Anime drawings – How to draw anime

The term Anime includes all types of animation, whether in a traditionally done style with hand drawings, or in the most modern way it is through computer works, which come from Japan. Anime drawings are a means of cultural expression that in Japan is constantly expanding. It is aimed absolutely at all audiences, for which there are the classifications that they share with manga drawing, which are also comic strips of great impact on Japanese culture.

How to draw anime – Cool anime drawing

how to draw anime characters step by step

When faced with the question of how to make anime drawings, the answer can be very broad, as broad as the cultural concept of this art form.

If we talk about what animation is, the characteristic is the expression called in the plane, the suspended time, the recurrent appearance of historical or even mythological characters. As for the plot of the stories, they contain a huge thematic breadth and with a complex narrative. From the point of view of aesthetics, it shares the same characteristics with the manga drawing: the characters with the characteristic very large and oval eyes, straight hairs with protruding tips, very small noses, very stylized bodies.

how to draw anime characters step by step

In anime drawings, mouths are usually rather small, except when they have to make grandiloquent expressions. In the animation the movements of the lips are minimal. Another feature if you want to know how to make anime is in the application of a lot of color and very striking.

easy anime sketches

A large number of anime drawings are structured as television series, in which there are a certain number of chapters in which a rather complex plot is generally developed. In the 70s, anime was differentiated from what western animation was: while it was specializing for a children’s audience, anime dealt with ever deeper issues such as existentialism, sacrifice, love. This led to the appearance of scenes that would not be admitted in Western animation.

Love anime drawing – Anime drawing easy

anime easy sketch

Anime love drawing is one of the characteristic themes. Most of the series that are made of anime have an emotional character, within which allusions to love cannot be lacking. In addition, other types of interpersonal relationships appear, such as friendship or family.

anime pencil easy drawings

Anime girl drawing

simple anime drawings

In the design of the characters, the anime girl drawing has its own peculiarities. The eyes in general are extremely large. Huge glitters appear, and even more so when it comes to a sad or sentimental scene. They are usually defined with strident colors to be eyes like red, pink or purple. It is said that the appearance of the huge eyes occurred so that the character could be more expressive.

drawing easy anime

In anime characters, hair can be varied, but it always has the characteristic of pointed tufts. They can also be very colorful, appearing hairs of any color. The shading technique is used a lot in the hair, so that volume is also given.

beautiful anime drawing

The bodies are very stylized, and generally do not appear in full body scene. Only the upper part of the body appears in the scenes, and if you want to show the whole body a camera movement is made.

anime drawings easy girl

On the face, the characteristic of anime drawing is that they are capable of making many expressions, usually very exaggerated. As for the design of the faces, in general the noses and mouths are small, contrasting with the size of the eyes. The shape of the face is generally following the human face, although the pointed jaws stand out.

anime drawings easy step by step

Easy anime drawing

manga drawing easy

All these anime and manga drawings that I am leaving you in this article are about to color them. I invite you to download them for free and color them with the technique you like best.

These types of drawings can look great with a colored in watercolors for those who master this technique. But it is that colored pencils can also give a very good result

anime photos to draw

Another challenge that I want you to put is that you discover what familiar characters you find in this article, and which series they belong to. There are some who are very famous characters, others less famous, and others that are not known anime characters, but are characters designed by us. I encourage you to comment by saying which characters you have discovered.

step by step drawing anime characters

The female anime characters are very expressive and feminine. Here I bring you a character of a girl in a very youthful design, with shorts with a belt in a very nice casual type pose.

easy to draw anime characters

In this other drawing you have the character with a huge chaplain that becomes the total protagonist of the image.

cute anime boy drawing easy

simple anime art
easy drawing anime girl
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easy to draw anime character
anime full body drawing
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