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Pirate drawing – Pirate ship drawing

pirate drawing

Pirates have an important place in history. The pirates were seamen who dedicated themselves to looting boats to steal their cargo, or to ask for rescue by navigators

These characters were transformed into myths, often represented in various films, and there are still cartoons for children where pirates are the protagonists.

pirate drawing ideas

Taken to our time, we see them with great sympathy, and they are always characters that are present in every costume party that boasts.

That’s why we want to bring you a good series of pirate drawings, so you can enjoy them.

First of all I have left you a pirate drawing done in color. A very nice pirate, and the second is a coloring picture of a child dressed as a pirate, so you can download it and enjoy painting it as you like.

Pirate ship drawing

pirate ship drawing

Pirate ship drawings can be varied. In general we have an idea of ​​what those ships were, and based on that we can make some kind of drawing, but they shouldn’t necessarily be that way. In the drawing above we have a drawing of the ones we always imagine. A ship with many sails, which can not miss the skull with crossed bones, the typical image we currently have of pirates. It is a beautiful coloring page of pirate ships.

how to draw a pirate ship

And here I leave you another one of my pirate ship drawings. In this case I bring you a very original pirate ship drawing, in which the boat is made of newspaper. In addition the mast is a red pencil, it has its candle with the skull and a lookout above. This drawing is made in 3d, and is part of a storybook I have made about a pirate.

Pirate coloring pages

pirate drawing easy

If you want to have fun with pirate drawings to color, get ready because I bring you some very cute drawings so you can enjoy doing what you like best. I start this list with this rude pirate.

It’s a drawing that I love, because it reminds me of Brutus, the enemy of Popeye. He has a very similar physique, with very thick arms. In this case he lacks a hand and a foot, which are supplied by a hook and a wooden leg, typical of pirates. It also has an eye patch.

how to draw a pirate easy

Parrots always relate to pirates. That is why this drawing of a pirate boy with his parrot. It is a beautiful drawing to paint, since it has a lot of drawing, and it can be very beautiful.

easy drawing

Another drawing of a pirate boy, this one goes with the sword ready to attack, but his face is very nice, therefore he is a harmless pirate.

cute pirate drawing

Pirate cartoon drawings are very interesting for coloring. In this case we have a pirate boy with a headscarf and his typical eye patch.

easy drawings of pirates

With this I started the article of pirate drawings. Only before I had put it in color. Here you have it for coloring. This is a nice pirate with a mustache, who is writing on a scroll while his parrot watches him closely.

bad men

That you never imagined the pirate Barbaroja as nice as you see him here? It is a beautiful cartoon to color. A pirate with his wooden leg, his hook, his eye patch and his sword in the other hand.

Funny coloring pages

I hope you are enjoying everything I have brought you here, but I still have much more for you. Keep looking at the following, because I bring you other coloring pictures, always related to pirates.

ungry pirate

How scary this pirate! He is very angry and is going to attack with his sword. Not even having a wooden leg stops it.

No, it’s just a cartoon of a pirate so you can color it as you like.

cartoon pirate drawing

Pirates are not always bosses. They also carried their minions, who served as sailors on the ship. In this drawing we have a nice pirate sailor, with his striped shirt to give him the colors you want. The same with the scarf on his head and the earrings of his ears.

easy pirate drawing

This cartoon is very pretty for coloring. This is a pirate boy wearing a huge hat with the skull, in one hand he carries a wooden sword and in the other the map of a treasure.

how to draw a pirate

A child’s pirate drawing is also very fun for the little ones, so they paint it in their own way.

draw the pirate

Girls can also be pirates. Here is a cartoon of a girl in her pirate costume. You can paint it very well, because it has many different parts, so you can use many colors.

Colored drawings

island pirate

Do you remember the pirate ship made of newspaper? Well, this one from the drawing above is the owner. Here we have the pirate calling his sailors on an island, where he came to find a treasure that was hidden there.

3d drawing

Another image of the same pirate on the island. You are currently looking at the map information, to know exactly where the treasure is located. I have done this pirate drawing in 3d, so you can do different poses for the book I have made, and you can even use it to make different animations.

drawings of girls pirates

The pirate girl that I left before to color here you have colored as I wanted. You do not have to do the same, it is more, better if you do it differently, to your liking. We must always be original.

pirate hat drawing

The pirate boy with two swords has it colored here. You can use these color images to make birthday greeting cards for your friends, or even if you want to manually make invitations for your birthday. It is a good idea, isn’t it?


One of the bad pirates is painted here on the computer. The program with which I made the drawings is the Adobe Illustrator, while then I painted them in Photoshop.

cartoon drawings of pirates
bad pirate

So far these drawings of pirates, so you can enjoy them. If you liked, share the page on your social networks.

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For exaple:

Moon Drawing – How to draw a moon

moon drawing

Moon drawing in the form of a cartoon are very funny some, others very tender.

In this article I bring you a good collection of images in cartoon of the moon, so you can enjoy them, you can download them to use as you want, and I also bring you the drawings of the moon ready to color. You can print them and then paint them in the way you like best.

Color Moon Drawings

simple moon drawing

Already in the header of the article you have one of the funniest cartoon moon drawings. It is a moon, with its craters and everything, laughing with all the desire.

