Bunny Drawing – How to draw a bunny

If you are looking for bunny drawing, here we will present several different models. These are easy drawings for children, something to draw that children find simple and make them want to learn to draw. Our drawings of bunnies are basically easy drawings, with which you can have a good time enjoying an activity as healthy as learning to draw.

If instead of drawing, you just want to color rabbit, you can print a rabbit drawing of the ones shown here, and you can paint it any way you want.

Bunny drawing in silhouette

We begin this list with the rabbit drawing that practically marks the silhouette. With a very organic line, the shape of the rabbit is outlined. Only the silhouette is broken to show the thigh part of the hind leg and the eye of the rabbit. It is an easy drawing to make and simple to copy and draw.

bunny draw  in line

The following drawing is a rabbit with simpler features. A lot of use of geometric shapes and simple shapes. Here you can see how to draw a rabbit for children. In the final part of this article I present you step by step how to draw a rabbit very similar to this one. You can try it and you will see how good the rabbit drawing is.

These drawings of rabbits are a little more cartoon. They are easy drawings to make because they can be summarized in small elements that are coupled to each other until a desired result is achieved. When we want to make easy drawings, what we have to do is summarize all the shapes to known figures, this is how in the drawing you will see below, the main element is the head, which is summarized in an oval. This oval is the central element of the drawing, and that transforms this image into an easy drawing to make. From that simple and common element, all the other elements that will finally form the drawings of rabbits that you like so much are developed.

bunny drawing easy

Going more into comic rabbits drawings, here you have a funny bunny, which has a mix. Having the features in his head of a rabbit, in the rest of the body we can appreciate more a human form. These types of combinations are typical of cartoons, where animals can be exactly the same as humans. To complete the cartoon image, the rabbit has huge feet, even longer than its leg. You can intern copy this drawing and you will have a great time drawing and coloring this rabbit.

The good thing about making drawings of rabbits comic type is that you can take licenses that are moving away from reality. In this simple rabbit drawing, the head could be perfectly of a drawing dog, and nothing would happen.

Another element that allows comic style drawing is exaggeration, as if it were a normal cartoon. In this drawing, you can see the legs of the rabbit that have immense proportions with respect to the size of the total body of the rabbit. This can be done because it is a cartoon drawing. If you are going to draw a bunny, realistic, that cannot happen, as would be the case of the first rabbit drawing, in which the silhouette tries to perfectly reproduce a rabbit as they are in real life.

simple bunny drawing

Another comic bunny drawing model is the one you’ll see in the next image. Here is only the head of the rabbit, which is adorned with a bow.

The rabbit’s smile is rogue, and the swollen cheekbones above the bears make him very funny. These kinds of rabbit drawings are very nice, and children are encouraged to try to imitate them. You could incorporate stars drawn around it, because it would seem that it hit and is stunned. The drawing of this rabbit looks like chocolate rabbits that are sold, especially for the Easter season. That also gives a special character to this drawing of a rabbit, and so you can print it for coloring and make some special card.

drawing a bunnt face

One last image shows a funny bunny drawing. Extremely large eyes, occupying most of his face and with such sharp highlights, look like a manga eye.

The posture of the bunny also mixes the human image with that of an animal, since it is standing on its hind legs, and the front ones are hands. Another example of rabbit drawing done as cartoon.

bunny draw easy

Buggs Bunny drawing


cute bunny drawing

Here we have the image of Buggs Bunny. In a cartoon character, the creators’ mastery is to show an image that demonstrates the character’s character. In the case of the Buggs rabbit, that was achieved in an exceptional way. And if we want to draw the Buggs rabbit, then we must be very careful with those same details, otherwise we will find that it does not resemble the original at all, and more than a drawing problem, it will be a character character problem.

The rabbit was always very crazy, mocking. Undoubtedly, it is his eyes that prove it. When we are going to draw it, we have to make the expression of the eyes accurate, to avoid mistakes in the rabbit’s drawing. The elongated shape of the eyes, and something pulled back and up, give that stingy touch to the character’s face. The other notable element is that eternal smile under the big teeth. Simply taking into account those details, we have already won a great field in terms of our desire to draw the Buggs rabbit and that resembles the original character.

cute bunny draw

How to draw a bunny

If you really like bunny drawing, and you don’t just want to color a rabbit, here I will show you step by step how you can make a rabbit drawing.

Among the animals to draw, knowing how to draw a bunny can be one of the most interesting things, but above all, here we are going to show you an easy drawing model to draw.

We are going to start drawing a rabbit making an oval lying down, following more or less the proportions that you will see in the drawing below.

circle to draw a bunny


Once you have that oval, which will correspond to the rabbit’s head, the next thing is to make the ears. There are many different ways to make a rabbit’s ears. Many of them are easier than those shown in this tutorial, but the truth is that these ears look great and give the rabbit a very funny air.

The shape of the ear consists of a kind of oval that we do in the air, where the upper part of the oval ends straight. This oval is separated from the head, and displaced from the center. Its position is vertical. Then we make the union of the oval of the ear with the head with three curved lines as you can see in the graph. Similarly, in the form of a mirror, you can draw the rabbit’s second ear.

How to draw a rabbit for children – The body

At this point, we will make the body. Now we are going to refer to a simple way to draw, so that it is a rabbit that can be drawn by a child. Under the head, and starting from the sides of it, we will make a kind of oval intersected with the head. I say a species because at the bottom we have to do it rather flat. It is because it is as if the body is lying on the floor. We can see this in the image that follows. At this point, rabbit drawings seem to be more real.

how to draw a cute bunny

As the previous image shows you, on the sides of the body you can see two protuberances that also appear symmetrically. These elements are the part of the hind legs, with which the body of the rabbit is completely formed.

To finish the general parts of the rabbit we make the two front legs in a triangular shape, but without vertices, but with rounded shapes. They must also be placed symmetrically. In the drawing of the legs we will include two curved lines in the way you can see in the following figure, which mark the fingers of the legs, and also give a sense of perspective.

bunny pictures

The last step in this tutorial about how to draw a rabbit, are the elements of the face. In a drawing as simple as the one I am teaching you here, the elements of the face are fundamental, because they will give character to the character we are creating.

We start with the eyes. It is about two large ovals. In the drawing I made, the upper eyelids are half eye. When the eyeball sticks to the eyelid, we will give the character a sleepy or silly air. You can see that in the image that follows. The eyebrows are also placed. As you can see, the ones that I have drawn are not symmetrical. Although the whole drawing is symmetrical, the fact of putting some asymmetric elements gives character to the drawing. You could try the same thing for example by making one ear like this and the other fully extended. This will result in a much more working item.

Having already eyes, between them we draw a triangle with the tip down. That is the rabbit’s nose. From the nose, we draw two symmetrical curves to the sides that generate the rabbit’s mouth. In this case I have finished it with a small curve, to show a smile. If these arcs are made in the opposite direction, and larger, we can show inflated cheeks, which will make it funny too.

The last element is the teeth. It is an identifying element of a rabbit. That’s why you can see them exaggeratedly large here. Identifies it and at the same time makes it funny. It is very fun to put exaggerated elements to a cartoon.

how to draw a easy bunny

As you see in the previous image, the drawing is complete. It would only be necessary to highlight it. With a fiber it can be very beautiful. When remarking you must be careful with the lines that go behind, and that should not appear. For example in the line of the body that is behind the legs. All this is highlighted and once dry you can erase the lines used to diagram the drawing.

Did you like the final result? You can draw a model equal to mine, and then make the alternatives that I have been commenting on in the tutorial to see how you can draw rabbits with different characters.

