Cat drawing easy – How to draw a cat

Cat drawing that you can find on the internet can be of many kinds.

Cats succeed on the net. On YouTube the most watched videos are always those with cats as protagonists.

If you want to know how to draw cartoon cats, here we are going to show you some simple models, so that you learn to make a cat drawing, or simply to print them and color them.

funny cat girl

This first example is the simplest of all. It is an almost childish design. With this drawing cat, you can learn the basic things to draw a cat, and from there you can develop more elaborate elements. This cat drawing can be used to make decorations in children’s rooms, or decorate birthday invitations for children.

To draw this model, you must start the cat drawing by making an ellipse with the major side horizontal. That will be the head of the cat. In the middle we put a very small ellipse for the nose, and on it two round black eyes. The ears at the top and the whiskers will finish setting the drawing cat in terms of its head.

hen the front legs are made for the body, and then with a curve the rest of the body is made, integrating a rear leg. The tail, with its stripes, plus the stripes we make on the cat’s back finish forming the cat’s drawing. Now you know how to make a cat easy and fast

Children’s cat drawings

cat tail drawing

In this image we see another cat drawing with a quite childish image, but that carries a little more detail than the previous one. What makes this cat’s drawing much easier is that it is symmetrical. The only element that breaks the symmetry is the tail. This means that by making a half, exactly the same is repeated on the other side and that’s it.

We also started making the head with a kind of flat oval. In the lower part another small oval that indicates the part where the mouth is. A triangle generates the nose, from which those lines that finish forming the mouth come out. Putting both eyes and two whiskers on each side we have configured the head, not forgetting to put the typical pointed ears of cats.

With the head formed, we pass to the body. In cat drawings you can determine the characteristics of the cat’s physique. In this case we have made the cat a bit chubby. We start with an arc that opens down, which determines the body of the cat. Before reaching the end, we take out the back leg that is understood to be bent because the cat is sitting. Then we make the front leg and reproduce the same on the other side. Thus we will have completed the body. In the central part we draw what you see from the belly of the cat. On either side we draw the tail and finished work. These cat drawings are childish and simple, but they look great.

cat nose drawing

On this occasion we show you another cat with similar characteristics to the previous one, but where the features suffer small variations. This is to show how to draw a different cat from another with only small changes. In this drawing cat appear a little more worked eyes, with the drawings of iris and pupil inside. The snout changes as the oval disappears, and the mouth is loose under the nose. The whiskers move farther out of the head, and those details already set up a very different cat drawing. It is a very interesting cat if you want to color, since in it you can try different painting techniques.

Cat draw easy for girls – Easy cat drawing

kitty cat drawing

For girls, you always have to think about drawings of different cats. For starters, it will always be the kittens that fulfill this task. And simply because they are cats, decorative elements usually appear. That happens in this very nice cat drawing. Above the left ear of the cat drawing, a loop appears, a typical element in cat drawings.

In itself with regard to cat drawing, this image presents a more developed drawing model. To begin with, the head ceases to be a pure form, as were the oval or oval flattened of the previous versions. The simple fact of making curves and countercurves in the lines, already generates a much more attractive result in a drawing. On the other hand in the ears there is not a pure line, but the cat’s hairs are simulated. The same happens in the upper part of the legs and tail.

Another element that differs greatly with the previous cat drawings are the eyes. An oval that cuts abruptly at the bottom shows a more typical type of cartoon eye, and that gives this drawing an even more fun sense.

easy way to draw a cat

This image of kitten goes in the sense of the previous one, but still with a more developed drawing. In the eyes there is an expressiveness superior to all previously seen. The detail of the white circle inside the eye, simulating a reflection of the eye, always gives another color to the gesture of the drawing.

On the other hand, the position of the cat, which ceases to be symmetrical, also means a greater work of drawing in terms of the proportions and the different parts of the drawing. If you try to reproduce this drawing, you should pay close attention to the shapes of the original on its legs. Despite being a cartoon drawing, the shapes of the paws are recognizable in cat paws.

easy cat picture

This last image is pointing to a drawing not so much cartoon, but is closer to a more real drawing of a cat. A cat to be more precise. It is in the middle of the road, but it is an interesting way to make drawings of cats.

Top Cat drawing – Simple cat drawing

cat images to draw

Top Cat is a series of very old cartoons, which tell the story of a gang of street cats, led by Don Gato, the most intelligent of the gang. They live in an alley, and they are always suffering poor Matute, the neighborhood policeman.

The one in the image above is Top Cat, in a digital drawing that I have made, even colored. But then I will put the same drawing so you can paint it yourself as you want.

top cat to coloring

Here is the drawing so you can download it for free and paint it any way you want. But not only I bring you the drawing of Don Gato, but I bring you to the whole template, in the colored version, and then the drawing to be colored.

Fancy Fancy

cat draw easy

Fancy-Fancy is the suave and debonair member of the gang. He’s known for his dapper appearance and smooth-talking manner. While he may not be the brains behind the operations, his style certainly adds flair to the group.


cat for kids

Spook is the quiet and introverted member of the gang. He’s often seen reading comics or engaging in other solitary activities. Despite his reserved nature, he’s a valuable member of the group.

how to draw a cat

The show provides a snapshot of the 1960s, capturing the fashion, music, and cultural references of the era. This nostalgic aspect appeals not only to older viewers but also to newer generations interested in the past.

how to draw a cat step by step

“Top Cat” is more than just a cartoon; it’s a cherished part of animation history. Its enduring charm, timeless humor, and unforgettable characters continue to captivate audiences of all ages. Whether you’re revisiting the adventures of T.C. and the gang or discovering them for the first time, “Top Cat” is a delightful journey back in time that reminds us why classic cartoons are truly timeless.

cute cat

Choo choo

top cat and friends

Choo-Choo is the tall, lanky member of the group. He’s often tasked with carrying out T.C.’s plans, even when they seem far-fetched. His gentle disposition and willingness to go along with T.C.’s ideas add to the show’s humor.

cat picture to draw

Benny the Ball

simple cat drawing

Benny is the lovable, somewhat naive member of the gang. He often finds himself unintentionally caught up in T.C.’s schemes. His innocence and good-hearted nature make him a fan favorite.

benny the ball coloring

Cats coloring pages – Small cat drawing

I hope you like everything I’ve been putting you so far, however do not think that everything is over, but I have prepared other drawings of cats, some are already in their colored version, but also ready to paint. And other cat drawings are already just for you to paint them as you want.

easy cat pictures to draw

We started with a well-known cat: Garfield. The most lazy cat known, who loves lasagna and especially likes to rest. In the image above we have it colored, but don’t worry, because now you will see it drawn in line drawings, so you can print it and color it to your liking.

garfield the cat

Now I will continue with another very famous cat, although in this case it is indivisible with his partner. This is Tom and Jerry, the typical enemies that still continue with their pranks.

tom and jerry

Here we have one of the typical images in which Tom manages to hunt Jerry, although he always ends up going wrong. Now I put the same drawing ready for coloring.

coloring tom and jerry

Now I’m going to put other different drawings of cats ready to color that I liked a lot, and I hope you like them too.

beautiful cat
cat playing

How to draw a cat easy

cute cat
good draw of cat

A picture for a cat to draw


When it comes to providing a picture for a cat to draw, you’re not only indulging in a creative and entertaining activity for your feline friend but also tapping into their natural instincts. Cats are visually stimulated creatures, and offering them a captivating image as a subject can be a source of mental stimulation and enrichment. The process of drawing engages their focus and dexterity, providing both physical and mental exercise. Moreover, the choice of picture is crucial.


Opt for something with high contrast and bold lines, as cats see the world primarily in shades of gray, and this will make the image more appealing and easier for them to discern. This activity can also be a bonding experience, as you watch your cat immerse themselves in the artistic endeavor, displaying their unique personality and creativity. So, whether it’s a simple outline or a more complex image, providing a picture for your cat to draw is not only a delightful pastime but a means of enhancing their well-being through mental engagement and a fun way to strengthen your human-feline bond.

Cat cartoon drawing easy


Creating a cat cartoon drawing easy enough for beginners is not only a delightful artistic endeavor but also a fantastic way to tap into your creativity and share a charming piece of art with others. Whether you’re looking to entertain kids or simply unwind with a soothing and straightforward drawing activity, a cat cartoon is an excellent choice. The simplicity of the subject matter, with its graceful curves and expressive eyes, makes it accessible to artists of all levels. Moreover, mastering the basics of cat cartoon drawing can serve as a stepping stone for more complex illustrations in the future.


As you embark on this artistic journey, you’ll discover that it’s not only a rewarding experience but also an excellent opportunity to develop your fine motor skills, attention to detail, and, most importantly, your ability to bring joy and amusement to those who view your adorable cat cartoon creations. Whether you’re sketching for personal enjoyment, educational purposes, or even considering sharing your drawings online or with friends and family, cat cartoon drawing is a delightful and accessible avenue for artistic expression that’s easy, enjoyable, and endlessly rewarding.

Cat images drawing easy


Creating cat images through easy drawing methods offers a wonderful opportunity for individuals of all ages and artistic backgrounds to engage in a fulfilling and enjoyable creative activity. Whether you’re a beginner taking your first steps in the world of art or someone looking for a relaxing way to unwind, drawing simple cat images can be immensely satisfying. The uncomplicated lines and shapes that make up a cat’s form provide an ideal subject for those new to drawing, allowing for gradual skill development. Moreover, as you delve into this art form, you’ll not only enhance your hand-eye coordination but also cultivate a deeper appreciation for the beauty and grace of feline creatures.

