How to draw a realistic eye

Surely you have come this far because you are interested in knowing how to draw a realistic eye in pencil. Although a priori it seems to be a very difficult drawing to achieve, it is not so much. So, to encourage you, I bring you this step-by-step tutorial, as well as the video so that … Leer más

Turtle drawing – How to draw a turtle

In this article I bring you a good collection of my pencil turtle drawings. I love the cartoons of animals, because you can make them live as if they were people, with expressions and gestures. That’s why we will be incorporating funny turtle drawings for you to enjoy. Here I start with the collection with … Leer más

Kawaii drawings – How to draw kawaii

Kawaii drawings are very cute drawings, which always have common characteristics. In this article I will show you a good list of kawaii drawings to color, all made in pencil, so you can download and print them to color as you like. Surely our list of drawings you will love. Kawaii pencil drawings Kawaii drawings … Leer más

Butterfly drawing – How to draw a butterfly

How beautiful are the butterflies !!! It’s funny, because most people don’t like worms, but when you turn into a butterfly, the feeling changes. That’s why I bring you these butterfly drawings to color, so you can enjoy it, putting all the color you want to this butterfly pencil drawing by me. This first drawing … Leer más