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How to draw a PENGUIN easy

nice draw

Penguin drawings can be very varied, but what they have in common is that they are always very cute. Penguin drawings can be very varied, but what they have in common is that they are always very cute.

In this article we want to bring you a step by step process of how to draw a penguin in a very simple and easy way, so that anyone can do it.

The example that we do, we made it inside the computer, drawing in Photoshop, but the steps are perfectly applicable to do them by hand.

So get ready with a piece of paper, a pencil, an eraser and go for it!!!

Easy penguin drawing video tutorial

Children’s penguin drawings are very attractive for children, but adults also like to learn how to make this kind of drawings in order to teach our children.

Por eso voy a comenzar poniendo el vídeo para que veas cómo se hace el dibujo, y más abajo te lo mostramos desarrollado paso a paso.

How to make a penguin step by step

Some people learn by watching how to do things. For them the video above will be great. But others like more explanations, and the rest of the tutorial is for those people. I’m going to explain step by step how I made the drawing, I hope you like it:

1- First strokes

How to draw a penguin-01

Don’t be scared because in the first step you will think we are doing something different.

No, what we are going to make is a cute penguin.

Whenever you are going to draw something it is good to reduce it to basic shapes, so that you have a proportionate form to guide you. In this case we are going to start the head by making a rectangle with the proportion you see in the graphic. Then you make a vertical stroke in the middle, and another horizontal stroke in the bottom third, so that it looks like in the image.

2- Drawing eyes and beak

easy penguin

Now we have to start with the features that go inside the head to maintain the correct proportions.

In this step we are going to make the two circles that correspond to the eyes, and at the intersection of the two axes that you made before you are going to make the beak. The penguin’s beak can be made in several ways. In this case you see a kind of pointed oval for the top and then an arc for the bottom.

3- Continuing with the head shapes

easy drawing for kids

Now we are setting up the total head, and that’s when we start to get the feeling that we are drawing a pinguin.

You make a bow at the top of the base rectangle, which is going to be the bottom of the penguin cap.

Two consecutive vertical arcs on the sides, the top one is larger because it ends in the lower third, where the horizontal axis is. This is done on both sides.

Finally, you draw the shapes you see from the beak in the style of butterfly wings, to determine the black area of the soft. You will see this better when it is finished.

4- Finishing the penguin head

how to draw

Only a few details are missing to finish our penguin head.

The next step is to assemble the cap, as he is very cold because he lives at the south pole.

We start by making a band, which is the turning part of the wool cap. On top of it goes a kind of pointed bow, which will be the rest of the cap, and finally, at the top we make a circle that will be the pompom of the cap.

This way we have already completed the basic drawing of the head, so now we are going to do the whole penguin’s body.

5- To draw the scarf and body

cute penguin

Let’s take the next step in our penguin drawing crash course.

Having finished the head in a generic way in the previous step, now we are going to put a scarf that determines the end of the head. It is very simple, since we make two parallel arches with the width that we want to give the scarf. Then on one side of the middle we make the two strips that hang from the scarf: one that will go on the outside and the other that will go on the back. The one at the back looks good if you make it a little shorter than the other one.

With the scarf finished, you can now trace what will be the body of the penguin. The idea is to make a kind of bag, which in the end results in a drawing that looks like a snowman. In fact, if you want you can make a snowman with the same steps that we saw here. The only difference now would be to put a carrot instead of a beak, and two tree branches for arms.

In our case we continue making the penguin, so we are going to leave it with that curvature as the total body, which in the next step we are going to complete.

6- Finishing the basic penguin drawing

drawing on pc

We are almost there.

Now we are going to make the wings, which in a cartoon drawing act as if they were the arms. There is no mystery in drawing the wings: just as you see them in the drawing, since they don’t have fingers or anything weird. Just trace and that’s it.

You should also make the legs. In this case we have made a kind of duck legs, which look good for this drawing.

The last thing missing is a line not exactly parallel to the body, on the inner side, to differentiate the black part from the white breastplate that penguins have.

7- Highlighting the drawing

digital drawing

To highlight the drawing you don’t need many instructions. If you have followed the steps as they are, you should be clear about the shape of the whole drawing. You just have to be careful in the things that go in front and those that go behind, to avoid later erasures. For example in the scarf.

At this point we can say that our penguin drawing is finished, but you will surely want it in color, because they are much cuter, so let’s paint it.

8- How to color the penguin

penguin digital drawing

The first thing we are going to do to make sure we don’t make a mistake is to paint everything in black first. It’s simple: it’s the outside of the head, the outside of the body, the arms and the eyes.

When painting the eyes black, it leaves part white, which gives the feeling of brightness. This creates a very nice effect in all the drawings.

9- Incorporating color

beautiful penguin

The incorporation of color is up to the artist’s taste. In this case I wanted to make a combination of red and green colors. It is the typical combination of Christmas drawings, for example. Therefore this drawing could serve me to make something for the occasion.

In this case I painted the scarf and parts of the hat red. If you want you can make the back of the scarf a darker color, to give it depth.

10- We finish the penguin

nice draw

And now we have reached the end of the drawing. To finish we paint the beak and legs in an orange or brown color and that’s it. I hope you liked the tutorial and that the drawing turns out well for you.

If you do well, let me know in the comments, and let’s go for the next challenge. Go for it!

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How to draw a Panda

how to draw a panda

Here we go with a little tutorial to learn how to draw a panda. In the drawing that is above you can see the final result, and it is what we hope you can get after following the step by step that I am going to show you so that you learn to draw this cute panda bear.

El oso panda es un mamífero, cuyo hábitat natural está en las montañas de China. De toda la familia de los osos, ellos son los más queridos por las personas.  Por esa razón vamos a dibujar uno.

