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How to draw a realistic eye

how to draw a realistic eye

Surely you have come this far because you are interested in knowing how to draw a realistic eye in pencil. Although a priori it seems to be a very difficult drawing to achieve, it is not so much. So, to encourage you, I bring you this step-by-step tutorial, as well as the video so that you can enjoy it and do it slowly. In this way they will achieve very good results in a short time.

Video of how to draw an eye

I’m going to start with the tutorial in video format, so that first of all you see it from end to end. In this way you will have the whole picture of the development of the drawing, and incidentally several parts will be memorized. But there is never anything in the head. So, once you see the video, you can see the step by step that I will put below so that you can see it, and when something is not clear to you, you put the video back and you are watching. Regarding the video, you would help me a lot if you subscribe to my channel, and so you will see all the tutorials that I upload.

Step by step tutorial to draw the eye

pencil drawing of eye

I hope you have watched the video well. Now I am going to show you step by step the path you must follow.

First, to get an idea of ​​the scale you are going to work with, you have to make a circle. The diameter of the circle is going to be approximately the total length of your eye.

If you are a beginner in drawing, it may not be easy for you to make a circle by hand. Nothing happens either starting with instruments. In other words, you can start your eye by drawing a circle with the compass.

– Starting to trace eye

beautiful eye drawing

After the circle, you have to continue making a straight line that goes a little lower than the center of the circle. That line is going to be the axis of your eye drawing.

From there you can start drawing what will be the eye contour, following the shape more or less as you see in the drawing above. This shape is quite modifiable, because each eye has a different shape. The one I have made is drawn without any reference. You can take a photo of an eye as a reference to make your base trace. Do not forget that the shape is not symmetrical, since on one side you have the tear, which protrudes outside the circle you made at the beginning.

– Completing eye drawing

my eye drawing

When you have the previous step completed, you can erase the lines that you put of reference, in such a way that the drawing goes clean.

From there you have to finish assembling the base of the drawing. The first thing you are going to do is the circle of the iris of the eye, that is, the part of color that has an eye. For you to have a reference, it is approximately half the total length of the eye removing the tear. That is, you can draw a line under the eye from the inside of the tear to the opposite side of the eye. You mark half, and half of each half. These last two marks will be the diameter of your iris.

Once you have the iris, you must make the pupil, which is the black part of the eye. It is a concentric circle with the previous one, and the size can be variable. If you observe the behavior of an eye, you will see that it is like a camera: depending on whether more or less light enters it, the pupil is smaller or larger.

In addition to this, you will draw, as you see in my drawing, an area that will be a sparkle in the eye, which later helps your drawing to acquire great realism.

Start coloring eye drawing

how to draw a eye easy

Until the previous step we practically finished the drawing phase, adding a line above the eye that will be the crease of the eye, and another line near the bottom edge of the eye.

Hence what follows is to start giving it realism through the shading of the different areas. This is where you have to practice a lot to get good results. You will have a good drawing when you are able to make color surfaces of different intensities, and especially when you can create very smooth and subtle gradients, since that is what you see in reality.

At the beginning of the coloring, we begin by painting the pupil with a strong black, with a small area a little lighter, since this way we are going to achieve a gloss effect on it.

– Shading iris of eye

excelent drawing

We start working with the iris. A smooth layer should be made as even as possible. Always a little scratched. With more practice, it is smoother. Anyway you can use a blur to make everything more even. If you don’t have a smudger, you can do it with your own finger or even with a little paper or cotton.

On youtube you can see tutorials also to make home blurrs.

Going back to our drawing, once you have an even base, you start creating gradients with the darkest part towards the outer edge of the iris.

– Completing the iris

very cute drawing

The rest of the iris work can be done in different ways. I tell you what I did in this case: first I have created a kind of rounded star around the pupil, and then I have been creating spots inside that star. Then I have made some spots on the outside and reinforced the darkness on the outside of the iris. Another way to make the iris is directly with concentric lines of different intensity.

– Continuing with the eye

how to draw a eye step by step

With the iris finished, we are going to finish the inner part of the eye. To do this we start with the lacrimal, which consists of areas of light and shadow as you can see in the illustration above. After this you start to paint what would be the white part of the eye. You have to give it a very soft tone, being darker towards the ends. This will give realism to the eye, since we will perceive a rounded shape, just as the eye is in reality. We also have to think that the eyelid is separated from the eye, so it shades the eye on the inside. So we will be marking that shadow inside the eye produced by the eyelid.

