Mouse drawing – How to draw a mouse

Mouse drawing can be in multiple forms. In this article we will focus on the drawings of cartoon mice, and we will also present a small tutorial, so that in addition to being able to color the drawings of the mice we are going to show you, you can also learn to draw your own mouse.

To learn how to make easy mouse drawings, sometimes you don’t need much domain. Only having some images of mice in drawings can guide you, either to copy what you see or even, with a little imagination, to invent your own drawings of funny mice.

Mouse drawing easy


In the drawings of mice, we start showing you this image that, while it is very cute to color, is an option to learn to draw your own mice.

It is the image of a mouse that is as if it were being viewed from above. What you are seeing is a pencil drawing, very quickly. You can download it to color it, but I will also show you in a few steps, how you can draw it yourself.

How to draw easy mice

The first thing you have to do is draw an equilateral triangle, with the base at the top of the drawing. That triangle is going to be the basis for making the mouse body.

Once you have the triangle drawing, you can start to configure the body shape. The cusp of the triangle, which you have on the back, you will start to round it in such a way that you configure the mouse’s snout. Do you see it in the finished drawing? Something similar is what you have to do at the top. The triangle has a straight base. The mouse ends in a curved shape, so you start rounding the back of the mouse.

The next step is to make the ears. Approximately in the middle of the sides of the triangle, and symmetrically, you will make two circles, with half inward and half outward. At this moment you already have the basics of the complete mouse, and now you can start to make the details, to get drawings of running mice.

You can start making the details of the mouse face: at the bottom end you have to make another triangle with rounded tips. That is the nose. From there to the sides you can draw the whiskers.

Between the ears and the nose you must put your eyes. In this case there are two ovals with a circle inside. The inner circle can be painted black, which would be the pupil.

In the drawing of the eyes you can vary different options, depending on the skill you are taking with the drawing. If you add some eyes of the cartoon type, you will get a nice mouse drawing.

The last thing left to complete the mouse drawing is the tail. You can give it the length you want, making curves.

At this point, all you need is to highlight the drawing to finish it. You should highlight everything you’ve drawn before. Keep in mind that the circle of the ears should not be remarked completely, but a blank piece remains. To finish the drawing you can do it with the same pencil, tightening more, or you can also use pen or some fiber to get more strength to your drawing. The following, and that I leave to your liking, is what to paint it. I hope it fits you very well.

Pencil Mouse Drawing


We continue with our pencil drawings of mice. Here we start with a list of drawings of cartoon mice, that is to say they have a typical cartoon style. They are drawings that perhaps could be done as cartoons, or be comic characters.

In the case of the drawing that I am showing you before, you can see a mouse that is in a typical image of shyness. The interesting thing to discover the gesture are the details in the form of body placement. In a cartoon drawing, it is of great importance to use the lines of action. These are the ones that give dynamism to a drawing. In this picture drawing, there is a clear line of action that starts at the neck and goes to the foot, in a curved shape. This line of action is used to give the backward arched shape of the body. With this posture, the arms are back, and the mouse is held with one hand of the elbow of the other arm, giving the feeling of shyness in the shape of the body. With the feet that come together, the shyness of the mouse is reinforced.

Cartoon mouse drawing – Head

I have left for the end the theme of the character’s head, since his features are very important to determine the drawing of a cartoon. The eyes are very important when giving expression to a drawing. In this case I opted for big eyes, which mix with each other. The eyebrows themselves are the upper limits of the head. In the mouse nose there is an exaggeration in terms of length, since the mouse drawing allows it, and the nose itself ends up marking a shy smile. The drawing is completed with the ears and mustaches. The bigger the ears are made, the funnier the character will be.

Easy to make mouse drawings

mouse to coloring

We continue with our easy-to-make mouse drawings. Here we see another drawing of a mouse of a cartoon style. Here we see that the gesture is totally different from what I told you before. In this case, the gesture is innocent. We could say that he is an innocent character or that he is a bit of a fool. On the face, what gives that feeling is the shape of the mouth, half open and marking a simple smile. Having your eyes together increases the feeling of innocence. And if we go to the body, we see how the mouse drawing confirms that gesture through having a raised hand, giving the feeling that what you are going to do is suck your finger. In this mouse drawing, we see that it could be easily transformed into a kangaroo: putting the pocket in the belly could already transform into this animal. It’s the beauty of drawing, that many things can be represented very easily.

When we make the drawings of mice, trying to make them cartoons type, the elements of the face are the fundamental ones to achieve good results. Cartoon characters should always be friendly, even if they are evil characters. For example, for everyone to understand with a known example. Among Walt Disney’s drawings, Pete the black is the bad character. However, nobody can deny that he is a very nice character.

Pretty mouse drawing

how to draw a cute mouse

Continuing with the drawings of pretty mice, here is another cartoon mouse drawing. This drawing is very nice. The prominent belly shown by the character makes it very particular. In the face, the big tooth it has is very funny, inside a head that has the shape of an oval. The ears have a very large size, which gives a very funny proportion.

Images of infant mice

sleeping mouse drawing

These images of coloring mice can be painted the way you want, even with the colors you want. It is not bad to make a mouse drawing in red for example. It would be very original of you.

simple mouse drawing

draw to coloring

beautiful mouse to coloring

mouse with guitar

mouse drawing coloring

mouse drawing easy
mouse cartoon drawing
key mouse drawing
look this mouse draw

easy draw of a mouse

draw a mouse
a fat mouse

digital draw of a mouse

mister mouse

easy mouse drawing

beautiful mouse
how to draw a cartoon mouse

cute mouse drawing

easy draw to draw a mouse
cute mouse drawing
baby mouse drawing
mouse drawing

So far my mouse drawings. I hope you liked them. Keep visiting the web, because there are many other fun things, like this:

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