Easy cat image drawing can serve multiple purposes. Parents and educators can use it as an educational tool to introduce children to art and enhance their cognitive skills. On the other hand, adults can find solace in this creative outlet, relieving stress and fostering mindfulness. These cat images can also be a valuable addition to various personal projects, from homemade greeting cards to digital designs for social media.


In the digital age, sharing your cat drawings with a global audience has never been easier. Posting your easy cat image drawings online can help you connect with like-minded individuals, receive constructive feedback, and build a sense of community within the art world. It’s a chance to showcase your artistic journey while inspiring others to explore their creativity as well.

In summary, drawing easy cat images offers a wealth of benefits, from personal relaxation and skill development to sharing your art with a broader audience. Whether you’re sketching for leisure or aiming to make a mark in the digital art realm, this accessible and charming activity has the potential to bring joy, connection, and personal growth into your life. So, pick up your drawing tools, embrace the ease of creating cat images, and embark on a creative journey that’s as delightful as it is rewarding.

Cat pictures drawing


Cat simple drawing images


Cute cat drawing easy


Easy cat picture to draw


How to draw a cat with the world cat


Creating cat pictures through drawing is not only a delightful artistic pursuit but also a means of capturing the essence of these beloved feline companions. Whether you’re a seasoned artist or a novice seeking a creative outlet, drawing cat pictures provides a unique avenue for self-expression and storytelling. The fluid lines and expressive features of cats make them a compelling subject, allowing artists to convey a wide range of emotions and personalities in their artwork. Moreover, this creative endeavor transcends age and skill level, making it an accessible and enjoyable activity for anyone interested in putting pen, pencil, or stylus to paper.


Cat picture drawing isn’t just about replicating what you see; it’s about interpreting and infusing your own artistic flair into each piece. This process fosters not only improved hand-eye coordination but also enhances your observation skills as you pay close attention to the nuances of feline anatomy and behavior. Whether you’re sketching a playful kitten or a regal adult cat, each drawing becomes a reflection of your unique perspective and artistic growth.

How to draw a simple cat


In today’s digital age, sharing your cat pictures has never been easier. Social media platforms and art communities offer spaces to showcase your creations, connect with fellow artists, and even attract potential clients or collaborators. The appeal of cat pictures transcends cultural and geographical boundaries, making it a universal language that can resonate with audiences worldwide.


Moreover, cat pictures are versatile in their application. They can be a source of personal enjoyment, adorn your living space, or become thoughtful gifts for friends and family. For aspiring artists, the practice of drawing cat pictures serves as a stepping stone to explore other artistic avenues and expand your creative horizons.

Image of cat drawing easy


In summary, drawing cat pictures is an accessible and rewarding form of artistic expression that fosters creativity, observation, and a deep connection with these charming animals. Whether you’re an established artist or just starting your creative journey, this timeless and universal subject offers endless possibilities for exploration, growth, and sharing your unique vision with the world. So, pick up your tools, let your imagination roam, and embark on a creative adventure that celebrates the beauty and grace of our feline companions.


Simple cat pictures to draw


Creating a simple cat picture to draw is an excellent way to kickstart your artistic journey, whether you’re a seasoned artist or just starting to explore your creative side. The charm of drawing a simple cat lies in its accessibility; anyone, regardless of their skill level, can enjoy this creative process. These uncomplicated drawings often consist of basic shapes like circles and triangles, making them an ideal choice for beginners. By sketching a simple cat, you can hone your fundamental drawing skills, such as line work, proportion, and shading.

What’s more, drawing a simple cat picture can be a relaxing and meditative experience. It provides a welcome escape from the hustle and bustle of daily life, allowing you to immerse yourself in the soothing act of creating art. The gentle strokes of your pencil or stylus as they bring a cute feline to life on paper can be incredibly therapeutic.

Additionally, simple cat drawings are versatile in their application. You can use them to personalize greeting cards, decorate your journals, or even create adorable digital avatars for social media. These drawings also make for wonderful gifts that carry a personal touch, spreading joy to friends and loved ones.


In the digital age, sharing your simple cat picture creations with the world has never been easier. By posting your artwork on social media platforms or art communities, you can connect with fellow artists, receive constructive feedback, and inspire others to embark on their creative journeys.

In conclusion, drawing a simple cat picture is a delightful and accessible artistic endeavor that offers relaxation, skill development, and creative fulfillment. Whether you’re seeking a therapeutic outlet or aiming to share your art with a global audience, these uncomplicated feline sketches are a wonderful way to celebrate the beauty and charm of cats while nurturing your own artistic growth. So, grab your drawing tools, unleash your imagination, and start creating simple cat pictures that reflect your unique artistic expression.

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