Elephant drawing – How to draw an elephant

Elephant drawing that for some people can be very complicated, but which in turn can be very nice. Surely if you came here it is because you are interested in elephant drawings, and I hope not to disappoint you.

I do not know what you are looking for, but I will try to succeed in your need. If you want drawings to print and color elephants, I’m going to put an interesting list of several different models of elephant drawings, so you can choose the one you like best and use it freely. You will also find drawings of colored elephants, very nice, in case you want to print them and be able to use them on a card that you are preparing to give to someone. And if what you want is to learn to draw pictures of elephants, I will also give you tutorials with images and videos so that you learn to make your own drawings of elephants.

Elephant drawing: how to draw an elephant

elephant drawing so easy

In the image you are seeing above this paragraph, you can see a cute elephant drawing made by me, and you may be interested in knowing how to draw an elephant with these characteristics. So that you are encouraging to release your hand, I’m going to start putting you a video tutorial, in which you will find two models to make elephant drawing: firstly an easy elephant drawing, which is special for children, and secondly, the elephant that is seen in the image, which is a little more difficult but is very funny, since it looks like a cartoon character.


In the video, you can see that the drawings are made on the computer, however everything goes exactly the same to make the drawings by hand. So that it does not get very long, I did not get to the point of coloring the elephant drawings, however I encourage you to paint your drawings with the techniques you want. Colored pencils can always be a good solution.

Elephant drawings: Coloring pages

how to draw an elephant

Here is a model of a beautiful elephant so you can color it. Our coloring drawings try to be the most pleasant, so you can enjoy painting time, and you can also have a beautiful image that can then be used to decorate children’s notebooks or create beautiful cards for friends or family. In this case it is a baby elephant drawing, which has an expression of joy, which gives it great sympathy. It is a beautiful example of our coloring drawings of elephants.

elephant drawing cute

Here I want to put a couple of drawings of colored elephants so you can see some examples of how you can color. First of all we have an elephant that is enjoying playing with water at the top of this paragraph. Both the drawing and the coloring have been done digitally, that is to say that the computer was used for coloring, but that the techniques of hand painting can be applied equally. In the case of the elephant that plays with water, everything is painted in a general pink color, and it could look like this. But if you want to improve it a bit, you can apply a painting with a black pencil in certain areas where you could say that there are shadows, as you see in our image. This simple change causes the quality of the drawings to rise considerably.

elephant drawing easy

In this second case of colored elephant drawing, we have the drawing that you can see in the video tutorial to learn how to draw it. Now let’s consider the coloring. First of all we also give the color to each thing with the colors we want. In our case we have the pink elephant, with a yellow shirt and orange pants. That would already be colored. However, if we want to progress in our ability to color the drawings, let’s see what concepts we have applied to this drawing. The first thing we have to do is determine a place from which the light will come. This is imagination, of course. In our case, we decided that the elephant is illuminated with a spotlight from our left. Then we have to think that all the parts that face this side, receive more light, therefore it should be painted more clearly. This is how you can see the left edges of the elephant, shirt and pants that are clearer. On the contrary, the parts that would be hidden in that light will be in shadow. This is how we shade the remaining parts to the right. These concepts can be applied to color anything, and this is how we have a good technique to improve our colored drawings.

Elephant: drawings to color and draw

cute elephant drawing

Now we will continue with other examples of elephant drawings that you can print and thus have your own drawings to color. Above this paragraph you can see an elephant that seems to be small, and that is in an attitude of being thoughtful but thinking something nice because it looks very cheerful.

In this other image, we see the elephant that I previously showed you colored. In this case you have it unpainted, so that you can print and color it to your liking. This elephant is also happy because he is playing with water, something that elephants love. These drawings of elephants are also very easy to learn to draw, so go ahead and try to draw yourself all these options that we put in this article.

elephant cartoon drawing

Until now we had seen all the drawings of elephants in cartoon style. But in this case you can see a type of children’s elephant drawing but that looks a bit more real. It is still clear that it is an elephant drawing, but the features are more realistic than those seen before.

easy elephant drawing

In this drawing we have the example that we saw before colored, and that in turn I taught you to draw in the video tutorial. In this case I put it to the drawing so you can print and color it to your liking.

elephant head drawing

Here I bring you another drawing of elephant very easy. If you want you can print it for coloring, but I encourage you to learn to draw it yourself. It is a very easy drawing, since, except for the trunk, it is perfectly symmetrical. This means that from its central axis, what goes to one side is equal to what goes to the other. In addition the figures are quite simple. As I said, the only thing that breaks with the symmetry is the tip of the tube, to give a feeling of depth.

baby elephant

Here we return to the drawings of elephants in more cartoon style. Again it is a baby elephant, and in this case it is a drawing with a very very large eye, a typical feature of cartoon drawings. This elephant stands on its two hind legs, and presents a very nice gesture.

elephant drawing simple

And we finish this list with another easy drawing of elephants so you can color it to your liking.

How to draw an easy elephant

So far I left you several drawings of elephants so you can download them, print and then color, or even some elephant drawing already colored so you can print to place on a card or gift. But now I’m going to make a quick tutorial on how to draw an easy elephant. This tutorial is aimed primarily at children, so that they learn to make some funny elephant drawings, but anyone can learn to do it.

In the image you can see below, you will find the finished model that we are going to reach. As you can see it is a nice elephant drawing, with very simple strokes, for which we will learn an easy method, so you can do it as many times as you want.

how to draw a cute elephant

We get to work to make our elephant drawing easy and fast. We will start with two geometric figures: on the one hand an oval with its longest side horizontally, which will be the basis for the elephant’s body. Next to it, we will build a circle, which will be the basis for the realization of the head on it. We will draw an arc through the lowest part of the middle of the circle, as you can see in the image that follows this paragraph. This line is made whenever a character is drawn, and it is the one that gives us the orientation that the head will have. Based on this stroke, in successive steps you can place the different elements that the face has. In this case, the facial features are reduced to only one eye.

how to draw a cartoon elephant

When the above is already done, the next step to make our elephant drawing is to make simple strokes, which will be the basis for almost the entire elephant. In the drawing you can see below are all these strokes, and from left to right are the following: first at the left end of the oval a short stroke that indicates the position of the elephant’s tail. On the bottom of the oval, what will be the two legs of the elephant. A line that joins both initial figures, to configure the entire body, and below the circle of the head, a sinuous line, which will be the base for the elephant’s trunk.

At this point, the drawing is not that it has a lot of elephant shape, but don’t despair, that with this base you will soon start to see how our elephant drawings are configured.

how to draw a baby elephant

And now we are going to start seeing the shape of our elephant. Once we have the entire base made, we will start by shaping the head, ear and tube. All this goes in a single stroke as you can see in the image of the next figure. You can see that the base is the stroke that we have already done before, but that the definitive figure almost in all the extension goes outside, except at the top of the trunk, which is where it makes contact with the circle of the head .

elephant drawing simple

Once we have defined the head, now we will complete the bottom of our elephant. The lines we had before the legs become the axes of the legs. Now let’s make the legs themselves, remembering that the elephants’ legs are quite thick. The same goes for the tube. The line we had was the axis of the tube: now we are going to make the entire tube, and joining with the head line we made in the previous step. To make the drawing more funny, we will make all the rounded corners, as you can see in the drawing of the following image.

elephant picture to draw

Now we have to complete the shape of the elephant’s back, which is going to be joined with the little tail that it has. In this way we have almost all the elements. On the line we made in the first step we will place a small circle that will be the eye, and that way we will have all the elements of our elephant ready.

elephant drawing image

Now the last step will be to highlight all the lines that will be the good ones already in our final drawing. How about? We had a nice elephant drawing, and that despite having a long explanation, once you do it a couple of times, you will already be an expert in making your elephant drawings.

how to draw a cute elephant

I hope you liked this tutorial and the whole page with our elephant drawings. If you liked it, you can put us a comment and share our page on your social networks. I also invite you to continue exploring our page because you can find very curious and useful things, for example:

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