Video tutorial on how to draw a panda

I recommend that before looking at this whole tutorial with step-by-step images, take a look at this video, so that you previously have an idea of ​​how the work should be carried out. Then you can go looking step by step how to draw the panda.

We start with panda’s nose

nose panda

We start by making the muzzle, which is completely black, with a central elliptical area, which we do not paint, so that it gives the idea of ​​brightness.

This type of nose in our pencil drawings is going to become quite common in many types of animal drawings, so learn well, so you can later apply it to other drawings.

Full muzzle of panda

easy drawings to draw

From the central part we draw down a kind of hook, which will be the upper part of the mouth. And underneath the mouth itself, with the tongue. We paint black above the tongue, which gives the idea of ​​depth of the mouth cavity. We have to make sure that the expression is a smile.

How to draw a Panda: eyes

how to draw a cute panda

Now we draw 2 ovals on both sides of the muzzle. These will be the two dark areas that pandas have around their eyes, so characteristic of them.

cute easy drawing

Inside the ovals, we draw the eyes. It is necessary to pay close attention to what we paint, and what we leave unpainted, so that the eyes can be clearly distinguished, and not all black. Here I leave you one finished eye and the other to paint.

panda eyes

And this is how your finished eyes should look

Drawing panda bear head

easy panda drawing

Inside the ovals, we draw the eyes. It is necessary to pay close attention to what we paint, and what we leave unpainted, so that the eyes can be clearly distinguished, and not all black. Here I leave you one finished eye and the other to paint.

how to draw a panda face

On the upper edge, on both sides we draw the ears, which are rounded.

how to draw a panda cute

Once painted, our panda’s face will be this beautiful.

Draw panda’s body and legs

drawing a panda bear

Now it’s time to do the body and the front legs.

how to draw a panda step by step

We continue with the rest of the body and the right rear leg, which is the only one that will be seen in our drawing.

how to draw a panda

Once painted, we already have our panda. Surely you feel happy that you did it. Congratulations!

I hope you liked this tutorial a lot and that you get a nice drawing of panda bear. I invite you to keep looking at the different sections of our page, especially How to draw because you will find very fun things that you will love. Like this:

How to draw Tasmanian Devil

tasmanian devil

We are going to learn to draw a very nice character, whose name is Taz. Its creator was inspired by an animal called the Tasmanian Devil, which exists in Australia.

This animal usually has an average height of 1 meter, and is characterized by having a voracious appetite. This is the main feature of Taz, which eats everything in its path, spinning like a tornado.

Video tutorial on how to draw the Tasmanian Devil

Here I leave you a video in which you can see step by step how to draw the Tasmani Devil, or Taz, the cute character from Looney Tunes. If you can’t follow it, don’t worry, below is the step-by-step process.

Step by step how to draw Taz

* How to draw eyes

taz cartoon

We begin by drawing his eyes, with that voracious gaze. The eyes are asymmetrical, one more open than the other. The lashes are very thick, and help to give the eyes an angry expression. But we are not afraid, because we know Taz, who is always hungry.

* Drawing nose and outline of mouth

tasmanian devil cartoon images

We continue down the face. In the central part we make the muzzle. It has an elliptical shape, leaving a central part unpainted, which gives the image of brightness. Next, the outline of the mouth. Taz has a big mouth. We draw the outline, leaving room for what is in the mouth.

* Let’s draw the face

how to draw tasmanian devil

Outside the mouth we draw the face. It is not a smooth contour because it also has hairs. On the left side we are going to leave a space for the tongue, which is also large. And on the right side we will leave a space too, where a finger of the left hand overlaps. Here we take the opportunity to draw Taz’s mustaches.

* How to draw tongue and teeth

tasmanian devil

Now we move on to drawing the tongue as well as the teeth. Let’s note that proportionally the mouth is very large, occupying much of the face. This has to do with the main feature of Taz, which devours everything in front of him. We make 4 teeth on top and 3 on the bottom. One of them is half covered by the tongue.

* How to draw Tasmanian devil’s ears

how to draw taz

On both sides of the eyes we draw the ears, which are symmetrical. The coat above is abundant. And on one side and on the other they take the form of horns, although they are not truly horns, but tufts of hair. The Tasmanian devil has no horns. And in the center it has a lock that gives the impression of falling in the central part of the face. We finish the face by drawing both eyebrows.

* Making Taz’s arms

taz step by step

We already have Taz’s head. We go to draw the arms. We start with the right arm, which rises, but does not exceed the height of the head. It has 4 fingers, which are long, in proportion to the arm. And following an oblique line down and to the right, we continue with the left arm. This hand has even larger fingers than the left, because it is located further forward.

* We finish with Taz’s legs

looney tunes characters

Taz’s body has the shape of an inverted triangle, where the head of the body is not differentiated. The legs are slim and the feet are large. A small part of his body is visible below the face.

And we already have our drawing of Taz. If we want to color it, it has a brown coat, the face and the front part of the body being a lighter color. The tongue and the ears are the same pink color. I hope you accept the challenge of drawing this cute character.

I hope you liked this article. I recommend that you visit our How to Draw section, where you can find several more tutorials to improve your way of drawing.

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Airplane Drawing – How to draw an airplane

airplane drawing

For some time I wanted to prepare an article with drawings of airplanes, because the truth is that I love them, and finally I have decided to prepare it.

The airplanes are machines that have always seemed amazing to me, since with the weight they have they are able to lift carrying hundreds of people and load over and travel thousands of kilometers without touching land.

In this article I have prepared drawings of airplanes of different kinds. For example, in the drawing that heads the article you have a beautiful cartoon of a war plane with huge and beautiful eyes and a smile that makes it very nice.