Draw outside of eye

pencil drawing

Now we are going to advance on the external part of the eye. We begin by painting the entire exterior area smoothly and as evenly as possible, so that it serves as a basis for the next job.

drawing eye

Then we will highlight the crease of the eye. Here we also have to demonstrate skill in working gradients. The fold is not a sharp line, but a dark area that gradually clears up and down. That line, in the area that goes to the tear, becomes a couple of wrinkles that contribute to the realism of the final image.

how to draw a eye

Next thing is to do the same job in the lower eye area. We also have to work with gradients to give an impression of roundness in the part under the lower eyelid, with well-marked wrinkles.

how to draw a crawing eye

Last step is the placement of the eyelashes. In the case of my drawing, you could put many more, that is, leave the eyelash area more populated, but there you can see the final result of the drawing.

I encourage you to practice a lot. I already tell you that it is difficult for you to get it right the first time, but in the drawing, patience is the most important thing.

Tell me in the comments how the drawing turned out, and I invite you to continue visiting the page in Pencil Drawing to see many other interesting tutorials.

Turtle drawing – How to draw a turtle

In this article I bring you a good collection of my pencil turtle drawings. I love the cartoons of animals, because you can make them live as if they were people, with expressions and gestures. That’s why we will be incorporating funny turtle drawings for you to enjoy.

turtle drawing cute

Here I start with the collection with one of the funniest pencil turtle drawings. It is a typical cartoon with a huge head, that if we think about it rationally we say that it is impossible for him to enter that shell. And in addition to that the expression of the face speaks to us of tranquility, something that we can blame a turtle for the slowness with which it moves. It is an example of how beautiful turtle cartoons can be.

turtle images drawing

Here you have an easy turtle drawing. There are practically two semicircles: the minor will be the head, where we put the eye and make a form for the mouth. The largest semicircle is the shell with some circles that represent the textures of the shell, and then the legs and the tail are made. An easy way to draw turtle drawings for coloring.

Turtle: Coloring page

turtle drawing step by step

Turtle drawing that I put to you to color are very funny and of very different styles. They are all pencil drawings made by me, so you can print them completely for free, and color as you like.

Among the ways I like to make the drawings of animals is in cartoon style as is this drawing that you have above. In the cartoon the important thing is the exaggeration of some parts. In the case of this drawing you can see a head so large that it is impossible for it to enter that shell.

In addition the cartoon allows you to make expressions in an animal that in real life does not have it, as is the case with the laugh of this turtle.

how do you draw a turtle

In this other drawing I wanted to make one of a style for the little ones, where the shapes are simple, with circles and ovals, to make the whole drawing. The detail of the bow on the head indicates that it is a girl.

sea turtle drawing easy

I also bring the drawings of sea turtles in the form of a cartoon, like this one that looks very excited.

running turtle

A little humor in this other cartoon of a turtle. It is known that turtles are the slowest animals there are. In this drawing we have an all sweaty turtle running at full speed. In addition, this cartoon allows us to transform a quadruped to run on two legs, as if it were a person.

tortuga cabeza grande

This other image gives us a very cute cartoon of a turtle. Through his eye and his mouth, the feeling is that it is a small turtle. Here the exaggeration of the head with respect to the rest of the body is greater. The bigger it gets, the funnier the drawing is.

baby turtle

We see that not only the head can be exaggerated when you draw a turtle. In this case the legs become thick that look like elephant legs. The smile in any type of drawing gives sympathy to the image.

turtle drawing images

Cartoons of turtles

pictures of turtle to draw

The shapes of the head can be varied from different classes. In this case, the big eyes are no longer of the typical round shape, but are in a kind of triangle with rounded tips. Also the appearance of the tongue inside the smiling mouth leads us to think about the cartoons that can be seen on television.

baby turtle drawing

A very nice baby turtle. In this drawing I also did a small work of shading so that the result is a little more advanced.

step by step turtle drawing

This drawing of a turtle sitting holding a poster, I have put it for you to print it and you can use it any way you want. For example you could make cards to congratulate someone, and on the poster you put a message, such as congratulations, or happy birthday.

