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In this list you will find all the articles, with drawings to color, of all the topics that you will love.


Best drawings to paint

cartoon moon drawing

Coloring page is dedicated for the little ones.

The learning of writing must be preceded by an appropriate use of colored pencils or waxes, so as to loosen the hand as preparation. From then on, you are in a position to start teaching the child the first letters.

spongebob best friends

Thinking about this, we put in this section some pictures of drawings to color, with which children can spend a fun time, like their parents, sharing a pleasant moment.

Favorite coloring pages

things to draw for christmas

Within the drawings to color, they can exist of different classes. Children are always more attracted to those cartoons they watch most frequently on television. This is how they can now prefer coloring drawings like SpongeBob and his friends, the characters of looking for Dory, the dogs of the Paw Patrol, Caillou, the characters of Pocoyo, to name a few examples.

Other coloring pages

cool christmas drawings

The idea is not only to focus on the coloring drawings of the television characters, but also we present some other more abstract coloring drawings, but with some designs that children will love, such as cats, whales , bears, and a large number of images.

Techniques you can use in coloring images

coloring pages of spongebob

On this website we show you a lot of images to color. The drawings to paint that you find here are of children’s drawings, and reasons that the kids will like very much.

If we talk about images to paint by the boys, in that case it is not necessary to talk about techniques. The children will take colored pencils, markers or whatever they have and will start painting drawings as they see fit or as they can.

christmas drawing

However, for those who want to learn to paint correctly in some techniques that you do not master, you can also use these images of drawings to paint, as reasons to practice different image painting techniques on them.

Technique of painting with colored pencils, although it seems very easy, but it is interesting to learn to color drawings correctly using painting techniques.

An interesting technique when painting with colored pencils is to do it through lines. It involves painting the image with parallel lines, thereby configuring the total surface. With this technique you can apply shading at the same time when coloring the image. In places where there are shadows, the scratch should become denser.

drawing for kiss easy

If what we want is to directly paint with colored pencils on flat surfaces, we also have to learn the use of colors. When we overlap some colors with others, we can paint the drawings with more realistic colors than the direct colors. In the case of cartoons, they usually use flat colors, but as a practice of drawing, I encourage you to try to paint the coloring drawings that we present trying to give another meaning to the final result. In this sense it is also ideal to apply the shadows to the characters, so as to give them a sense of three-dimensionality to the drawing.

To properly shade when coloring a drawing, what you should do is imagine a place from which the light comes. All the parts of the image that point to that side will be very bright. On the contrary, the areas that are on the opposite side will be in shadows. To shade the graphics, it should not always be done with black color, thinking of black as dark.

draw so cute unicorn cat

In many cases, when coloring images, it becomes much more interesting using other types of colors in the shadows. For example something that is light blue, in the shadow part paint it with dark blue or purple colors. Doing your own tests you will see that you get very interesting results.

Example of how to color a drawing

When you decide to color a drawing, you can choose different techniques. Here I show you a small video that shows how to paint a drawing using pastel oil. It is a technique that serves to make gradients in a very simple way, stretching the paint either with your finger or using a little cotton or maybe with a brush.

In the tutorial, a comic drawing by Popeye and Olivia is painted, but simply to take advantage of a drawing I had. This technique is used rather to paint portraits, landscapes.

Coloring images with marker

full moon drawing

The feeling you have is that the markers are very rough elements to color. However you can do beautiful jobs when it comes to coloring the images we want with a marker.

One of the most interesting techniques that can be applied to color images with a pen is called pointillism. It is a painting technique in which, as the name implies, it is painted by means of the succession of dots with the markers according to the colors that we wish to apply.

fish drawing easy

It is a very laborious technique, we will not cheat. It takes a lot of patience to paint making dots, but the results are very satisfactory. In a similar way to the technique through parallel stripes that I explained before, the density of the points will vary according to the clarity of the area. If you are painting an area where the light hits directly, the dots will be far apart. While in the area that is in shadows, the points will go very close together, and it would surely be a good idea to combine them with other colors darker than the original.

These are basic ideas, so you use techniques to color the images. Within our website we will show you different tutorials to learn more about drawing and coloring.

Animal drawings to color

fish coloring

In general these are children’s drawings to color, with very easy shapes, with drawings to color and print in a simple way.

spirit horse drawing

For those children who are a little older, the challenge is that they can copy the drawings, and thus learn to draw.

We have also thought about adult coloring drawings, with some more developed images, such as flower drawings to color. There you can find drawings of roses for example, which are more developed and always with explanations that will help you paint your drawings in more realistic ways.

Famous Coloring Pages

easy draw

TV coloring pages

top cat to coloring

For children, television cartoons are very important. That’s why if they have the opportunity to paint and color the TV cartoons they will surely have a great time. An example of what I am telling you can be SpongeBob and all his friends, who are so famous today.

spngebob and friends