Drawing for kids – Things to draw for kids

Parents, above all first timers, are always doubting what are the best drawing for kids.

In this article I bring you some beautiful drawings that can be used for babies, in decorations, on clothes or in any other element they use, and I will also tell you about the best cartoons for babies.

simple draw for children

The drawings for babies have to be simple, non-complex shapes, and especially with a lot of color. In this article I am going to put you a list of drawings that I have drawn myself, although they are all in black and white. If you want to go through the article later, I will put all the same drawings but in color, so that you have twice as many drawings and with a striking color.

drawing pictures for kids

I continue with the theme of marine drawings for babies. In this case you have the drawing of a sea turtle. As I said before, the colors are the ones that call the attention of babies, so in this case, for example, the shell could be painted each part of a different color. It is something that is far from reality, but in this case that is inconsequential. What is sought is that it attracts the baby’s attention, so that his curiosity about colors is aroused.

simple drawing for kids

Now you have the drawing of a fish. It is no accident that different areas appear in all drawings. In this case the fish appears striped, and it is because the idea I carry is to color with many different colors. That way we will be able to get the baby’s attention and he will like the drawing much more and will be entertained for longer.

drawing step by step for kids

In the case of the duck drawing, there will not be as many colors here as in the previous drawings, but the yellow that it must carry is so striking that it catches the baby’s attention. A duck drawn in this way is ideal for baby drawings, because they are very simple shapes, which they can easily understand. The simplicity of the drawing, together with a striking color manages to get the baby’s attention.

Drawings for decorative babies

elephant draw easy

Now I’m going to put some drawings for babies designed for decoration. With this type of drawings you can make beautiful decorations for the bedroom. For example with this beautiful elephant you can make a great vinyl that is in a special corner. They would also be good for bedding prints, or a pendant for the baby to play.

drawing for kiss easy

In the same style of the elephant that you used to wear is this turtle. It is a very nice drawing that can come in handy in the decoration for the baby. If it is a decoration, I would not put as many colors as I commented with the shell of the turtle before. I would already put the whole shell of one color, the turtle itself of another and the hooves in another. To have something more sober, thought of a neutral baby room decoration.

easy drawing

In this case you have a nice hippo, with very bright eyes and a very shy posture. It is a beautiful drawing also for the baby.

learn to draw

The best drawing for kids

draw easy

The best drawings for kids are the simplest in terms of shapes, but which in turn are striking in terms of color. In this image that I put above, you have a saucepan in a very simple way, with a ladle inside, of which only a part is seen. In turn in the saucepan there is a drawing of an apple, which is also a simple form. This element appears so you can have an introduction of another color in the element and make it more striking.

cool drawing for kids

When the drawing has a simple shape it is ideal. But if the simple form also adds that it is a known element, the better the result. That is the idea with this drawing of a flower in its pot. It is the simplest way to make a flower, just as we have all learned to make it. The pot is added to have another element to color, and it can be a very beautiful result. With several copies of this drawing, in different colors, you can make a very funny garland for the baby.

cartoon drawing for kids

And it always relates to flowers with spring and why not, with butterflies. Butterflies are drawings for ideal babies, because they can be simplified in terms of shape as you see in the drawing. And they are susceptible to coloring with a great variety of shades, with which we will obtain very attractive results for the baby. This image can also be used to decorate the baby’s bedroom, either on the walls or in the lamp, or a pendant for the crib or car.

easy things to draw for kids

Just as the butterfly is related to the flower, the bee too. That is why I have put you here this beautiful drawing, so that you can have it together and form a picture, which could add to the decoration of the baby. There are beautiful drawing for kids for you.

icecream draw easy

Another form of drawing that works very well for the baby is that of inanimate elements to make them cartoons. In this case we have a two-ball ice cream, where each ball has a face and a gesture of joy. This drawing can also be given the colors you want to get very nice elements.

Element drawings for babies

For different things, all the elements that are actually related to the baby, but drawing facts, are always good too. That’s why I’m going to bring you a short list of this kind of drawings:

baby draw

And we start with a baby drawing. It is not a drawing that tries to be realistic but quite the opposite. Its a drawing for kids. As I have been saying from the beginning, the idea of ​​baby drawings is that they be as simple as possible. This is how we have the head that is a pure oval, with no more forms of cheekbones, cheeks or anything. Inside the head the minimum elements necessary to make it recognizable. The body can basically be said to be a triangle with the arms at the sides and the feet two small ovals. They are simple drawings that can get the baby’s attention.

cute drawing

And if we had the baby’s drawing, we can also have her clothes. Baby clothes are ideal for drawing because they are very simple shapes, as you see here. In this case a decoration of a heart appears to give a little life to the drawing.

drawing ideas for kids

The socks have a very simple shape of drawing for kids, and the good thing is that in so little drawing you can have very striking colors, as you will see when you have this same colored image.


Animal drawing for kids

I already put some drawings of animals for babies, in the style of the simplest. But it is also nice when the elements are recognizable and day to day. That is why some animals that may be companions of the baby in their own home would be missing.

animal drawing for kids

It is likely that at home you have a cat as a pet. That is why here we have a simplified drawing of one of them. The gesture of the cat is tenderness and pampering. These drawings may really like the baby who has a cat as a companion.

dog easy

And if there was the cat, of course the dog could not be missing. Dogs are incredible animals to be with a baby, for the care they have of them. If your baby has a dog as his good companion, the drawing of the dog will love it and attract a lot of attention.


Boy drawing

boy drawing


In the boy drawing you can see him sitting at his desk supporting his elbow and thinking about how fun it would be to be playing at home.

draw so cute boy

cute boy drawing

cartoon boy drawing
drawing for boys
how to draw a boy

Coloring boy drawing

Seeing the best boy drawing, I thought it would be fun if I left you some of these colored drawings for me.

Below you will find funny drawings of children colored by me on the computer, but so you can see that with your colors you can paint them in the same way.

little boy drawing on color

coloring boy draw
how to draw a boy to color
boy hair drawing
best boy drawing

Boy and girl drawing

how to draw a boy and a girl

drawing of boys and girls
drawing ideas for boys
cute drawing of girl and boy
cute boy and girl drawing
cool boys drawing
pencil draw for kids
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boy and girl cartoon
best friends drawing
boy and girl
cute drawing of boys

Girl drawin

girl drawing

beautiful drawing for kids
baby boy drawing
cool drawings for boys
easy drawings for boys
cute easy drawing

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