Duck drawing – How to draw a duck

Let’s color the duck drawing, right? I bring you a lot of drawings of ducks so you can paint them the way you like best.

And to start I will put a very famous duck, see if you recognize it:

look at donald

Of course you recognize it. It is the Donald Duck. One of the most famous ducks on television. With the bad character he has, however we all love Donald Duck. Do you like this coloring page?

How to draw Donald Duck

Surely you like to paint and color the drawings of ducks, but you might also like to learn to draw Donald Duck. That’s why I’m going to put a video in which, if you follow it step by step, you can learn to draw Donald Duck. Luck!!!

Let’s see if you get the drawing. If you want to send me the drawing you made, I will publish it to you in this article.

But in case you do not have enough with the Donald Duck, I will put another drawing, so you can learn to do in different poses:

donald duck drawing

Cartoon ducks drawings

easy draw

Regular Show are cartoons widely seen by children. Within that strip, in some chapters the ducklings appeared, one of which can be seen in the drawing above. These are ducks that talk and help the characters in the series to fight the bad guys. The features of these drawings are typical of the series, by the definition of the legs or the beak.

simple duck drawing

Here is one of the drawings of easy-to-draw ducks. This duck drawing is very simple. It has the typical form of the duck that we learn from the number two, only in this case it is the other way around. Then from there the wing appears, and the beak and the eye are defined. It is a childlike drawing of a very cute duck to color and paint.

duck easy drawing

A duck that is in the water walking. In general, it looks like the previous drawing, but here are more details. For example, the eye has a greater definition, with more lines. The same goes for the peak, which has the most defined shape, even it is split at the top and bottom. The wing also has some details that simulate the feathers, and is completed with water.

simple duck

This other drawing falls into the category of simple drawings of ducks. Nor do the legs appear with what we can consider or that is lying on them, or that it is in the water. The shapes are very simple like the previous ones. What gives this drawing a little more quality is that instead of looking at the plane, it is made as if we saw it in perspective. Always a drawing in perspective has a higher level than something seen in the plane, since it is closer to the vision we have in reality.

Cute duck drawing

rubber duck drawing

It is funny that within the title of drawings of cute ducks we start with the ugly duckling, but it is really a beautiful drawing. The details it has are far superior to those we saw before. In this case the head has a more realistic and worked with incoming and outgoing. Also appear elements that simulate the feathers on the head. The details of the eyelashes and the bottom of the eye also gives a lot of quality the same as the details in the beak. Body and wing also have a job with those rounded shapes to simulate the wings that end up making a higher quality drawing.

easy simple duck

A close-up of a duck’s head. This drawing is quite original. Being only part of the duck, the details it has make it a very nice drawing.

baby duck drawing

Following the drawings of pencil ducks, this appears to be a small old duck, I would almost say that he begins to walk. In this case the cartoon makes the wings appear to be two arms, and with huge eyes you get a result of a very cute duck drawing.

Duck drawing to paint

simple drawing

Here we have another drawing of rubber duck type duck. It is the typical drawing that comes from number two.

cute duck drawing

Here is another cartoon of a duck, but that is closer to a realistic drawing. This is in regard to the legs, the body and the wings. However, in the head it still has the characteristics of a cartoon, since the beak seems to smile, and it has eyes that look like those made in the cartoon drawings of people.

easy duck drawing

Within the children’s drawings to color, I bring you this very nice duckling, who is walking very happy.

smile duck

This duck drawing is very funny. It is a small duck that is very happy. The beak and the eyes are denoting that he is laughing with great desire. It’s the good thing about cartoons, that you can make characters that have no expressions, such as ducks, can acquire it. And if we talk about animations, I don’t even tell you how much fun it is. That a character of yours comes alive, and can speak or do what you want.

how to draw a cartoon duck

a cute duck drawing

Of the drawings of ducks in the water, this one is easy to draw. It is a fairly round body, with a wing that is the same way as the body practically. In the head the beak, the eye the eyebrow and as if it had the hairs standing up they configure a simple drawing of duck that is very cute so that the boys can color them and paint as they like.

duck pictures drawing

Within the drawings of cartoon ducks, we have this one that seems sad. He is looking up, looking at something that is gone. The eyes are those that show sadness, which is reaffirmed with the wing, which acts as if it were an arm, which is fallen. It is a very cute drawing that can be used to make cards, for example to tell someone that we miss him and that we would like to see him.

duck drawing easy

As I said before, that cartoons may have life, here appears a duck that seems to be crazy. That is simply achieved by making huge eyes and it seems that they leave the face. You are accompanied by a small smile like the one that is noticed in the beak and voila, you have achieved it.

a duck drawing

Here we have a nice drawing of baby duck. The ratio of the head to the body is the same as a human baby. As our head has learned that, seeing this duck drawing we think it is a baby. It is in itself an easy drawing to draw, but if we are right with the proportions, we will also get that feeling. The huge and bright eye gives tenderness to the image.

drawing of a duck

I hope you like everything I’ve brought you about duck drawings.

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