how to draw a sea turtle

Sea turtles can also be very nice when we do them in cartoons. Here we have one that goes swimming, and looking sideways.

simple turtle drawing

Another drawing that can be used to make love cards, since the shell marks in this case are hearts. This can also give you other ideas to make your own drawings with different motives.

cartoon turtle drawing

The gesture of this turtle seems to be a bit distracted, or innocent. It is a special drawing for younger children, with those circles in the shell, which they can paint with different colors, as they like.

turtle cartoon drawing

Another funny scene is this sea turtle that goes swimming very happily. This drawing has the ability to convey the mood, and we even imagine how fun it is swimming, with the movement of all four legs at the same time.

how to draw a turtle easy

Nice turtle drawings

cute turtle drawing

This turtle is very cute. It is the first thing you think. Then you start to see what makes it so tender and basically it’s the eyelashes and the shape of the mouth. Just a few well-made elements can make a very good cartoon.

turtle drawing easy

This drawing is very nice, but it does not have the same development from the point of view of the drawing. It is a style for the little ones, who interpret simple forms better.

sea turtle drawing

Another sea turtle in a cartoon with exaggeration of the head, and a shape that could very well be that of a parrot.

how to draw a turtle
turtle drawing

Enjoy a lot with this collection of turtle drawings to color. I will gradually add more drawings, not only here, but throughout the web, where I recommend you look more.

Look at this:

Kawaii drawings – How to draw kawaii

Kawaii drawings are very cute drawings, which always have common characteristics.

In this article I will show you a good list of kawaii drawings to color, all made in pencil, so you can download and print them to color as you like. Surely our list of drawings you will love.

Kawaii pencil drawings

pictures of cute kawaii

Kawaii drawings have become very famous for some time now. It is a drawing style that comes from Japan.

The word kawaii can mean cute or cute. Hence, in Japan, kawaii is not only a way of drawing, but rather that it is a lifestyle. So you can find kawaii clothes, or kawaii toys.

In the West, the word kawaii has become popular thanks to the penetration of anime and manga into our culture.

Within the kawaii design, there are some characters that are very famous. Perhaps one of the best known at all levels is Hello Kitty.

kawaii drawings coloring pages

In this image that you can see above, we clearly see a scene from the famous video game of the comecocos. What happens is that it is made with kawaii style. And what gives this style? Basically the huge eyes of PacMan, with great brightness too, which also happens in the eyes of the ghost.

Features of kawaii drawing

easy kawaii drawings

Characteristics of the kawaii drawing characters have their own characteristics. In general you can say that they are simple characters, with huge eyes that are what give that image of tender. In general, the appearance of a kawaii character has to be innocent.

In the drawing above you can clearly see those characteristics. It is a pinmgüino where the body is as simple as it is a perfect oval, with small simple elements that complete it: the wings, the legs, the chest, the mouth. And above all the big eyes with the huge glitters.

cute kawaii drawings

The same goes for this owl drawing. Keep in mind that these drawings are to be colored. Once they are painted, especially the black part of the eyes, there will increase the effect of tenderness that these characters convey.

How to make kawaii drawings

kawaii drawing step by step

Now I have put a whale also in kawaii style. If you want to know how to make kawaii drawings, here is a good example.

You have to start by making a perfect circle, which will become as if it were the head of the whale. From there, you make the whale’s tail, proportionally much smaller than the head. On the sides of the circle you place the fins and finally you put inside the circle the huge eyes with the corresponding brightness and a mouth, to have your kawaii drawing ready.

kawaii food drawing

The good thing about this type of drawing is that you can give kawaii style to anything. Here is an example of a pizza.

To make this drawing you just have to make a triangle, rounding the base. Then you make a parallel of the base, to form the edge of the pizza. You make the classic big eyes and a mouth. Finally you put the elements that make pizza, which will go to your liking. In my drawing there are capuni and some pickles. Ready, we already have our kawaii drawing.

Kawaii animals drawings

kawaii drawings

Kawaii drawings are perhaps the best way to introduce children to drawing. Because the main feature is to simplify the drawings, drawing in this style is the easiest for the little ones.