The good thing about cartoons is that inanimate objects allow us to give them expressions and attitudes as we please. In this image above you have another moon drawing. In this case, we see the moon with a lost look, in an almost melancholic gesture.

crescent moon drawing

As the moon always comes out at night, the dream has a lot to do with our drawings of the moon. Here we see her totally asleep, to the point that she seems to be snoring. In the different drawings of the moon, the use of shading should be noted, in such a way that they imply that it is in low light, since it is only the sun that illuminates it from a distance.

moon drawing art

Now follow this other moon drawing. This is the same full moon at the beginning of the article, which was once very smiling, but now it seems very angry. A moon with its hands in a jug at the waist, without a doubt is a license that only in cartoons can we find.

drawing down the moon

Moon drawings related to the dream follow. Here we have a nice drawing of the moon, with tiny glasses and a nightcap. The glasses give us the feeling that the moon was reading a book before falling asleep.

moon line drawing

This other drawing is similar. Here the moon has not yet fallen completely into sleep, but the eyelid quite fallen from the eye betrays that it will not take long to fall asleep.

moon and stars drawing

The drawings of the moon are also good for illustrations for young children. Such is the case of the drawing we see above. It is a moon that is asleep, all surrounded by stars. With drawings like these you can make cards to greet the birth of a child, or you can even make vinyl to decorate the rooms of the babies.

moon pencil drawing

In the same style as the previous drawing, we have a moon where she herself is not a character for the first time, but a mouse has landed on her. From the moon hangs a star, therefore the moon is a hanger of those used in baby rooms, and on it slept this mouse that is very warm with a wool hat and scarf.

how to draw a moon

We return again to the drawings of the cartoon moon. Here we have the image of a moon with wide eyes and a smile on the lips. The lunar craters are very marked, and the face of the moon is very nice. Here the technique of making the eyes non-symmetrical was applied, but one is clearly larger than the other. It is a very simple technique that gives a cartoon a lot of life, by breaking the symmetry of the drawing.

how to draw a moon step by step

Another very nice cartoon of the moon. Here you can see that the rain is falling, because the moon is surrounded by clouds, and it has already opened its umbrella so as not to get wet. Even in moments before the rain, this moon is very happy.

a drawing of the moon

And here again the moon has fallen asleep, and a bear that has also fallen asleep has risen. It is another of the tender drawings of the moon that can be used to decorate the babies’ bedrooms.

Coloring Pages – Beautiful drawings

As I told you at the beginning, I will also leave all these drawings you saw before, but ready for you to color them to your liking. It is a good opportunity to practice your skills with colored pencils, tempera, watercolors or whatever you like best.

how to make a moon drawing

We start with the drawings to color with the same drawing with which we finished the previous section: the sleeping moon and the bear on top of it. As you have seen in the drawings that I have colored, the moon can be given different colors. In general it can be seen yellow or almost white, although in some drawings I have also used bluish tones to define it. Here the bear is dressed in a nightgown to sleep. You can use this item to create a touch of different color.

sun and moon drawing

What I used to call an image to decorate baby bedrooms, I have painted it in yellows and oranges. It is a good option, but it is open to your creativity how you can paint this drawing. Maybe the stars could be colored too.

cartoon moon drawing

The moon cartoon has different parts for you to paint as you want. Beyond the moon itself, you have for example the gloves that I painted them in white, but you can make them in another color. Also the eyes, which in my drawing are black, could be brown or colored.

sailor moon drawing

The drawing of the mouse sleeping on the moon hanger is another beautiful drawing that you can paint any way you want.

half moon drawing

In the drawing of the moon with a sleeping hat, the cap can be painted each part of one color: the cap itself of one, the bottom of another, and the pompom of another. Even the hat can have drawings, like stars or circles, and it will be very beautiful.

full moon drawing

The craters may be darker than the surface of the moon, because it is deeper and therefore gives more shade. They are details in which they can make a very beautiful drawing of the moon.

easy moon drawing

Here the moon has two circles on the cheeks. These can be reddish, to give a touch of color. The umbrella, as it has stripes, could also be multicolored.

moon drawing easy

In this drawing there are not many things to paint. It is only the moon. Here the strength of the drawing is to work with the shadows, so that it looks like a three-dimensional drawing.

how to draw a full moon

In this new drawing you have the surface of the moon plus the craters with which you can create an attractive surface. You also have your mouth open with eyes and tears. You can give different colors to everything to create a very nice painting.

how to draw a moon easy
how to draw a half moon

So far the drawings of the moon. I hope you liked them a lot. I ask you to share it on your social networks, so that other people also know the web.

Tattoo drawings – Easy tattoos to draw

tattoo drawings

Nowadays you can talk that tattoo drawings are in fashion, and in turn there are fashion tattoos. We can also say that they are modern tattoos. And if we say this it is because tattoos are not something new, but exist since a lifetime.

sleeve tattoo drawing

Tattoos are a very old art, and therefore, you can talk about tattoo styles over time. Therefore, when we refer to modern tattoos, we are going to refer to the tattoos that are made today.

cute tattoo drawings

Perhaps you will be wondering what an article about tattoos does within a web dedicated to drawing, and it has a very close relationship. Tattoo artists are artists, and drawing spectacularly is the basis for modern tattoos. The demand for the quality of fashion tattoo drawing is increasing.

Tattoo Drawings – Defined Style

tribal tattoo drawing

When we talk about modern tattoos, you can clearly see that it is a definite style, but we should not say it in the singular, because different styles are currently used to perform tattoos.

cat tattoo drawing

Among the different styles of modern tattoos, a style that is widely used is like that of the image that can be seen at the top. It is a pointillist style drawing. Pointillism is a drawing technique where, as the name implies, it is based on points next to each other. According to the separation we give between point and point we will get denser areas than others. It is a spectacular style to make tattoo drawings with realism, since it is a technique that allows to make gradients with great quality.

cool tattoo drawings

This technique is ideal for small tattoos, because of the laborious work of pointillism. However, it is not uncommon to find great tattoos, such as back tattoos, made with this technique.

cool tattoos drawings

Pointillism tattoos are ideal for seeing them as arm tattoos, small tattoos, tattoos for women, tattoos on the wrists and other possibilities.

Meaningful tattoos

tattoo drawings for men

Many want to get modern tattoos because they are aesthetically pleasing, but there are also those who have meaningful tattoos. In this sense it is normal to find phrases for tattoo, which accentuate that meaning. In this case you have to look for letter tattoos that look good and also lead to meet the meaningful tattoo.

bull tattoo drawing

With the meanings, we can find the widest motives. With this we can find tribal tattoos, Maori tattoos, Viking tattoos, symbolic tattoos or even tattoos with manga drawings, to give just a few examples.

