice drawing of a rabbit, which at first glance gives the impression of having a crazy face. This is due to the roundness of the eyes, which adds to the typical rabbit teeth. It is a totally symmetrical drawing, that is to say that from exactly one central axis, on one side and on the other, everything is repeated exactly. This makes it easier to draw, so it is special for younger children to learn to make their own rabbit drawings.

bunny face drawing
how to draw a bunny face

A rabbit head alone, so that you believe his body. The drawing of this head is very easy, since you have to start in a perfect circle, and from there you can already create the whole head of the rabbit: you start by putting the ears outside the circle, and then everything that goes inside.

bunny ears drawing

Here you have a rabbit drawn in a very childish way. The shape of the body is typical of a small child, and the features of the face are also strange, with widely separated eyes, and the nose and mouth at eye level. This is a nice easy drawing, for you to color or if you dare, you can draw it yourself.

how do you draw a bunny

This drawing is that of a very cute bunny, with a pretty dress that allows you to color the way you want. The brightness that the eyes have gives a special tenderness to this cartoon.

step by step how to draw a bunny
how to draw bunny ears
how to draw a bunny step by step
easy easter bunny drawing
cute bunny face drawing
bunny rubbit drawing
bunny line drawing

Simple bunny drawing for coloring

bunny pictures to draw

I like this drawing very much. The rabbit’s face is very funny. He seems to have just broken something and is afraid of being denied. It is a nice drawing for coloring. When you are going to make a rabbit drawing, you must start to handle the art of giving expression to your drawings. In this case the eyes and mouth are the elements that give it a tender image of fearful.

how to draw a bunny rabbit

Here, what makes this drawing particular is the almost triangular head of the rabbit. All these are easy drawings of rabbits, so that in addition to painting and coloring them, you are encouraged to learn to draw them.

In this regard, I want to propose something. Whether you make your drawing, or color it to one of those that I put here, I ask you to comment something below, and send us an email with the drawing you have painted. We will hang it on the same article, with your name. That way you can show your friends that you have posted a job on the internet.

ow to draw a cartoon bunny

This drawing gives the feeling of being a stuffed animal. The bunny is sitting, peeking out a nice belly. The eyes so big, and with a few highlights give it a very interesting personality.

Rabbits for easy drawing

how to draw a cute bunny

Rabbits for easy drawing are those that can be traced with simple and simple shapes. These drawings of rabbits for coloring are very cute and it is also with rabbits to draw for those who are not very skilled with the pencil. This is because the drawings are very simple. For example in the rabbit above, it is the big eyes that determine the rabbit’s face. From there it is to copy the different features and that’s it.

how to draw a bunny easy

In this other case, we go that rabbits to draw sometimes are not exactly with the ways we know them. The shape of the head of this drawing rabbit looks more like an onion, but by adding the different elements of the face, the expected results are achieved.

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