Making drawings of kawaii animals can be a very fun activity, and you can get very nice and cute drawings, such as the little lion we have on the top.

how to draw kawaii animals

This drawing is one of the friendliest and simplest you can find in this article. It is very funny because there are not many elements, however it is clearly a pig that is lying on the ground. Few elements are necessary to make it clear that it is a pig, such as the nose and the shape of the head.

how to draw kawaii

And for simplified drawings, there is no like this frog head. From the two huge eyes, all we have is a single stroke that forms the frog’s head, and a smiling mouth. He doesn’t have the drawing anymore, but he doesn’t need more. It is very clear what it represents.

kawaii animal to draw

We finish with this image this list of kawaii drawings of animals, in this case with a little more development.

Kawaii drawings of common elements

how to draw kawaii food

The good thing about drawing pictures is that we can give life to anything. All the elements of everyday life, inanimate objects, can come to life through our drawings.

This is the case of this cupcake that we see in the drawing. It is a rich cupcake with a strawberry on top, which has big eyes and a mouth.

Here it is best to paint it, because that is where the drawing will be appreciated.

kawaii things to draw

We all had a coffee or coffee with milk in the morning, and had a nice time. And what would happen if the cup were as nice as the one in this drawing?

Here we have a cup drawn in kawaii style, with big and nice eyes, smiling.

kawaii drawing ideas

The popcorn, which is in its package is also transformed into kawaii drawings. To make these drawings you need only a pencil, a rubber and a notebook. From there it is only your imagination that can limit you in what you can draw. Dare to make your own kawaii drawings. To start what you can do is color the ones you have on this page, then you are encouraged to draw them, until you are encouraged to make your own drawings.

how to draw kawaii drawings

Have you ever thought that plants are alive? Maybe yes, because that is always said. You have to water them so they don’t die, talk to them so they grow. But what you have not imagined is that they can look at you or even talk to you. Through kawaii drawings this is possible. In the drawing above you have a cactus in a very nice small pot, with its huge eyes, and a bow on the head, which tells us that it is a small cactus. It is an easy drawing for you to be encouraged to do it yourself.

kawaii easy drawings

Be careful that the rain is coming, and nothing less than in a kawaii cloud. Here you can see how an element of nature very easy and simple can be transformed into a kawaii drawing.

hearth kawaii

Kawaii drawings can also be elements used for love. You can make your own cards to give to that person you like with drawings of this style. Here is an example of that. It is a winged heart, which has very large eyes and a smiling mouth. From this drawing you can make any number of images of love drawings in kawaii style.

Other kawaii animals

how to draw a kawaii cat

We continue with some examples of kawaii animals. In this image we see a very lazy cat, lying on the floor and watching closely. We see that the cat is made with very simple and simple strokes, so that it is of the style.

kawaii animal drawings

Here you have a panda bear, only in your head. As it is not colored, it is not known for sure what kind of bear it is. If you paint the ears, the nose and the large part of the eyes black, you see that it is a panda.

Pretty images to color

kawaii anime drawings

Ghosts are often elements that are used to be scary, however this can change when we make kawaii ghosts. In the drawing above you have a ghost with its tongue out, laughing and winking. Therefore we have created a nice ghost.

kawaii drawings cute

Now we see that it is a ghost. The sex change is clear because it has a bow on the head, and in the eyes that are smiling the eyelashes come out. The mouth is small and you can see the tongue.

Kawaii emoticons

kawaii drawings easy

Emoticons are already part of our life. In whatsapp or any other application, these graphics have been transformed into a way to convey the different emotions. Laughter, anger, sadness and many other things we can say through these drawings.

Now, if we draw them, we can make some kawaii emoticons. In the one above, we have the typical yellow faces, in this case with the tongue out and winking.

whatsapp drawings

This other drawing is what is known as the whatsapp poop. You have also introduced the typical elements of kawaii drawings, to make it funnier.

I hope you enjoyed all these kawaii drawings. Keep looking at our website in Pencil Drawing section, because you will find articles that are going to have a lot more fun.

Like this:

Butterfly drawing – How to draw a butterfly

How beautiful are the butterflies !!! It’s funny, because most people don’t like worms, but when you turn into a butterfly, the feeling changes.