Tattoos for friends

tattoo drawings easy

Within the tattoos for friends, you can find a wide variety. In family tattoos you can see beautiful motifs, in which tattoo drawing techniques are secondary elements. The important thing is the meaning that will be given. In tattoos for friends they can be the same as family tattoos, sister tattoos, also in that sense the name tattoos are the same.

tattoo drawing app

Other interesting and widely used motifs are skull tattoo drawings. A group that usually consume a lot are bikers, those who love to jump on the road on their motorcycles. For these people, skull tattoos are essential. In this type, although they repeat the motifs, you can see original tattoos of exceptional qualities.

tattoo drawing

In this example you can see a design that we made. It is actually a design that was made for the realization of t-shirts for bikers, but that can perfectly be transformed into skull tattoos. It is the typical design of the skull, but with the characteristics of a biker.

tattoo design drawings

These designs are made in digital drawing, and are suitable for application in tattoos on different parts of the body.

But modern tattoos also have other styles that are often used. 3d tattoos are some of those ways in which artists do incredible works.

tattoo drawing ideas

Other designs are geometric tattoos. In these times where mandalas are so in vogue, that also leads to modern tattoos. Mandalas are basically geometric drawings, but these can be of any other nature.

But fashion tattoos really stand out are realistic tattoos. In this case we refer to tattoos with photos of real people. They are usually images of the idols of the moment. Messi tattoos are classic, to give a clear and practical example. Be a known character, or someone in your family, making a realistic tattoo requires a high level of the artist to get an acceptable result.

Old school tattoo drawings

Tribal bull

If modern tattoos exist, it is because there are also old school tattoos. This refers to tattoos that have always been done. In the image above you can see one of the anchor tattoos. These are typical models of old school tattoos.

Other classic motifs are heart tattoos. These usually become chest tattoos, which increases the significance of the motif. Rose tattoos or flower tattoos in general are also classic.

tattoo drawing designs

An arrow tattoo was also very typical in ancient times, and today, with a retro style, wrist tattoos or finger tattoos or foot tattoos are still being made with these beautiful motifs.

simple tattoo drawings
simple tattoo drawing
pencil tattoo drawings
lucky draw tattoo
line drawing tattoo
how to draw tattoos
flower tattoo drawings
easy tattoos to draw
drawings of tattoos

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SpongeBob drawing – How to draw SpongeBob

spongebob squarepants drawing

SpongeBob is one of the favorite cartoons in children right now.

But that already happens for several years.

That’s why I bring you the best SpongeBob drawing here. I hope you enjoy it.

spongebob meme drawing
spongebob house drawing
spongebob easy drawing
spongebob drawing
spongebob drawing step by step
spongebob drawing meme
spongebob comes to life
spongebob characters drawing
spongebob cartoon drawing
SpongeBob and patrick drawing
spongebob and burguer
plankton spongebob drawing
love spongebob
how to draw spongebob
how to draw spongebob house
how to draw sandy cheeks fron spongebob
how to draw patrick from spongebob
how do you draw spongebob
good drawing
gary drawing
easy drawing
drawing of cartoon character from spongebob
beautiful drawings of spongebob

Coloring Pages of SpongeBob

If you liked all the drawings you saw so far of SpongeBob, now I’m going to put them all unpainted, so you can print them and color as you want.

step by step drawing spongebob characters
spongebobs house
spongebob youtube
spongebob pictures to draw
spongebob house easy
spongebob drawing tutorial
spongebob drawing for kids
spongebob coloring pages
spongebob best friends
spngebob and friends
pencil drawing
patrick star from spongebob
how to draw spongebob face
how to draw spongebob easy
how to draw spongebob and patrick
how to draw gary fron spongebob
fun to draw spongebob
easy to draw spongebob characters
easy drawing baby patrick
drawing easy of spongebob and friends
cute bobspongecrawing
coloring pages of spongebob
best drawing

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Christmas drawing – Christmas tree drawing

beautiful christmas drawing

Christmas drawings are searched when the year is running out to be able to make our typical end of the year cards.

The most artists try to make their own original Christmas drawings, but for others that is impossible, and the easiest is to use the internet to find the ones you like best.

In this article I bring you a good amount of Christmas drawings, so you can enjoy and choose the ones you like best. It’s all free for you.

Christmas tree drawing

christmas tree drawing

Christmas tree drawings are some of the favorites, especially the boys. That’s why I wanted to start this article by putting a good amount of these drawings, such as the one you have above, where we see the typical Christmas pine decorated with its balls and the star at the tip.

christmas things to draw

Now you have a slightly more artistic Christmas tree model, since it is only one line that forms the entire tree and is topped with a star. If you are going to make congratulations for Christmas, a good image to decorate them could be this original Christmas tree.

christmas tree drawing easy

Another option of decorated Christmas tree is this, with a computer work to make a shading so that we have a very beautiful image for Christmas.

how to draw a christmas tree

And we finish with this section of Christmas trees in colored drawings. This other tree is a two-dimensional scheme to have a beautiful image to give and say: Merry Christmas.

Easy Christmas drawing

I hope that the drawings of trees for Christmas that I have put before you liked. Anyway, children love to create their own Christmas cards, so they like black and white drawings so that they apply the color as they want. So now I’m going to leave some of the trees that I put before, but in this case ready to paint and color.

easy christmas tree drawing

The images are the trees with the balls and the star. You can give it the colors you can think of. Currently trees can be green, blue, white. And in the balls there there is no law. You can paint as you want and make beautiful drawings.

easy to draw christmas tree

In this other drawing, in addition to the elements that the previous drawing already had, it also has some garlands that can give your drawing much more color.