How to draw an airplane easy

cartoon airplane drawing

The very structure of an airplane is easy to transform as if it were a human, since its huge front windows look like eyes, and its wings look like arms. That’s what I take advantage of with the drawing above. It is a drawing of a children’s plane, with tender features and painted in a range of pink tones.

how to draw an airplane

On this other plane in flight, he also has a cartoon drawing, but this time without making him human features. In this drawing I have colored it thinking about the tastes of the little ones, because they will enjoy it, and later I leave you the same plane but without colors, so that you can print it and color it to your liking.

airplane side view drawing

In this other example you have a passenger plane, but made a cartoon, with your eyes and eyebrows set.

airplane drawing for kids

And in this other drawing we already have a more modest plane, we could almost say that it is a very nice plane, with its mouth smiling and its big eyes.

War Aircraft Drawings

airplane sketch drawing

Wars are the cancer of today’s world, and we are totally against it. But for those of us who like what machines themselves are, warplanes are very attractive, and not only now, but throughout history. For example, in the drawing above you have an old plane, in which you can see the classic rivets with which the different parts were joining.

airplane line drawing

These other drawings of warplanes are already more modern examples, where you can even see the flame from behind. They can be space planes or anything you can imagine. They are the typical planes with which children love to play.

airplane model drawing

Airplane drawing for coloring

cute airplane drawing

I’m going to leave you a good amount of planes to color, because I know what you like best. We start with some cartoons of airplane drawings, as in the case of the one above that has an open mouth and very nice eyes. You can give this plane the colors you like best, because any color would suit you.

airplane drawing easy

Before I showed you this airplane drawing already colored. Now is your chance to paint it in your own style.

beautiful airplane

Passenger airplane drawing are very nice too, and here is an example.

how to draw an airplane easy
how to draw a simple airplane
airplane drawing free
basic airplane drawing
airplanes drawings cartoons
old airplane drawing
airplane drawing cartoon
simple airplane drawing

Paper airplane drawing

paper airplane drawing

Paper airplanes make us excited about flying. When we create a paper plane and see it fly well we really get excited, and our imagination flies even more than paper. That is why in an article of airplanes the paper ones could not be missing. In this first case you have a simple plane, made with lines and ready. If you want you can give it the color.

how to draw a paper airplane

Now I have colored the drawing from before, in this case with different shades of green, changing tones depending on whether the different parts are in shadow or light. Below you have a paper plane drawing made with white lines and crossing the blue sky.

simple paper airplane

Did you like the article? Hope so. I will continue to bring you many more drawings. If you want any particular drawing, you can tell me in the comments, and I will gladly prepare it.

Keep visiting the web, because I have many articles that you will surely love.

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Lion Drawing – How to draw a lion

how to draw a lion step by step

In this tutorial you can learn to draw a lion that you are seeing in the image above. It is a tutorial of a medium level, but that with a few simple steps can be obtained from simple figures, in such a way to configure the complete drawing. Let’s move on to learn how to draw a lion.

How to draw a lion step by step

If you want to learn to draw a lion step by step, I will bring you this video in which I have drawn it very slowly, so you can follow it as is. You can pause the video as you go forward so as not to lose detail of the drawing. Surely if you dare you will get the same.

Anyway, to make it even easier for you to learn how to draw a lion, I’m going to tell you step by step with images, so you have it easier.

Here we go:

To start learning to draw a lion, the first thing is to create the basic shapes from which the drawing will take shape.

how to draw a simple lion

As you can see in the image, the first thing is to draw an oval on the left side, to which an oval of a smaller dimension is added, tilted down and to the left. From this oval, the lion’s face will be formed later.

Then, to the right of the oval and coinciding with the lower part of the oval, a circle that has a diameter slightly more than the total height of the oval should be drawn. This is going to be the back of the lion. From these figures, the elongated elements that begin to configure the two legs that are towards this side are drawn.

Learn to draw a lion – giving the first forms

Next step is to begin minimally to give the basic forms of the lion. The two arches that connect the left and the right part are drawn, in such a way to configure the lion’s body. The two legs that are on the back are added, and the lion’s tail is created.

In this drawing, the most complicated thing is to get the proportions right between one part and another, so we must constantly compare with the original to know that we are on the right path to learn how to draw a lion.

cute lion

Lion begins to appear

This step is when we can just say that we are on the right path of learning to draw a lion. Until now, only drawings of rather disjointed figures were seen, but this is when we begin to define the shapes.

Next to the small oval of the head we draw a smaller one, which will be the lion’s ear. From there we make the shape of the face, and we give a principle of shape to the lion’s mane below the face. On the other hand, on the back, we add the typical tip of the lion’s tail, and we begin to form the left hind leg. With these small aggregates we can already see the shape of the lion.

how to make a lion

We have almost done our lion drawing

In this step we can see the lion in its fullness. We produce the finish of the back legs and the tail. Also in this step we are highlighting the drawing so that it becomes stronger.

In the front, we also delineate both legs well. In the face we make the small details of the nose, beginning to sketch the mouth and the eye. Finally we give a touch to the lion’s mane to finish the total shape.

how to draw a lion

At this point we can consider that the lion is finished. But if you want to increase the level of completion, you can apply to give more details, so as to reach the level of the image that we show in the header.

These termination details would be to detail the features of the face, incorporating the whiskers. Also add curved lines that mark the direction of the hair on the lion’s mane. And above all, what will give a great result, is to shade.

To shade the drawing, it is interesting to imagine a place from which the light comes, leaving certain things in shadow. You can guide yourself from the reference image to do a shading test. In shading, a trick that is very effective is not to make a flat paint, that is, always with the same intensity. It is good that the shadows are degraded, from the points where there is less light to where it gives a little light.

How to draw a lion for children?

If you still would like to learn how to draw a lion, but in a simpler, easier style and with a type of children’s drawing, here I am going to give you a second tutorial, so that you can draw a lion in a very simple way.

how to draw a lion for kids

The one you see in the graphic is the final result of the children’s lion drawing that I show you here.

You must start by drawing the triangle that is the tip of the nose. From this one you draw up the rest of the lion’s nose.

With a full nose, you can now make both circles of the eyes. They are two circles that are cut by the nose. Within these are the pupils of the eyes. From there we will draw the mouth part. Starting from the upper vertices of the triangle of the nose, we draw two incomplete circles, which end at the lower vertex of the same triangle, and complete the mouth with the bottom in the form of a rectangle with three sides. The whiskers give the final shape to the lower part of the head.

Next step is to complete the lion’s head. How to draw a lion on the part of his head? We start a vertical line from the circle of the mouth, to a little below the eye. From there we form a circle that gives the shape of the head. Doing this symmetrically on both sides of the lion, we already have the shape of the head. In the center we make that kind of bangs, and on the sides of it the ears. The ears are two pieces of circle, to which the inner part must be made. That way the head is ready. To make it look good that it is a lion, you can not miss the mane. With a line with incoming and outgoing, and surrounding the entire head we have just drawn, we easily configure the lion’s mane.

Now we go to the lion’s body part. We start by making the front legs, always symmetrically as seen in the drawing. Then we make an outward curve to make the hind leg, ending with the leg itself. We also do the one on the other side with symmetry. In the four legs we make two curved lines that will be the fingers, and on the outside a small line from the mane to the back leg that indicates the body of the lion. And ready. Now you know how to draw a lion in a simple way. If you have any questions yet, I will put a video below in which you can see step by step how to draw a lion.

Lions coloring pages

cute lion drawing

Lion drawing for coloring can be the most varied in terms of the type of drawing, the style, to whom they are focused and much more.

In the image above you have a lion made especially for children. It is a cartoon of a lion with very large ears with respect to the head, which in turn is large with respect to the body.

simple lion drawing

This other drawing is designed for the little ones. It is always good for children to use easy drawings, with simple and simple shapes for a better understanding of the drawing. In this case we have a nice lion to paint as they want.

how to draw a cartoon lion

Here I bring you another of the cute drawings of lions to color. In this case it is from the movie Madagascar. One of the main characters of the movie was this lion, which I drew here in black and white, so that you color it to your liking.

scar lion king drawing

A lion drawing for babies, with very simple shapes is the one that I leave here.

lion king drawing

If the lion is the king of the jungle, he should wear the crown. Here you have a cartoon of a lion with his crown.

lion drawing step by step

And here follows the cartoon series of lions for coloring. In the image above we have a nice lion who is laughing.

lion drawing easy

In this image we also have a smiling lion and sitting in a pose that looks more like a baby. They are the advantages of the cartoon, which allows us to do things that do not really exist.

baby lion drawing

Again we have a lion drawing made with simple shapes, so that the smallest of the house will paint it.

lion drawing pictures
how to draw a lion for kids

This lion cartoon looks like a child, but with very thick mane.

lion cartoon drawing
lion king drawings

The lion king is one of Disney’s most famous movies. Here we have it in one of the most typical poses, in a perfect replica of the real-life lion pose.

how to draw a lion face

Here we have a lion drawing with another technique, in which it is practically shadows that define the drawing. I leave it to you like that, without the shading, because that way you can print it several times and you can make variations with colors as you want.

lion gead drawing

Lion drawing for tattoos

lion face drawing

Lion is an animal that speaks of power. That is why lions are favorite reasons to make tattoos. Here I am going to leave you with a couple of images that are valid for making lion tattoos. In the image above you have this lion with thick features and thinner lines representing the hairs of the mane.

lion drawing

This other drawing is that of shadows that I told you before without colors. In this case it is already shaded with black, but it gives you options to do what you want with the colors.

how to draw a lion head

Here I have made a simple game with colors of the same drawing. You can play as you want with the colors to make your own designs. Not only can it be valid for tattoos, but you can apply them to t-shirts, cups or any other product.

lion drawing color

I hope you enjoyed lion drawing. Keep looking at our page in How to Draw because you will find things that you will love.

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Palm tree drawing – How to draw a palm tree

palm tree drawing

I bring you palm tree drawing made in different ways, so you can use them as you like most.

In everything you do on vacation, or a good life, you can always find a palm tree as a central element. Thinking like this is that we have prepared different images of palm trees, for different kinds of illustrations. I hope you like them.

Palm tree: shadow drawing

We will start with our palm drawings, with a few drawings in which it seems to be in shadow. This type of image can be used to modify and color it as you like, since if you work with Photoshop, with the magic wand tool you select everything black, and then paint it as you want.

easy palm tree drawing

Among the drawings of shade-style palm trees, I started with this potted palm tree. In this case it is not a purely shadow drawing, but you can appreciate some brightness. It is as if it were in a very dark place, but there is a light from the left. It could be a focus, or sunrise or sunset. With this technique you can make very beautiful drawings.

palm tree line drawing

From here you can see some shadow drawings. You will find different forms of palm trees, totally in black. In this type of drawings is that you can apply what I explained before to color the drawings to your liking. You can get very nice images. Even when the drawing is so black, you can print it and then trace it on a new paper, to have your own drawing palm.

how to draw a palm tree step by step

This new drawing has a very attractive shape. They are that trunk so winding, the image looks very pretty.

black palm tree drawing

Here we have one of the typical scenes of a good summer. It is a drawing of a small island with a pair of palm trees. These drawings are the ones that can be applied to holiday type logos.

easy to draw palm tree

Here is another potted palm tree, in a very nice design to use on any element. Designs of this type are good for example to place on vinyl on a shirt.

how to draw a palm tree easy

In this other image I reapplied the technique of light on one side. Here, being yellow, it seems more like a sunrise on the beach.

palm tree drawing easy

We continue with the drawings of palm trees in shadow, but in this case the lines are slightly more developed to achieve more drawing quality. This is especially noticeable in the toothed of the trunk, which shows a little what actually happens in those palm trunks. The drawing style moves to the sheets, with those little cuts.

palm tree landscape drawing

Here we have a typical Central American image, with two palm trees together, with a great inclination in one of the trunks.

how to draw a realistic palm tree

Here the drawing of the palm tree is not so Central American, since it is a potted palm tree. However, the drawing is already much more realistic. Seeing this shadow, one can really imagine what the plant is like.

sunset palm tree drawing
palm tree drawing outline

This drawing where the palm tree is totally a shadow, has a design that could be said casual, where the strokes are clear so that it is interpreted without problems of what the drawing is without having any color. It is what is called the synthesis of the drawing. This synthesis is what you are looking for when designing drawings for the realization of logos.

how to draw palm trees on the beach

Here we have one of the drawings of palm trees that could be a holiday logo. There are the clear elements: a palm tree on an island and the sea. You could do this in different colors and we would have a spectacular logo.

palm tree leaves drawing

This drawing of the palm tree is still in outline, but it has a much larger job than those that had been seen so far. The previous ones had the leaves as complete elements, at most with some cuts. In this case the work of the sheets is much greater to achieve more transparency.

palm tree pictures drawing

Similar to the previous drawing, but in this case a little more realistic. They are drawings of palm trees that can be used in illustrations as well as with more realistic colors.

Drawings of colored palm trees

Now I’m going to put some examples of palm drawings in which I have already placed some color. In general, what is sought with these drawings is that they serve as an illustration, therefore the idea is not to make a realistic palm drawing.

palm tree pictures to draw

This drawing is one of those that I left you before in shadow, and in which I simply changed the color. With the technique explained at the beginning of Photoshop, I simply gave it a different color.

palm tree cartoon drawing

In this case we have the same previous image, made in red, but which was also given some touches of shadows in the center of the palm tree, and in some areas of the leaves and trunks.

simple palm tree drawing

In this palm tree drawing, we first worked in color change, to do it in blue. And then there was also a light effect with a lighter blue in a certain area of ​​the drawing.

drawings of palm trees free

This drawing of a palm tree in a pot was also black before. Here I show you the example of doing it in two different colors: yellow in the palm tree, and brown in the pot. But it doesn’t even end there, but they also have shadows. In the palm reddish touches, and in the pot darker brown.

how to draw palm tree leaves

In this palm tree drawing you can also see applied on an image that was previously in black, the application of another color, as I told you at the beginning of the article.

And then I put a palm drawing in a slightly more realistic design, without becoming one.

It is still a scheme of reality, but with colors a little closer to reality.

how do you draw a palm tree

So far our drawings of palm trees. I hope you liked them. You can do many things and variations with these same drawings.

Share our website with your friends on your social networks, and keep visiting because there are many more interesting things.

How to draw a horse – Horse drawing easy for kids

How to draw a horse? The drawings of horses can be of different kinds: on the one hand we can find a realistic drawing, where the drawing of the horse looks like a photo, a line drawing of a horse, where only the profile of the horse is shown, a cartoon drawing of A horse, among other options.

In this article I will present a tutorial to learn how to draw a cartoon-style horse, and I will make it complete, with video and images, so that you have all the alternatives to learn how to make your cartoon horse drawings.

How to draw a horse step by step

Here is the video of how to draw a horse step by step. As you can see it is drawn on a computer. Already in the image before starting the video, you can see how your drawings of horses should look once they have seen it in the full tutorial. As I said before: it is a cartoon. A very large head, a huge but very short body and skinny and short legs. They are the typical characteristics of the cartoons drawings. Once you learn to do this tutorial, you will be able to make your own changes to the horse’s drawing, so that you are the one who decides the look. You could incorporate a very skinny, famished body, stylized legs, a much larger mouth, slanted eyes or whatever you can think of.

But as I had promised you at the beginning, not only did I leave you the video, but we will see the same thing with step-by-step images.

Drawings of horses in images

steps to draw a horse

We’re going to start doing how to draw a horse step by step so you don’t get lost, if you don’t have enough with the video. Start by making a complete circle that will be an eye, then a small arc that is the start of the nose and on the other side will go the other eye, which is a little covered by the nose.

how to draw a cute horse

In this new step of the horse drawing we already put the pupils to the eyes and make a large curve to be the nose of the horse. Remember that we are making drawings of cartoon horses, therefore in this you can start to exaggerate as you want the size. Anyway my advice is that first try to get them with the proportions you see in the images, and then you are already making your own changes and tweaks.

horse outline drawing

Now we continue with the horse drawing step by step configuring what are the two nostrils. In this way we can begin to see a drawing of an easy horse here.

horse jumping drawing

Then we started to trace the mouth of our cartoon horse. We are going to give you a typical curve of a smiling mouth, and in the beginning you can see that the upper lip is formed.

drawing horse bench

Now you make the lower part of the mouth and what would be the lower lip. At this point you can see an almost complete image of the horse’s head, for now his face.

horse line drawing

We continue with the head configuration of our easy horse drawings. Now we are going to make the jaw, with a curvature similar to the one you see in the image.

cute horse drawings

Now you have to keep doing the left ear. It is a very simple way but that begins to give a clear format of the full head of our cartoon horse.

horse pencil drawing

Now we start working the horse’s hair. In this case it is what remains above the eyes. As we are making cartoons of horse drawings, we can take the licenses we want. For that we are the owners of the drawing. That is why we make a hair, as if it were a bangs. These types of details are also what make up the drawing in question is a cartoon and not a reproduction of reality.

simple horse drawing

Behind that hair, you can see the tip of the right ear

How to draw a horse – Head complete

horse drawing step by step

So that the horse’s head can be terminated, in this step we will complete the mane. Here we make a coat that falls along the neck of the horse that is not drawn here. It is the hair itself that will configure the upper part of the neck.

cartoon horse drawing

As the hair is what determines the upper part of the neck, now we are going to make the lower part of the neck, and it is continued with the horse’s chest.

horse picture to draw

Now we are going to start adding legs to our horse drawings. First we make the front leg that is forward, that is the left front of the horse.

horse drawing easy

With the leg already drawn, we can now configure the rest of the body. In this case we see that it is very small in proportion to the head and the width of the body itself. That is to say, it is very short. These are the characteristics of a cartoon. From this drawing, you can then add different details to make your own cartoon: it can be a very long and very thin body, where the ribs are marked, for example, or have very long legs, to give some examples that You could apply in your horse drawings.

Drawings of complete horses

horse drawing

We will continue with our drawings of horses until they are completed because there is little left. Now we are going to make the hind leg. In this case, look carefully at the shape, because that is what any quadruped is not drawn correctly and the results are quite ugly. The hind leg, as for the thigh, is as if it were in the backward direction, then down the second part straight. Practice a lot with this detail until it turns out natural, because that will help you make other animals, such as dogs.

how to draw a horse for beginners

Now we are going to do the extremities that are behind, therefore they are a little covered by the other parts. In this case we make the right front leg.

how to draw a horse for kids

Now the right rear, which completes the body parts of the horse.

how to draw a horse step by step

Now we are going to add the queue, in which you can also take the licenses you want to make your cartoon more fun. You can put in your drawing of the horse one or several ties, or any other decoration that you can think of to make the drawing of the horse more attractive.

how to draw a horse easy

Here you can see our finished horse drawing in all its shape and figure, now we just need to add the color.

How to draw a horse and painting

how to draw a horse

In the color of our horse drawings we also have full freedom to do what we want. Here I show you a way to paint it, but that doesn’t necessarily have to be that way. You can color it as you want.

You were wondering how to draw an easy horse step by step, and here you have it in two ways: in video or in images to do it as you see fit. Undoubtedly it is an easy drawing of horses, so with a little practice, you can surely make a very nice one.

Drawings of different horses

horse drawing

It is good, although we are doing digital drawing, that before we make a sketch of what we are going to draw. Some people make their own sketch already in digital, but sometimes it is good to try to do it in pencil first to get a clear idea of ​​where we are going with our horse drawing.

horse drawing easy

On the internet I found this beautiful drawing that I liked very much. It is a horse that is taking a leap, and is very well accomplished.

horse pictures to draw

In this case we jump to a horse cartoon drawing. The head is huge with respect to the body, and also the expression of mischievousness on the face is priceless. It is a beautiful cartoon of a horse that could quietly be part of an animation.

sea horse drawing

A horse drawing but more artistic. It’s also something I found on the internet and I don’t know if it’s done in digital drawing or it’s a drawing made with Chinese ink. The point is that it has a lot of quality. These are the typical images that look great to make a decorative vinyl in your living room, or to print it on a t-shirt.

simple horse drawing

Here we do have a digital drawing of horses, and I’m very funny because it looks like the typical horse masks that are out there. With that big eye it is very funny.

horse face drawing

Here I have put this image for fun. It is a horse looking straight ahead, and with a great gesture.

horse pencil drawing

Do you dare to guess what movie this image is? The foreground is for the horse.

cute horse drawings

This pony drawing is very funny too. The pose is already funny, since it is sitting as if it were a dog. But the eyes that come out of the sides of the head and the huge hair it has makes a very nice drawing.

horse jumping drawing

This other can enter among the drawings of children’s horses. It is a horse drawing that is rounded in all its parts, with a head that looks like a balloon. It gives the impression of being an inflatable horse.

how to draw a cute horse

Another artistic horse, only with black lines, which achieves an extraordinary effect.

easy way to draw a horse

We return to the cartoons with the drawings of horses. This horse seems to be left over.

spirit horse drawing

This other horse is very happy. It is a very good cartoon too.

how to draw a horse easy

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How to draw a unicorn – Unicorn drawing

Many want to learn how to draw a unicorn, and in this article I will bring you a step-by-step process so that you learn to make one very easy.

Unicorn drawings are in vogue today. They are used to decorate all kinds of items, such as cups, t-shirts, key chains.

How to draw a unicorn easy

how to draw a unicorn

In the image above you have the unicorn that we will learn to draw. It is the head of a unicorn that seems to boast its beauty.

It is a nice drawing, which can be colored as everyone wants, depending on what you are going to use it for.

* Step 1 of the unicorn

how to draw a unicorn girl

We start by making the profile of the unicorn’s head. Here the reality is that you have to copy the shape as it is, because it is not a definite geometric shape. It is a kind of an 8 upside down, but it is not complete.

* Step 2 of the unicorn drawing

how to draw a cute unicorn easy

In this second step of how to draw a unicorn, we will make more details inside the head. We draw what would be the nose hole, the eye closed and with nice eyelashes, and finally we will make the ear on the top of the head.

* Step 3 of the unicorn head

how to draw a unicorn easy

In this new step, we are going to do some mane, but only because it is the one that is ahead of the horn. The horn is the other element we do in this step. We are already seeing the shape of the unicorn.

* Step 4 finishing the unicorn

how to draw a unicorn step by step

And we finish the drawing of the unicorn doing the rest of the mane. The interesting thing is to make different strands, so that you can paint it with bright colors, as you saw that I painted it. The unicorn is always related to the rainbow, and these colors are the ones that can be used. It is a nice drawing that you can use in your own gift cards.

Drawings of pretty unicorns

I already made a mini tutorial for you to learn how to draw a unicorn drawing. But there are many ways in which you can draw drawings of unicorns. Now I’m going to put several drawings of very beautiful unicorns, which you can download for free, so you can use them in your greeting cards or as you like.

unicorn drawing

We start with the list of drawings of unicorns with this cute work for babies. It is a beautiful drawing to decorate a children’s room with vinyl for example. It is a unicorn that fell asleep on top of the moon.

unicorn girl drawing

And continuing with the children’s drawings, here I bring you this other drawing of a unicorn, reminiscent of the carousel horses. It seems to have the same pose, but with those big bright eyes it gives a touch of tenderness that fills.

unicorn drawing easy

Here we have one more cartoon unicorn. As always, in the tail and in the mane highlights the color that always surrounds a unicorn, but with the features of the face, especially the eyes and the shape of the head we have a typical cartoon drawing.

simple unicorn drawing

Another cartoon of a unicorn. The huge bright eyes give a lot of sympathy to this drawing. It seems to be a little unicorn that is sitting on the floor in a loving attitude. It is a nice example of our painted unicorn drawings to give away.

More drawings of painted unicorns

how to draw a baby unicorn

Here we have one of the typical drawings of kawaii unicorns. The eyes are characteristic of this type of drawing. It is a pose similar to the previous drawing, but these features make one drawing and the other totally different.

cute unicorn drawi

In this other drawing, our unicorn appears even more colorful. The good thing about painting these fantastic animals is that we can do it as we please, because nobody can say that it is not. Everyone can paint it as they imagine. And this children love, the freedom to do something as they want.

unicorn cartoon drawing

A baby unicorn that seems to be a little scared is the one we have in this other drawing. It is a very beautiful model, as we said in the first drawing, to use in the decoration of children’s rooms or in elements that are for babies, such as a body or a bib.

draw so cute unicorn girl

Before we talked about kawaii drawings of unicorns, and here we have another model of that style. Here we can see that the ears are different, they almost resemble those of cats, just as the unicorn’s snout also looks different, smaller. The tail also has a hairy tip as if it were a lion, with the typical colors with which we paint the unicorns.

draw so cute unicorn

Now we have a rockstar unicorn. It is a beautiful drawing of a unicorn with huge sunglasses, and stars all over the body, which make it very nice. Surely you will love painting this drawing.

how do you draw a unicorn

And in this other drawing, the meaning changes a bit. Here it is no longer about the drawings of unicorns, but it is a girl, who wears a unicorn pajamas. It is a beautiful drawing to decorate elements of a young girl.

Unicorns coloring pages

All these colored drawings that I put to you, were for you to print and use on cards or any gift you want to make. But for children, who love to paint and color, now I will bring the same drawings but no color. You can download, print and color them however you want. You could even learn to draw these unicorns, little by little you will see that you will get it.

how to draw a cartoon unicorn
cute unicorn pictures to draw
unicorn drawin tumblr
unicorn donuts to draw
draw so cute unicorn cat
drawing of unicorn easy
step by step how to draw a unicorn heat
dog unicorn drawing
unicorn simple drawing
unicorn cake drawing

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How to draw a star – Star drawing easy

you are a star
Before I show you how to draw a star, I am going to bring you a gift that you will like.
The image that you can see next to this text is a gift card. You are a star!!!
Download in high resolution below.

I’m going to start this article quickly telling you how to draw a star. There may be many star shapes, but the one we are going to see here is how to make a five-pointed star.

how to draw a star

This is the result of the 5-pointed star that we are going to draw. It’s very simple. You will see that in a few steps we will have it ready.

* Step 1 – The beggining

easy star

We start with a horizontal line, in what will be approximately the top third of the star.

* Step 2

how to draw a 5 points star

Keep in mind that we are going to be able to do this stroke with a single stroke. The second line starts from the top down to the left.

* Step 3 – Getting to the extreme

how to draw a star step by step

Now we reach the tip of the star. In this way we already see the totality of the size it will occupy.

* Step 4 – Mirror

how to draw

In this step we go down again making a mirror line with the one we just did in the previous step.

* Step 5 – How to draw a star – Finished

drawing tutorials

We join the end of the previous line with the point where we start the star and voila. We have it finished. I hope you liked the star drawing. but be prepared because the article does not end here, but I am going to give you much more.

Star drawing for gift cards

beautiful star drawing

Surely you will love the drawings of cartoon stars. In the image above you can see a blue star that is very happy and with one eye closed, by way of greeting. The eyes of this cartoon are made in manga style

draw stars app

This other cartoon is very nice, with two wide eyes, but they are characterized because they are very far apart, which makes a curious gesture to the face.

draw star

In this star drawing, the style is totally different. We can see it as a star or as a stain, and very simple and expressive results can be achieved.

draw me a star
how to draw a star
star lord drawing
how to draw a 3d star

Starfish drawings – Beautiful star drawings

star drawing pictures

Starfish made cartoon characters can be very nice. In this first case you have a nice smiling star.

how to draw a devil star

This other starfish has a face of thinking about something evil. Hopefully it doesn’t do anything bad to us, hahahaha

little star drawing

Now you have those same starfish drawings ready to be colored by you. You can print them several times and make your starfish of different colors to decorate your room.

perfect star drawing

Christmas star drawings

christmas star

At Christmas the stars have a lot of prominence. In the Christmas tree they are at the top, being very important. That’s why you have a nice star drawing here, so you can use it on your Christmas cards. Soon I will be adding other Christmas stars.

how to draw a perfect star

And if you want the star to color it yourself here I leave it in line drawing, so you can do as you want.

Star coloring pages

This section is dedicated especially for children. Surely they will love to color those beautiful star drawings you saw so far. That’s why here you will find a good list of drawings to color.

star line drawing

We start with a kawaii star drawing. It is a nice star drawing, in which he is winking.

star drawing

This other star drawing seems to have life. It seems that the star is walking and waving with his arms. It seems to be something like a handkerchief, with a very nice face.

sea star drawing

This star has a comic character image, with its big feet and round hands. For some reason he is scared. A nice drawing to paint.

north star drawing

In this other drawing we see a laughing star but his face seems to be a bit evil. This is because of the shape of the eyebrows and their thickness.

easy star drawing

Quite the opposite of the previous occurs with this other star. He seems to be the typical character of the series a bit fat and good-natured. He has eyes that seem to be in love and is very pretty.

draw a star in indesign

5-pointed star drawing

moon and stars drawing

Now we see the 5-pointed star that we learned to draw in the colored tutorial. As you can see here I have made it multicolored, but I also leave it without color, so if you want it you can paint it as you want.

how do you draw a star

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Owl drawing – How to draw an owl

directed drawing owl

The owl drawings that we are going to show you here are so you can print and color your owls, or so that you can guide yourself and learn how to draw an easy owl.

We are always talking about digital drawing, that is, drawings made with different computer software, but that can also be drawn in pencil. In the case of the drawing that you can see above, it is a drawing of an owl made with Adobe Ilustrator, which achieves a very good quality drawing in black and white. Anyway you could also color in Illustrator or Photoshop to give another way to finish our drawing.

Printable owl drawings

owl drawing step by step

We continue with our owl drawings to print and color. In this case it is also a nice drawing to learn how to draw an owl, since it is made from simple shapes.

You must start by making a large egg, and at the bottom you make two parallel lines, which will be the branch where the owl is perched. Then you make three rectangles with the rounded tips corresponding to the claws of each leg.

From there you can already make the details of the face: two large circles above, each with another circle inside, painted black. So you will have your eyes, and between them you make the beak. Then you make that kind of fin on the head, above the eyes, which will contribute in the final result to resemble an owl drawing.

Finally, make the two bows on both sides of the original egg, what are the owl’s wings, and finally you add those U shapes on the chest, which represent the plumage, and voila: we have a beautiful owl drawing.

More owls coloring pages

easy owl

Here is another easy owl drawing. It is a nice drawing to learn how to make another model of owl, or you print it and you can color it to your liking.

easy pictures of owls to draw

Here we have among the drawings of easy owls, a totally different model. In this case the body is made almost like a chick. The interesting thing is that it is completely made with simple shapes, so it is very easy to copy. It is one of the most fun and friendly children’s owl drawings you can find.

how do you draw a owl

Here we have an owl drawing very similar to one seen before, but with a little more development. In this case the feathers have been made, which gives the impression of having much more development, being that only a small detail has been added. The same will happen when you color it, it will seem that you have worked much more than you have actually done.

Funny owls drawings

how to draw an easy owl step by step

Now I’m going to put a good battery of owls drawing for coloring. The idea is that they are funny drawings, for me they are. I hope you think the same. I start with this drawing of an owl that seems to be laughing.

cool drawings of owls

A typical owl drawing on top of a tree branch. You can see this drawing here in black and white, ready to color. Later you can see it colored.

how to draw owl step by step for kids

This other owl drawing is also ready to color and then you can see it painted. It is a special drawing for the little ones to color, since it has so many parts that they can have a lot of fun making their color mixtures in each owl area.

simple owl

This other owl drawing is quite different from the ones we were seeing before. It is an almost line drawing, where there is very little detail. In addition to being able to color this drawing, it is a good option for young children to try to copy, that is, to learn how to draw, since it is very simple.

how to draw an animated owl

This other owl is very funny, since he is winking. The shapes of the eyelashes make it very attractive to paint.

Black and white owls drawings

draw the owl

The list of black and white owl drawings is going to be quite long. They are drawings that are ready to color, as is the case of the one above. In this, in addition to the owl, you have a branch, leaves and a flower, so the elements to be painted are several more. A nice drawing for children to enjoy the pleasure of painting, while learning to use their pencils.

how do you draw a owl step by step

This owl is staring. It is a drawing in a more cubist style, but for that matter it is a good model to paint.

owl eyes drawing

This is another drawing model that, in addition to being able to color, is easy to draw. The easy drawings I put on you are so that children can start making their copies of drawings. If they start with very difficult drawings, they may get bored soon and leave it. On the other hand, if they do it with simple drawings like this, they will do it quickly and that will encourage them to keep trying.

owl drawings in color

Here I leave you another typical line drawing similar to one you had before, only with a change of position.

owl drawing

And on this side I leave this drawing that is a little more worked. It is a cute coloring page.

Colored owls drawings

easy way to draw an owl

Some of the drawings that I had already put in black and white before, in this case I will put them already colored by me. Remember that they are digital drawing, that is, they are made on the computer. These colored drawings are for people who want to advance further in their level of illustration, so you have an idea of ​​what can be done.

how to draw an owl easy

These drawings of colored owls that I leave you are made with the same method, although they can be done in many ways. In my case I have drawn the original with Ilustrator, and then color it in Photoshop. Everything can be done in one program, but I wanted to combine the advantages of both for these drawings.

how to draw a owl step by step

This other owl is also done as I commented in the previous paragraph. When carefully drawn and painted, very good results are achieved. These types of drawings can be suitable for illustration, or for use in certain merchandising products.

More drawings to paint owls

owl drawing easy

I’m going to put a few more owl drawings on you so you have many options to paint your drawings. Remember that they are all free. All I want to ask you is to share our page on your social networks so that other people can also meet us.

realistic owl drawing
how to draw an owl
owl face drawing
how to draw an owl for kids
how to draw a realistic owl
how to make an owl
how to draw a owl realistic

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