That’s why I bring you these butterfly drawings to color, so you can enjoy it, putting all the color you want to this butterfly pencil drawing by me.

cute butterfly drawing

This first drawing of butterflies made by me in pencil is a very easy drawing to draw, but that is very good for coloring, since you can give it the colors you want. It already has some drawings marked to paint, but if you want, you can add other elements inside the wings to give it a greater color.

Butterfly drawing to paint

We are going to make a good list of butterfly drawings, so you can paint your drawings with some butterflies that are easy to draw and color.

butterfly line drawing

If it’s easy drawings of butterflies, surely this will be one that takes the palm. It is a different drawing style, unreal, as there are parts that are not attached to the rest. It is clear that the wings are separated from the body, which in turn is separated from the head. But it’s the beauty of the drawings, that we can blow the imagination. The important thing is that the butterfly is recognizable.

Just as the butterfly drawing is very original, you can also be original when painting the butterflies.

butterfly drawing step by step

A beautiful pencil drawing butterfly is the one you have up here. He has a very nice face, and also makes it special because of the shoes he has, and the gloves on his hands. It is a beautiful butterfly drawing for coloring.

butterfly pencil drawing

This drawing is very easy to copy. You can learn to draw a butterfly from this drawing. It is very simple. You just have to copy the lines you see here one by one and then color it. If you don’t dare to draw it, don’t worry. You print this drawing and start painting it to your liking.

butterfly drawings with pencil

In this other butterfly drawing the face it has is very funny. Those eyes with droopy eyelids give a feeling of being a bit over and that makes it attractive. The drawing of the body of the butterfly is different from all that we saw before. Here it looks more like a worm than the previous drawings. On the wings it has enough different spaces, so you can color it in a beautiful way, with a great variety of different colors.

butterfly drawing outline

Here we have a butterfly drawing that is believed to have a great physique. He is in a typical posture of a person doing weights in a gym. The funny thing is that the arms seem to be wires. As for the wings of the butterfly, there are different forms and different parts, ideal to make a work of art with your colored pencils painting these beautiful drawings of butterflies.

butterfly wings drawing

This butterfly also has a large area to put many colors on its wings. Circles, some drops, some hearts, some elongated surfaces, all ready for you to put your favorite colors. Even in the body of the butterfly you can make a beautiful painting since it is very subdivided by the rings, which will allow you to paint it as you want.

Drawings to draw: butterflies

butterfly drawing colour

Surely if you came here it is because you are looking for butterfly drawings to color. But I’m going to propose something else. Here I will bring you a list of drawings to draw butterflies. It’s about funny butterfly drawings that you can draw. That way you are going to let go of your hand to learn to draw your own cartoons, not only of butterflies but of what comes to mind.

simple butterfly drawing

In the previous drawing I put a funny cartoon of a butterfly, but here you have an easy drawing to make. It is a simple flying butterfly seen from above. As you can see the strokes are simple, and you can easily copy it. It is a good opportunity to start making your own easy butterfly drawings.

amazing butterfly drawings

If it’s easy drawings of butterflies, none like this. A huge circle determines the head of the butterfly where you incorporate the skunk, eyes and mouth. Above you simply draw the antennas. From there it is rest is very easy because it is a symmetrical drawing, that is to say that what you draw on one side you repeat it the same on the other. You will see how quickly you can make an easy butterfly drawing.

butterfly flying drawing

Now we are going back to the drawings of cartoon-type butterflies but in greater detail. In other words, these drawings are no longer as easy to copy, but they are very beautiful drawings for you to print and color as you want.

pencil drawings of butterflies and flowers

Here we see a drawing of a butterfly that seems to be a child. It is very nice drawing of this butterfly that is with its arms behind its back.

blue butterfly drawing

This other cartoon looks like a butterfly that is a little crazy. The big eyes plus the mouth give that feeling. It’s the good thing about cartoon drawings, that you can make different gestures and moods.

butterfly tatoo drawing

This butterfly drawing is a beautiful drawing for coloring, as it has so many different parts that many colors can be applied and leave a very pretty picture.

More butterfly drawing

butterfly drawing
butterfly drawing easy
butterfly blood draw
monarch butterfly drawing
how to draw a butterfly
how to draw a butterfly step by step
how to draw a butterfly easy

I hope you liked this article. If so, share it on your social networks, and keep watching because you will find many interesting things. For example:

Monkey drawing – How to draw a monkey – Pencil drawings

monkey drawing easy

Iujuu, what a joy to be with my drawings again. The truth is that for some time I had forgotten the page of my drawings in pencil, and here I want to return with a powerful article.