More bunny drawing to print and color

In case you still have not enough with everything I’ve put you here to make rabbits drawings, now I’m going to incorporate some other images of rabbits to print and color, so you can spend time entertaining in a very healthy and fun way :

cute bunny scared

We started with an easy rabbit drawing for children. Here you have a very nice drawing of a rabbit, which at first glance gives the impression of having a crazy face. This is due to the roundness of the eyes, which adds to the typical rabbit teeth. It is a totally symmetrical drawing, that is to say that from exactly one central axis, on one side and on the other, everything is repeated exactly. This makes it easier to draw, so it is special for younger children to learn to make their own rabbit drawings.

easy bunny drawing

How to draw a cute drawing

You can draw a cute rabbit starting with a perfect circular shape. That will be the head of the rabbit. Inside you put the eyes and the snout as you will see in the figure below. Do not forget to make the big ears and you will have the best rabbit drawing.

bunny sketch

A rabbit head alone, so that you believe his body. The drawing of this head is very easy, since you have to start in a perfect circle, and from there you can already create the whole head of the rabbit: you start by putting the ears outside the circle, and then everything that goes inside.

how to draw a rabbit

Here you have a rabbit drawn in a very childish way. The shape of the body is typical of a small child, and the features of the face are also strange, with widely separated eyes, and the nose and mouth at eye level. This is a nice easy drawing, for you to color or if you dare, you can draw it yourself.

tutorial to draw

This drawing is that of a very cute bunny, with a pretty dress that allows you to color the way you want. The brightness that the eyes have gives a special tenderness to this cartoon.

hello bunny

You can make a simple rabbit drawing

Of course you can make a simple drawing of a rabbit. I am going to leave you some examples that will be very easy to copy. For example, below you will see a rabbit peeking out of a wall. Don’t you think it’s simple and pretty?

bunny pictures to draw

And if you dare to something else, you can make a full body drawing. This next drawing of a sitting rabbit is very funny and easy to copy


bunny rabbit drawing

Cute easy cute how to draw a bunny

fat bunny

You’re not going to tell me this bunny isn’t adorable. It is a drawing of a very nice and cute rabbit, with an almost square body that is very easy to draw. It is a great way to learn how to draw a nice rabbit drawing

bunny with cloth
cute draw of bunny
beautiful bunny for kids

Simple bunny drawing for coloring

learn to draw

I like this drawing very much. The rabbit’s face is very funny. He seems to have just broken something and is afraid of being denied. It is a nice drawing for coloring. When you are going to make a rabbit drawing, you must start to handle the art of giving expression to your drawings. In this case the eyes and mouth are the elements that give it a tender image of fearful.

cartoon bunny drawing


Here, what makes this drawing particular is the almost triangular head of the rabbit. All these are easy drawings of rabbits, so that in addition to painting and coloring them, you are encouraged to learn to draw them.

In this regard, I want to propose something. Whether you make your drawing, or color it to one of those that I put here, I ask you to comment something below, and send us an email with the drawing you have painted. We will hang it on the same article, with your name. That way you can show your friends that you have posted a job on the internet.

cute rabbit drawing

This drawing gives the feeling of being a stuffed animal. The bunny is sitting, peeking out a nice belly. The eyes so big, and with a few highlights give it a very interesting personality.

Rabbits for easy drawing

easy easter drawing

Rabbits for easy drawing are those that can be traced with simple and simple shapes. These drawings of rabbits for coloring are very cute and it is also with rabbits to draw for those who are not very skilled with the pencil. This is because the drawings are very simple. For example in the rabbit above, it is the big eyes that determine the rabbit’s face. From there it is to copy the different features and that’s it.

scared bunny

In this other case, we go that rabbits to draw sometimes are not exactly with the ways we know them. The shape of the head of this drawing rabbit looks more like an onion, but by adding the different elements of the face, the expected results are achieved.

On our website you can find many other themes of drawings to color, but if you want for specific themes, we offer you these:


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