Christmas ornament drawing

funny christmas drawings

Christmas balls are typical at the time when the year ends. That’s why I wanted to make a small section with these drawings. I have started with this original drawing of a Christmas ball that is painted as if it were made of glass, and that inside has snow crystal. The red bow and the star complete this beautiful drawing.

christmas ornament drawing

And here we have a typical drawing of a Christmas ball, with very striking colors. This drawing may have the color you can think of.

christmas decorations drawings

A group of three Christmas balls are an image to perfectly decorate cards or the Christmas table.

how to draw christmas stuff

That same ball game is here in black and white. You can print it as many times as you want and you can paint it in all the colors you can think of. Surely you will do some works of art with these drawings.

asy to draw christmas pictures

The same goes for this other drawing. You can make a lot of versions of the same drawing by giving them your personal touch.

christmas pics to draw

And here is the crystal ball to color. Let’s see what you can do with this drawing.

Merry Christmas with easy drawings

christmas drawings images

Christmas always relates to snow, cold. That is why in the Christmas drawings the classic snowmen that are used for the decoration of the end of the year could not be missing. Here you have a beautiful drawing of a very warm snowman with his scarf and hat, standing in front of a pine tree. In his hat a little bird has settled to complete the painting.

draw so cute christmas

Another snowman with similar characteristics to the previous one, only in this case, instead of carrying a shovel he carries a broom.

christmas drawings cute

This other snowman is thicker, and he wears good boots. The predominant color in this drawing is red with a touch of green, the typical colors to identify Christmas.

easy christmas pictures to draw

A very warm snowman with gloves and scarf, which also wears a Santa hat. Our snowman is very happy.

easy christmas drawings for kids

Those were our colored snowmen, but in case you want to paint them yourself, now I’m going to leave them all, in black and white, to give your personal touch to the drawings.

christmas scene drawing

The broom doll is also very happy, because Christmas is coming.

christmas drawing for kids

With this drawing you can have a great time giving the scarf different colors.

christmas line drawings

Christmas drawings for children

Christmas drawings can be of all kinds. I myself, every year I make drawings with my daughter, so we had a great time. And those drawings later are the decoration of our tree. All the cartoons that are in fashion are made with your Santa hat or Christmas star, and are ready to be hung on the tree.

minion christmas

An example of that is the drawing of one of the Minions that carries Santa’s bag and hat.

simple christmas drawings

Bells are also typical for these special dates, with the typical mistletoe leaf and red bows.

christmas stuff to draw

And how about the Christmas cookie? It is very decorated, with many colors and a very nice face.

christmas hat drawing

Santa’s hat can be a character in itself. If you will have stories to tell every year visiting the homes of all the children in the world. Apparently the work is very funny because he is very happy, waiting for Christmas to come to visit all the countries again.

christmas cartoon drawings

We all know that Santa Claus distributes gifts at Christmas, but we also know that he is not the one who makes them. For that it has an army of goblins that work all year so that orders are ready for December. Here we have one of them very happy because the work is going very well.

christmas drawing ideas

Here you have one of the reindeer that pulls Santa’s sleigh. It’s a very nice job, because it’s about bringing happiness to all the children in the world.

christmas drawing

If you liked those painted drawings, surely you also want them without colors, so that you can display your art. Well here they are, starting with Santa’s hat.

minion christmas to coloring

Minion without color is also ready for you to paint. The colors she wears are the ones I put on, but you have the freedom to give her the color you like best.

christmas elf drawing

The leprechaun can also be painted in any color. It has many different parts, so you can make beautiful paintings by painting this easy Christmas drawing.

christmas pencil drawings

You also have the Christmas cookie here ready to be painted. You can print it several times and make copies with different colors. Then you cut it and you can join them one by one by your hand and thus have a strip of drawings that you can use to decorate your house at Christmas.

cute christmas drawings

The reindeer is also in bank and black to color as you like. It is a very nice drawing.

cool christmas drawings

Santa Claus drawing

merry christmas drawing

Santa Claus is one of the characters that children prefer, because he is the one who brings gifts on Christmas night. This character is special for sending congratulations messages for Christmas, and a good example is the drawing above, in which he holds a Merry Christmas poster.

santa claus drawing

Here he seems to be a little tired. Maybe we catch him just that he has just finished delivering all the gifts .

christmas pictures to draw

This is a nice drawing of a child dressed as Santa Claus, accompanied by a small reindeer. It is a very beautiful drawing.

cute christmas drawings easy

And now you have these same drawings ready to color. Here is Santa Claus with a sign, to which you can put any dedication to give to someone for the end of the year.

easy christmas drawings

The child with the reindeer also has it available for coloring in the way you prefer, as well as the Santa Claus that is below these lines.

santa claus
things to draw for christmas

Did you like all the Christmas drawings that I have brought you? I hope you can use and enjoy them a lot. Share our website on your social networks so that many know us, and I also invite you to continue looking at the articles on our website, because you will find many other articles that you will like.

Love drawings – I love you drawings

love drawings

The love drawings that I bring you in this article are going to love you.

They are easy drawings of love, but they will help you to include them in a card you make to give to a loved one.

For example, in the drawing above, there is a little girl with a face in love clutching a big heart. If you add a beautiful phrase to this picture, you will have a beautiful love card to give as a gift.

Love drawings for girls

love drawings for her

Girls tend to be more romantic than boys, so you have to take care of them and pamper them. One of the ways to do it is with this kind of love drawings, so that they feel loved.