I know that the drawings of monkeys like the boys a lot, and for that reason I have prepared a good amount of drawings of monkeys easy to draw. All these drawings of monkeys that you will see here are for coloring, so you can print them and color them as you want, but you could also start to learn to draw trying to copy the drawings that I put.

This first monkey you have above is a very cute caricature of a monkey that is happy greeting the public. I thought it was the best way to start with the list of easy pencil drawings of monkeys.

Monkey drawing: coloring pages

monkey cartoon drawing

Here I have put the head of a monkey. It is one of the easiest face drawings of monkeys. It’s easy to draw it. It is as if he were looking with his eyes drooping. In the drawings of monkeys, what you have to keep in mind is always the shape of the hair around the eyes, and something very special: the ears of the monkeys.

monkey drawing for kids

The drawings of the monkeys can be of many different meanings and attitudes. In the list that I’m going to put here, are all cartoons drawings of monkeys. And even being caricatures, each one transmits something different to us. In the case of the monkey drawing that you are looking up here, what it conveys is tenderness. This cute girl gives the impression of being a very tender baby, who looks with almost watery eyes. This is produced by the brightness of the eyes, and the mouth in a gesture of not understanding completes the tender sense of the drawing.

cartoon monkey drawing

This monkey also seems to be small, although not as much as a baby like the previous one. But in this case it is not tenderness that inspires the drawing. Rather gives the feeling that this monkey is a picarón. The main feature that inspires this is the shape of the mouth, waving, added to very bright and large eyes.

These drawings are very easy to copy and learn to draw monkeys.

Cartoon funny monkeys

cute baby monkey drawings

Among the cartoons of funny monkeys, there is one that is very well known and this is what you are looking at above: it is the monkey Boots, the inseparable friend of Dora the Explorer. It is a cartoon made for the little ones, where in each chapter they are trying to fulfill some mission. Always be able to color the cartoons that children watch on TV they love it.

how to draw a monkey easy

This drawing itself is not a cartoon of funny monkeys, but it may be worth it. I hope soon to make an article with a video where I can teach you the basics so you can make your own cartoons. This monkey you’re seeing is a big gorilla with an angry face, and he looks a little like George’s friend in the Jungle. This is a very funny cartoon, where the monkey has a very important role and is one of the cartoons that I like the most.

These coloring pictures of monkeys are special for children to wear their crayons or waxes painting these drawings.

cool monkey drawings

Now I put a picture of the face of a monkey. You like? It is a very easy drawing and you can paint it as you like. Come on, go ahead and draw it.

how to draw a monkey face

This case of monkey drawing is very particular. Obviously it is not animated, because it is only a scene, but it has a gesture that transmits movement. That is clearly by the left hand, which is in a perspective in which it seems to approach the camera. This feeling of three-dimensionality gives the sensation also of movement. It is also with an explicit gesture of anger, which is strongly marked by the mouth, with clenched teeth, and eyes that demonstrate by themselves the state that has this monkey.

Monkey drawing for kids

simple monkey drawing

The drawings of children’s monkeys are special for the little ones. It is as if they felt identified with those drawings that are made in a more childlike way. Surely if you give them to choose between all the drawings that I have been showing you so far, the little ones who will like to color the most is this one.

It is a drawing with simple and fast shapes, where the body is practically a circle, arms and legs rectangles, legs and hands with simple shapes and features of the face all made with simple geometric shapes. As I said: it’s a nice drawing for the little ones, so they scratch it and paint it as they want.

baby monkey drawing

We return to the cartoons of pencil monkeys. In this case a monkey that is hanging on a branch, with a very nice face, where the impression is that he is playing happily. An image of happiness for a child also transmits peace and joy. That’s why these drawings of monkeys are best for the little ones.

how do you draw a monkey

A monkey is always synonymous with joy. That is what can be perceived of this monkey that is hanging from a branch, and it is seen that it is swinging, by the posture of the body. Undoubtedly it is a monkey that is very happy and happy playing on a branch.

how to draw a monkey

This monkey is very funny. For the face that has parce that is scared. You know what happened to him! It is a cute drawing of monkeys to color.

simple monkey drawing

A monkey that gives the appearance of being a child. This monkey is sitting on the floor holding a banana, he is very happy contemplating something that is happening. The proportions of the head, flattened and elongated in its width give it a funny sense. It also has very large ears, which accentuates its tender appearance.

cute monkey drawing

This monkey is very happy. It seems that the banana you have in your hand is your trophy. A cute drawing of monkeys to color.

happy monkey drawing

This monkey is happy. Do you like this monkey sitting? It is a very nice caricature of a monkey with big black eyes. The body is made with quick and easy strokes, where the legs and hands are not very detailed.

how to dra a monkey step by step

This monkey coloring picture is very nice. It is known that apes are very similar to humans. And when they are small it gives a great tenderness. That happens with this drawing, since it seems that the monkey is a child sitting watching something that happens at his side. The smile that betrays that he is happy.

how to draw a baby monkey

The case here is of a baby monkey drawing. It is also comparable to a very small child. It gives the impression that he still does not know how to walk. The proportion of the head so large with respect to the body, resembles rather that of a baby, and that accuses the feeling that it is a baby monkey. It is a nice drawing to paint of the ones you have in this article.

draw a monkey

Here I have put another drawing of the head of a monkey. These drawings of the head you can color, but I also put them with the intention that you learn to draw them, because they are very easy drawings to copy. In the monkey all the forms are rounded, and the drawing is quite simple.

monkey draw face

Here we see again a head of a monkey, but in this case the cute monkey is making fun, opening his mouth with his hands. The increased size of the teeth transforms into a striking monkey drawing, so go ahead and paint and color it to your liking.

monkey drawing

Another drawing of a baby monkey that is playing. In general the monkeys are very playful, and that is the case of this drawing, where it is holding hanging by its tail. It is a very tender drawing and where you can put more colors, because besides the monkey you have the branch and the leaves to color.

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Bee drawings – How to draw a bee – Pencil drawings

Bees are very nice. Bee drawings are beautiful. They are hardworking, and they give us honey, something so rich and healthy. I have prepared here a collection of drawings of bees for you to print them and put them to color as you want. I hope you like them.

bee drawings

We begin with the drawings of children’s bees. Here you have a very simple way to draw a bee, so that any child can draw it. To make this drawing, you have to start by making an oval of the size you want. The closer you get to a circle, the funnier the bee will be. Once you have the oval, you make the four curved stripes from top to bottom, whose resulting stripes will be black. At one end you make the eye and the mouth, while above you put the antennae. At the opposite end of the oval you do the sting. The next thing is to put the four legs under and above the two wings. Okay, we made a bee drawing to paint.

Drawings of easy bees to draw

how to draw a bee

You will see that you will find a long list of bee drawings. All are bees to color, because they are black and white drawn in pencil. But as is the motto of our website, what we want is that all those who like to draw, learn through each of our articles, so in this article you will find that all the drawings can be to color, but the idea is that you learn to draw. No matter how old you are, because these drawings can be made even by small children, and if you feel like 90 years old, you can have a nice time with our drawings.

Bee drawings: Bees to color

We continue with the list of cute bees to color. All are made in pencil, and very easily so you can color them to your liking.

bumble bee drawing

In this case we have a very nice bee drawing. It has very bulging eyes that make it nice and funny. It is clear that of all the drawings of our bees, most are bee caricatures, because they are the most pleasant to draw. We are fans of cartoons and cartoons, and that is what we try to capture on this website. As we are fans, we try to transmit that so that others get infected and like all the drawings we put.

queen been drawing

It was the turn of the queen bee. As it can not be otherwise, if a caricature is involved, the queen has to wear a crown. Any queen worth her salt should have a crown and our queen bee will not be the exception. In this drawing, another very comical element is the minuscule wing size, which is not understood how you can carry the weight of that bee.

Realistic bee drawings

realistic bee drawing

This is one of the few drawings of bees a little more real that I have prepared for you. All the others are cartoon type. In this drawing you can clearly see the similarity that the bee has with an ant, except for some differences. On the back it has the typical sting, and the most obvious are the wings with which it flies. Although we can also remember that there are flying ants, which also have wings.

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If you keep looking at the easydrawingseasy articles, you will find very interesting things, such as: