Happy birthday coloring page – Download free birthday coloring pages

When we want to honor a friend or family member, we would like to give them something that is our own creation. But we feel without the necessary capacities to do something special.

For those cases, we have prepared this article, where you will find different happy birthday coloring pages. On the one hand, it is something that you have not created, but that you can give your personal touch through the colors. I am sure that person will love what you give them, because it will mean that it is important to you because you dedicated your time to it.

Happy birthday coloring pages free

The best of what you will find in this article is that all the happy birthday coloring pages are totally free. We even give you the possibility to download some in high resolution, and without having to pay anything for it, so here we go with those birthday coloring.

Happy Birthday printable

coloring happy birthday printable

Image that you are seeing above is one of the best models of birthday greetings to color that we have prepared.

In this image, we see a handmade card, with letters wishing a happy birthday to another person, and decorated with a typical element of birthday parties: balloons.These elements have been decorated in different ways, with lines and circles, in order to have a greater possibility of variation when coloring.I hope you enjoy coloring this image a lot, and that the person you give it to is also very happy with this gift.You can download this greeting card in high resolution from the link below.

Birthday Coloring Pages for free

We give you a second birthday greeting card, ready to color, and that you can download completely free of charge.
You have the option to download it in high definition, and as you can see in the thumbnail above, it’s one more design
Elaborated. Some original happy birthday letters for you, and some birthday hats, a multicolored balloon and a
pretty cake with candles complete the design.
You can download these cards, to color with colored pencils, or watercolors or fibers of any kind.
Even if you dare, and have the means, you can paint it digitally to achieve a professional result.
In the link below you have the possibility to download the image in high resolution, and we are satisfied that
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Printable happy birthday coloring pages

happy birthday coloring pages printable

In this congratulations card, we have prepared a very childish drawing, and at the same time cute. On a birthday, you always think about gifts, and that is why we have put a typical box with a huge ribbon decoration to close it. In addition to this, you have a balloon with a nice smiling face, completing the card with the English phrase of happy birthday, and decorations of stars and hearts, dedicated to that special person for you.

You can also download this card model at a higher quality through the link below.

Birthday card coloring pages

happy birthday coloring card

And a cake cannot be missing on a birthday, and that is what we find in this other birthday greeting card that you can download in high resolution.

In this card we have also put the happy birthday in English, and playing with the letters and words, to make an original and modern composition.

The drawing of the card is completed with a balloon and some pennants, and you will find it ready to color from the link that we leave you below. I hope you enjoy painting this card, as well as the person you are going to give it to.


More happy birthday coloring sheets

birthday card printable coloring

From here you will see other happy birthday cards, made in digital format, on the computer, but drawn entirely by hand, so that they really look like your work. You have some very interesting models, so you can give them to whoever you want.

An example is the image above, where you can see a cake floating because it is hanging from a group of balloons. You can’t miss the happy birthday phrase, and some hearts and birthday hats complete the scene.


boy happy birthday coloring pages

In this case we give you a simpler coloring card in terms of variety of drawings, but with more opportunity to color. It is that here you can find a good amount of balloons, that if you paint one of each color they will give you an incredible color. In the middle appears the phrase of happy birthday, and in the lower part a group of typical cake candles, which you can also paint as you like. Without a doubt, you can have a very nice card.


happy birthday free printable birthday cards to color

In the card that you have above, we wanted to do something more spring-like, with a set of flowers that are the same as each other, but that you can paint in different colors to make a pretty birthday card. Hats, hearts and stars complete a nice greeting for your friends.

Look at this cards of happy birthday

birthday coloring pictures

A birthday greeting card for dad, or an uncle or some older man. Here we put a mustache and a hat to the phrase Happy Birthday, and everything is decorated with hearts. I am sure that you will be able to make a nice birthday card with this material. Cheer up…

happy birthday coloring printable

Happy birthday card in color

birthday coloring book

After all the happy birthday cards to color that we have brought you, we have also wanted to bring you some of those same ones colored by me. On the one hand to give you an idea of ​​what you can do yourself, and if you don’t even feel like painting, if you want you can download them like this, painted and give them to whoever you want.

As you can see, they are the same models as before, to which we have put color.

happy birthday images coloring pages

Here’s another one in which we wanted to give you the idea of ​​flowers painted with different colors. As for the birthday hats, we have given them a single color, but they have stripes, which you can paint in different colors, if you want to get something more vivid.

happy birthday color page


birthday cards to color


unicorn happy birthday coloring pages

If you want to see more articles within the Coloring Pages section, you will see different interesting options. Among those we recommend the duck drawings, in which you will find digital and handmade drawings to color. You can also see fish drawings, where you will find some drawings colored by me on the computer, to give you an idea of ​​what can be done. A very fun article is the one with drawings for children, while for fans of comics, you will find an article with anime drawings to color.


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