A teddy bear always conveys a tender image, and in the drawing above, the bear is holding a heart pillow. If you give this you will look great with the other person.

love drawings easy
  • The stars fill the sky, while your love fills my heart.
  • Even if loving you were a sin, it would be a criminal, because I am in love with you.
  • Your look is so sweet that I’m going to die of diabetes.
  • I wish it was a virus, to enter your body and stay in your heart.
  • When I was a child, they told me that I should not steal, even though I knew your love just kidnapping you.
love drawing ideas

Drawings and phrases to fall in love

  • There are those who swear to speak with God, who swears to travel to the stars, but the only wish I have is to fall in love with you, dear maiden.
  • I would love to be your light, illuminate your darkest days, make your soul shine.
  • Precious, not even Physics is as perfect as the brightness of your eyes.
  • I’ve been mentalizing myself all morning, to appear safe and strong at the moment of seeing you. But with your first word everything I forget and I soften again.
love birds drawing

  • Often, I would like to hug you and whisper in your ear that you drive me crazy… but for now, I can only send you this message saying that for you I would give it my all.
  • If you were the forest fairy, I would become Tarzan to find you.
  • Your hugs comfort me, your looks seduce me, your aroma makes me tender and your smiles make me fall in love.
  • My look becomes teary, when I see you with another happy and beautiful.
  • Distance separates us, but you do not escape my thoughts, and the further you are, the deeper my feelings are.
in love drawings
  • A thousand dedications and a million poems are not enough to tell you how much I love you.
  • Remember how much I love you, never forget it, since this eternal love, you will find in no one else.
  • Sooner or later they will condemn you for manslaughter, because whenever you smile at me, you melt me ​​and I lose consciousness.
  • I need you to return my words to me, since you took them from me the day I met you.
i love you drawings
  • Suddenly the clocks accelerated. I didn’t understand anything, but when you kissed me, I realized that I was in love.
  • Have you ever been told that you walk like a goddess?
  • Do you know who fills the emptiness of my soul? Who seduced me and conquered my heart? Well, nobody but you, my beautiful love.
  • If my teeth break, it is how sweet you are, my treat!
  • I can’t forget you since I love you madly, I could only try to get used to living away from you.
how to draw love
  • I spend the day thinking about you, but I will spend the rest of my life showing you how much I love you. Of course, if you let me …
  • My soul has just told me that it leaves my body, that it is going to look for you, that it misses you.
  • As much as I suffer and try to forget you, my mind is stubborn and insists on remembering you
  • Every morning I open my eyes thinking of you, asking the gods to sleep next to me that night.
drawing pictures of love
  • Those eyes that look at me, those fingers that caress my skin, those lips that taste like honey … Hold me always, honey, and never let go of me.
  • If you’re going to talk to me, tell me that you miss me, that you love me with all your soul, that you can’t live without me … Will you talk to me?
  • You say you love God for his great generosity, but I am tremendously generous with you and have not yet told me that you love me.
cute love drawings
  • Even though I’m on the other side of the puddle, I can’t stop thinking about you, it’s like you’re here with me, that helps me calm down.
  • Although the last postcard you sent me on fire burns, I still have it here, deep in my mind …
  • Some are afraid of dying, some are afraid of pain, but I, my darling, fear that you will get tired of my love.
  • You are the snake that stirs my belly …
tweety in love
  • Chocolate feeds my heart, and that’s why he loves you, sweetie.
  • In a dark place I find myself, I need you to come and enlighten me inside.
  • I am surprised that you still do not have a partner, because with how beautiful you are, you would lose your mind.
  • Even if you are not there, I can feel you, even if you do not speak, I can listen to you, and as much as you are not present, in my mind you accompany me everywhere.

Love coloring pages

tweety coloring pages

All these love drawings you saw so far, you will have them now in line drawing, in case you want to color them yourself. I’m going to start with the nice Tweety, in case you want to paint your own love drawings.

simple drawings of love

The teddy bear is ready for you to color. The good thing about this is that it can be the color you want.

pencil drawings of love
making love drawings
love you drawings
love things to draw
love heart drawing
love couple drawing
love cartoon drawings
i love u drawings
cute love drawings for him
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Spiderman drawing – How to draw spiderman

Spiderman drawing have been throughout the years, of the favorites, in all their areas: whether they are comic strips, or spiderman cartoons, in the same way that films made with real people of the mythical character, have always It has been a guaranteed success.

That’s why I thought that maybe you would like to see some spiderman drawings, so you can download them, other spiderman coloring pages or a tutorial to learn how to draw spiderman.

Spiderman pretty drawings

look spiderman

We begin this list of spiderman drawings with this nice image of the spiderman with a gesture that something just happened. It is a spiderman handmade drawing, which can be used to print and color.

Although it is a human being, the fact of having a whole mask on the head makes a drawing of this character easier to imitate than other types of drawings of human characters, such as Superman or someone else.

If you are going to color the spiderman drawings, you should always remember that in the parts where the spider webs are drawn, they are the ones that go red, and the rest blue.

spiderman drawing

The spiderman drawings in which they are seen in action are the best when they are well done, because you see how the musculature is activated, and the drawings really seem to come alive. That is what happens with this drawing that you have here, in which you are jumping. The different drawings that you can see as spiderman, as well as other superheroes are always in action positions that are very beautiful. This particular case of spiderman coloring drawings is a very good option for you to print and color, because the contrast that occurs between blue and red, seen the character completely in front is very good.

How to draw Spiderman


I’m going to put a tutorial for you to learn, step by step, to make this spiderman drawing that you are seeing at the top. There you have it completely finished with paint and everything. I’m going to explain it to you with partial drawings of the whole process so that you learn how to make this drawing of a spiderman child. This is a very funny spiderman drawing. Let’s get down to work:

drawings to draw

I make it very big for you to copy it anyway. This is the beginning of the spiderman drawing in children. The first thing you have to do is the drawing of the shape of the head. As you can see it is not a perfect circle, but it has to be an elongated shape down and ends in a slightly pointed shape. This tip is going to be the mouth of the character, so that you go locating with the drawing. At the top it would be a circle, but down it stretches until it ends at the tip that means the mouth.


We continue to make our base forms. After doing the head, the following will be the base of the body. It is a kind of slightly folded bag. Worry that it looks like the way you see in the photo, so that the final pose looks like, because if we start crooked with spiderman drawings, the final result will not be what we want.

spiderman easy

This step is when you will begin to understand the ways that at first seemed somewhat amorphous and very ugly. In this step we are going to put the extremities, even in an initial sketch form. As you can see at the bottom are the two legs flexed and separated from each other. At the top you can see the open arms, but not at the same height but one arm is taller than the other. I give you a piece of information that suits you for any character drawing: try to never be symmetrical because this makes a drawing boring. Symmetric means that the position of the right side is exactly the same as the left side. For example, if you look at the drawings you find of Mickey Mouse, it is never in a symmetrical posture, and let’s keep in mind that Disney’s are the masters we all need to look at.

baby spiderman

Gradually our drawing begins to get more exciting, because we begin to see the shape of spiderman. In this step we will start to make the details. In the left hand is the most complicated thing: it is to place the fingers in the typical spiderman pose of when he throws his spider web. On the other hand, we have a more relaxed and therefore simpler pose. The third detail that we are going to do in this step is that of the eye holes. You should also copy the stroke little by little, since it is not a straight or geometric stroke, so you should give the curvature that sometimes goes to the side and sometimes changes. These lines that you draw in this step are the outer part of the eye mask.

good drawing

We are going to give the rest of the details in this step. From what we already had, now we are going to complete the suit. In the eye mask, make sure that the inner stroke does not exactly follow the outer stroke. In other words, they are not parallel lines, but each one follows a different line, so pay attention to each line. In drawing the body, look carefully at what the demarcations are because this is essential to later make the coloring of our spiderman drawings.

For the spider web drawings, you have to draw what would be the more or less straight vertical lines, while the transverse lines are small arcs that go from line to line of the verticals that we draw first. Keep in mind that everything that carries the spider web lines will be what will later be painted red.

The other detail we see in this step is the spider that carries spiderman in the chest. It is a fairly simple drawing to make. It is a kind of eight elongated, with the bottom part wider than the top. Then from there four legs go up and four down to pairs on both sides of the spider.

how to draw spiderman

The last thing we need to finish the spiderman drawing are the spider webs: in his right hand there is a cloth from which he is holding, and in turn he is throwing another with his left hand. These are easy drawings to make, because they don’t necessarily have to be exact copies of what you see. The idea is that there is a support that seems to hold it in the air.

Colored drawing spiderman

easy drawing

We are done with our spiderman drawing. Now we go with the second part that would be the colored one. I didn’t tell you yet that my tutorial is entirely done with the computer and a drawing tablet. There is no difference with doing it as a pencil drawing. It is all the same.

To make the coloring, you can also do it with different techniques: colored pencils, tempera, watercolors, oil or whatever suits you best. My drawing, as it is done on the computer, I have also digitally colored.

In the first step we paint all the areas that have the spider web drawings of red color. Try, if you paint by hand, that at first it is all more or less the same shade, in a fairly intense red, but trying to make a fairly uniform red surface.

how to draw spiderman step by step

The next step will be to paint the rest of the blue suit, also trying to make a flat color in everything blue. We also painted the edge of the eye area black, as you see in the graphic.

You can also paint with gray what would be inside the eyes, to complete the base. At this point you can say that you have finished coloring your spiderman drawings. But if you want to go further with your drawing skills, I encourage you to go one step further, and you will see the difference you will get in terms of the realism of your drawing.

From this last drawing to the one I finished when you started the tutorial, you will see that there is a big difference, and that is only because the drawing above is shaded.

To shade, you decide imaginary where our character is illuminated. In my case I determined that the light comes from spiderman’s right. Then you have to imagine that everything in the opposite sector will be in shadow. Then in these places you will paint with a darker blue and red than the ones you used before. You can also do it if you paint gently with the black pencil on your drawing.

In the opposite area, that is, those that receive the headlight, you can paint with a lighter shade. Even look in detail at my finished drawing, and look at some lines that I created in a lighter color. This gives the feeling that the suit is bright, and achieves a much better result.

More spiderman drawings

pencil drawing of spiderman

I hope you liked the step-by-step tutorial to learn how to make spiderman drawings. Here I start with another spiderman drawing, but in this case I made it by hand. It is another interesting pose, where due to perspective, the approaching hand looks much larger than the head. This drawing is made in pencil, and colored with colored pencils. You can also see that there is a shading job to give a more realistic look to the drawing.

spiderman head

If it is still very difficult for you to do all the spiderman drawing, I bring you this drawing that is very good, just from the head. Here you can see the detail of the eyes and nose, which in smaller drawings is not appreciated. It also has the shadow that the head itself throws over the shoulder, which gives more volume to the drawing.

how to sketch spiderman

Another image of spiderman in a pose also very athletic, so typical in this character. He is taking a great leap, and with his right hand he is throwing his cloth. Here, although it is a black and white drawing, there is a great shadow job to give volume to the drawing.

drawing to coloring

Another drawing in a spiderman jump pose and with the left hand throwing his cloth. In this case there are no shadows as there were in the previous one, so you should put the shadows when painting your drawing.

good drawing

And here you have another painted spiderman. In this case there is no shading job. It is a drawing in which spiderman is standing but in a fighting attitude.

Spiderman drawings to color

easy spiderman for kids

The best spiderman drawings are those in which he is in action. This is the case of the image above, where the superhero is throwing his web.

spiderman drawing step by step

A close-up of Spiderman’s face is ideal for practicing about coloring something with quality. Later I will put this same colored drawing on your computer with a work of shadows and lights.

spiderman black and white

A typical spiderman pose, at rest but ready to attack. Drawing done in illustrator, and now that I look at it well I missed some lines of the left glove.

spiderman cartoon drawing

In this drawing of the torso, interesting things can also be done for coloring.

easy spiderman picture to draw
how to draw spiderman

These two spiderman images are ready to paint. They are two poses of the upper part, where you can see the muscles of the body, and the challenge is to paint them so that these forms are highlighted. A good practice to improve the way you paint.

Colored Spiderman Drawings

drawing spiderman tutorial

Of the coloring drawings of the previous paragraph, now I am going to put some colored drawings. All are painted in Photoshop, and you can see how they can be painted. First I put the face in the foreground of Spiderman. In this case it is only the base of the red color and the black part that goes as a mask, leaving the lines of the spider web blank.

how to draw spiderman head step by step

And now we have finished after giving the work of light and shadow. As you can see, it is considered a lighting from above, hence the brightness at the top of the head. The shape of the nose is appreciated by shading, but it is not noticed. This is the good thing about working correctly with the shadows, which allow you to notice the volumes.

easy drawing

And now I bring you different colored action images also with the techniques that I explained before. In this case, the lights and shadows allow you to notice the musculature of the character.

spiderman drawing photos

In this other image there is a work of more lights, which gives the sensation of a different texture of the spiderman suit.

spiderman in color
how to sketch spiderman

How to draw Spiderman easy

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Ghost drawing – How to draw a ghost easy

When I think of ghost drawings, the first thing that comes to mind is that they are scary characters. However, when we sketch anything, we are the masters of paper and pencil. That’s why we can make a very nice, cute, silly ghost drawing, or with the characteristic you want.

cute ghost drawing

What do you think of this kind of animated ghosts? What does it look totally professional? That’s the good thing about making some drawings on the computer, that is, what is known as digital.

What you see is the ghost completely over, but I’m going to tell you step by step how this image that seems to be of cartoon ghosts was made.

Inicial ghost drawing

simple ghost

The processes for drawing ghost drawings, as well as any other drawing on the computer, do not have a single possible system. There are several options. I’m going to tell you how I made this ghost drawing.

The first step to make this ghost to print was in Photoshop. Using the pencil tool, I start doing it just as I would on a pencil paper. We must not forget to do it with a new layer, not at the bottom, so that we can hide it when we deem it necessary.

Working that way you can trace everything you want until you see it as you like. In the image you can see that there are many strokes.

Advanced ghost drawings

ghost rider drawing

Here I put the drawing of the finished ghost. I left you the work of the previous stage so you can see that in this case the lines can still correct things that do not seem quite right to us from the initial sketch. This stage is also made in photoshop, with the pencil tool a little thicker than the previous one, and in black color. In the previous step I did not say that I was drawing it in a shade of gray.

my ghost

In the previous case, the highlighting of the drawing was done with the pencil in a thickness that did not leave me completely satisfied. I wanted to make this ghost with more presence, thicker. That is why I put you here this other image: it is also made in Photoshop, but the pencil in this case is much thicker. In this case I like it more.

As you can see in this last drawing, sometimes the stroke looks a bit shaky. For this not to happen, it takes a lot of practice. Therefore do not worry if you do not get well input. Sometimes it is good to start making strokes without more, even if it is a meaningless drawing. It is difficult when you begin to draw with the computer, which is a line that looks firm, but with practice it can be achieved.

Halloween coloring pages

ghost drawing

What we had seen so far was completely done in Photoshop. But now I’m going to show you the next step that I did, so you can evaluate yourself what you can do.

In this case I took the initial drawing of Photoshop, and went to work in Illustrator. I sinned it in a layer, and created a new layer to start drawing on it.

Here you also have two work options: or you draw with the brush, as they say freehand. This is because Ilustrator accommodates the strokes leaving him very well. But the most professional way is using the pen, to make the drawing with vectors that is more perfect, and even then you can correct it if something does not convince you. In the case of my drawing, the general thing is made with vectors, and the details are freehand. As you can see the final result of these ghost drawings are very good.

Ghost drawing finished

cute ghost drawing

And we just need to color the ghost drawing.

Ghost cartoon drawing

how to draw a ghost on a pumpkin

Ghost drawings are ideal for children, because in general they are very easy ways to copy. In the example above you have a ghost with a little added complexity: it is the witch hat that has the ghost. However, the character’s drawing is very easy to do.

ghost of christmas past drawing

In this other ghost drawing, there is a dark combination, since in addition to the fear that a ghost gives, the clothes he wears seem to be death.

It is an easy drawing to draw, and anyone in the family can do it.

simple ghost drawing

This other ghost has helmets, seems to be listening to music, and has a happy face.

cartoon drawings of ghosts

In this cartoon ghost drawing, the meaning of it changes completely. Despite being a ghost a scary character, however the face of this cartoon is very nice, which changes the perception. That is the good thing about the cartoon drawing, which can be given character to anything or person that is represented.

cod ghost drawing

In this other drawing of the special ghosts, we also have one that we could incorporate into the category of kawaii drawings, because being a ghost, it looks like an adorable character, with that flushed cheekbones and big eyes.

halloween ghost drawings

In this other drawing, also of ghost caricature, the design is very different. It is full of tips, and a heart-shaped mouth and tongue, also to give the character a touch of tenderness.

real ghost drawing

And here you have another ghost, which seems to be scaring, with his tongue out. The detail of one eye larger than the other gives a funny touch to an easy ghost drawing.

Casper the friendly ghost

casper the friendly ghost

Within the cartoon ghost drawings, surely the best known is Casper, also known as the Gasparin ghost. This cartoon character is a very tender ghost, and that’s why I wanted to put a section with some drawings of him. In the image above you have it flying and at the same time waving.

casper the friendly ghost cast

Now we see Casper very happy, laughing with desire for what is happening. Without a doubt, he is a very sweet character.

casper ghost names

In this other image, we have Casper waving again and flying, although in this case he is doing it on a broom, to give a touch to the ghost combined with witch. It is a very funny drawing to learn to draw.

images of casper the friendly ghost

In this other image we have Casper a little thoughtful.

Ghost coloring pages

how to draw ghost eyes

Other cartoons also used ghosts to create their characters. Here we have this ghost, which is one of the characters in the Gumball series. Here you have it for coloring as you want.

how to draw halloseen ghost
how to draw a ghost town
ghost line drawing
creepy ghost drawing
scary ghost drawing
how to draw a realistic ghost
ghost face drawing
how to draw a ghost face
how to draw a cute ghost
ghost drawing easy
ghost cartoon drawing
how to draw a ghost easy
cute ghost drawings

Ghost drawings can be very funny, but you can also find many other types of beautiful drawings on our website. Keep visiting and share it on your social networks. You will find very funny article, like being …

Dinosaur drawings – How to draw a dinosaur step by step

Do you like dinosaur drawing? Surely, yes, otherwise you would not be here at this moment.

dinosaur drawing

If you like it, it means that you are one of mine, and that is why I have prepared this article with a good number of drawings of dinosaurs made by me. They are digital drawings, that is, I have made them on the computer.

How to draw a dinosaur easy

It is good to have the images of the drawings to be able to copy them, but many people like the videos more, to see the order in which they are drawing things. That’s why I bring you this video about how to draw an easy dinosaur.

I also invite you to subscribe to my Youtube channel, because I will be uploading many more videos to learn to draw easy.

Drawings of dinosaurs coloring

how to draw a raptor dinosaur

I put an image of a dinosaur as if it were the cover of the article. As you can see it is already painted. I have also colored it on the computer. I’m going to make a video and I show you how to do that coloring, in case you’re interested in working on the computer. But since the kids love coloring pictures, now I’m going to put a few dinosaurs so you can print them for free, and color them.

Generaly, I like caricatures much more than realistic drawings, so practically all the drawings you’ll find here are dinosaur cartoons so you can color them to your liking.

dinosaur drawing for kids

The good thing about the caricature is that you can make your drawings as you wish. Then you can make some animals that are fearsome, especially for the size they had, with a very nice face, as is the case of this drawing that I have put you up.

dinosaur drawings for coloring

And whatever the species may be, babies are always a love. That’s why you have here a baby dinosaur drawing that is sitting, with a tremendous innocent face. I’m sure you’ll like it. I loved it, and I’m probably going to color it to use later in my products.

Dinosaur drawing free for you

draw a dinosaur step by step

I’m going to tell you some tricks when it comes to drawing cartoons, so that you not only limit yourself to get a dinosaur drawing to print, but also encourage you to draw your own drawings. In the cartoons the faces are fundamental to give expression to the character that we are drawing. In general, when you draw a picture, try to make a drawing that is not symmetrical. What does this mean? A drawing is symmetrical when you part it by a line in half, and exactly what is on one side is repeated to the other, as if it were a mirror. This takes a drawing life. If you look at the Disney drawings, you will see that this never happens.

Then, with this trick, you can see the detail of the eyes of my drawing above. The eyes are not the same size. This is something unnatural, but it works very well. An example of this is in the Phineas and Ferb series, this last character has eyes like that.

dinosaur drawing with colors

Here is another clear characteristic of the cartoons. The heads are usually very large with respect to the body. This dinosaur with an angry face has a good head, which always gives him a very nice character, although the expression is angry.

Dinosaurs drawings to print and color

how do you draw a dinosaur

Here I have put a dinosaur drawing to color ideal for the little ones. It is a dinosaur with a very nice face, and apparently it is young. Young children often feel identified with those who are also small and that is why this cute dinosaur drawing is going to love them.

dinosaur cartoon drawing images

In this other drawing we already find a dinosaur with more of a rogue face. He’s sitting there eating ice cream, and his bulging eyes make it look funny.

learn to draw dinosaurs

When I look at this dinosaur drawing, the first thing that comes to mind are the floats in the pool. It will be because right now I am in summer and I really want to be swimming. The spots on the back of the dinosaur, more than spots, give me the impression of patches, so it would be very funny if you painted each one a color, as if the dinosaur was made of cloth and is completely patched.

dinosaur easy to draw
raptor dinosaur drawing
dinosaur drawing easy

Drawings of kawaii dinosaurs

kawaii drawing

This type of drawings always triumphs. The drawings called kawaii drawings come from Japanese culture. It can be translated as beautiful or also tender. The concept kawaii can be applied to different aspects, such as toys, or food or personal habits. In the kawaii drawings, it is the same. These are drawings with a tender appearance, where they are always characterized by very large eyes and a very friendly face in general.

black and white dinosaur drawing

In some dinosaur drawings you can have more fun than in others, because they have differentiated surfaces, so you can apply different colors. This is the case of the image you have above, where you can apply different colors. Print this drawing for free several times and you can paint it in different colors, to see which one you like the most.

step by step drawing dinosaurs

This drawing is very funny, and it is very good to color because it has many different parts, so you spend all the colored pencils you want in it.

old drawings of dinosaurs

The drawing with which the article started, and which is colored, because here you have it without coloring. It is a very nice and nice drawing that you can paint as I did or make your own version. Whatever you do, I’m sure you’ll be very nice. When you paint it tell me in the comments how you fit.

how to draw a dinosaur easy

If of cute drawings of dinosaurs, this one that you have above is one of those that takes the palm. We caught him in mid-flight, and apparently he’s very happy. It is a nice drawing for you to enjoy coloring.

dinosaur t rex drawing

This dinosaur looks like it is looking for something, we help it find it? For now, you can help him find his colors, because the poor have none. I have no idea what color this animal had, so you have full freedom to paint the color you like the most. What do you think if it was yellow or fuchsia?

Drawings of baby dinosaurs

baby dinosaur drawing

I already told you above, that babies are always very nice. Dinosaurs are already fearsome animals, as far as we know. However, the magic of the caricature can make a baby dinosaur as sweet as it gets. This is the case of this image above, where a baby dinosaur is coming out of its shell right now. It is a nice drawing that I also commit to coloring and putting in a while in this article, because I think I use it to make personalized t-shirts or mugs to give as a gift.

dinosaur pencil drawing

This other baby dinosaur is very happy. He has a broad smile, so we can guess he is very happy. They are pretty drawings of dinosaurs so you can print and color them to your liking.

easy dinosaur drawing

I hope I left you satisfied with my article about dinosaur drawings. Little by little I will be adding more images, so you can visit it again in a while.

I invite you to look for more articles on our website, because you will like them a lot, for example: