Funny witch drawing flying on broom

We are going to prepare you a good group of witch drawings to color, because I know that you will like them a lot.

Witches are supposed to be terrifying beings, however they tend to be very nice when it comes to cartoons, and that is what I want to bring you in this article: a good number of drawings of different witches, where most are cartoons, for that you can download them, print and then paint as you like. Surely the witches are not usually very colorful, but in the first drawing I have put it in colors so you can see that you can make beautiful drawings colored with witches.

Witch silhouette flying

scary witch drawing

As in all kinds of drawings, there are different styles and especially drawings of different levels, to adapt to each person. Coloring drawings can be used from the youngest children to the oldest, since the coloring action is very relaxing and is a very fun entertainment.

That’s why I started thinking about the little ones, placing this image of a silhouette of a witch. The little ones won’t even worry about painting without getting out of the lines. They will put their colors to work inside the figure and outside if necessary.

drawing a bad witch

n this case we have a very elegant witch, who even has a pearl necklace. However, he gives his hat and his huge nose with a large wart that makes it clear what kind of character it is. In case there is any doubt, you have in your hand a typical witch’s broom, which not only serves to sweep, but is your means of transport to fly.

This drawing is a beautiful cartoon that you can paint anyway, as you like.

coloring pages

The witch has already taken flight on her broom and is surely about to do some spell. Here you have another cartoon, but in this case it is a cartoon that aims more at children, with more rounded features and framed figures in a simple way and without too many strokes, so that children can easily color.

witch line drawing

And here we give a touch of tenderness to the witch. It is a girl witch, or a girl disguised as a witch. He even has his own broom, of course on his scale. It is a nice drawing to put more color, since it has striped socks in which you can see to put colors in the elements, both in the socks, as in the dress and hat.

Pretty drawings of flying witches

baby witch

Typical image of the witch is flying on top of her broom. That is why here you will find several drawings of witches made in this way, and ready to color. These drawings are variable. This is how the one you have above this paragraph has a cartoon witch, with huge eyes and sitting on the broom as if it were a delicate lady. The image of the girl has nothing to do with the image we always make of witches, those ugly old women. It’s the good thing about making cartoons, which allows you to give it the air you want.


In this case, as in the previous one, it does not seem to be the typical ugly old woman. It is only about the silhouette of the witch, but from the profile it can be deduced that she is also a young girl flying on the broom, and takes her cat on the tip of the broom. The drawing is completed with two flying bats, to give the witch’s terrifying appearance, but in reality it is a very nice picture.

witch cartoon drawing

Now there is an old woman, but her face is that of a good grandmother. What happens is that she is dressed as a witch, and does not neglect the broom she has in her hand. The dress is so long that you can’t even see your feet. The hair is typical of the witch, the same as the hat, but she wears glasses and a look and smile that make her a very tender grandmother.

drawing a witch

And now we finally arrive at a drawing where a witch from the stories is seen: with a very large nose, thin and long hands, the pointed jaw, an evil look, to which all the complements are added typical of witches. On his head is the inevitable witch hat, long dress, pointed shoes and the typical broom are the elements that complement this evil witch.

If you look closely, it is the drawing that at the beginning I put it already colored. It looked pretty good, but I could have left it even better if I placed areas of intense shadow, to make it more terrifying. I’m going to let you do that in your drawing. Cheer up !!

witch drawing

Another thing that always relates to witches is making magic potions, and here we have an old witch about to throw a lizard to complete the spell. The face of the witch, despite being old and ugly is very nice. These drawings can be very fun to color.

cute witch

And now we have a girl disguised as a witch. He has a false nose held with a thread that passes behind his head, a hat and a cape. These coloring pages of witches can be very fun. If this costume exists in reality, more than one would like to wear it.

witch for kids

A babe with a magic wand. It could be a good fairy, but it has the witch hat. Anyway it is possible that it is a good witch. It is a cartoon that could be part of a witch cartoon. Would you like to learn how to make cartoons? Soon I will upload some articles where I can teach you to make the funniest cartoons. I don’t know if others will have fun, but I assure you that you will have a great time.

Coloring pages of cartoon witch

witch drawing easy

Do you like the coloring and painting drawings I’m leaving you here? I hope so because I prepared them with great desire to give on this website.

In the image above we have another drawing to paint of a witch in an easy drawing for children. If they are encouraged they can even draw it, because it is easy to draw. It is a witch who is taking flight on her broom, and has a very simple profile, where only a large nose, and a large jaw protrude. Dare to copy this drawing and then paint it. If you dare send it to me by mail and I can incorporate it into the article, putting your name, so everyone will see that you are included in the page.

drawing of a witch

Are you painting the drawings I leave you? Here you have another opportunity with this witch who is a little chubby. She is very happy straining on the broom. It is an unusual image of a witch, because they always draw them thin and tall, so here you have an original witch drawing to paint as you like.

drawing a witch face

Also funny are the witch’s head drawings, because the facial features are best seen. This is what happens with this drawing of a witch who is smiling and happy. When you laugh you can see that he only has one tooth in his mouth and a huge wart on the tip of his nose.

pretty witdh drawing

Witch drawing easy

easy witch drawing

Here you have an easy witch drawing. If you look closely, head and hat are like a very long drop of water. Once you make the drop, you incorporate the brim of the hat and the elements of the face: eyes, big nose, deformed and mouth. For the body, a simple rectangle is enough, and from there you add the elements you want. This is a simple witch drawing for everybody.

cartoon witch drawing

Witch cartoon drawing

three witches

This nice drawing shows a cartoon drawing of three witches who are preparing their magic potion in a huge cauldron. I hope you have fun painting this drawing.

easy drawing for coloring

And continuing with the cartoon witch drawings, in this other image you can see a witch girl flying on her broom. The girl’s face is very nice, which is a scene in which fear is not wanted to be transmitted.

The little witch is accompanied by her friends, a cat with a face that denotes the speed she is flying on the broom, and behind her is a bat.


flying at the moon

Cute witch drawing – Witch on broom drawing

drawing for coloring
nice drawing

Scary witch drawing – How to draw a bad witch

evil witch

A girl witch on broom

flying witch
best drawing for coloring

This drawing is lovely. The witch is clinging to her broom with all her mouth open and a marked smile. The eyebrows seem to contrast with the huge smile, and gives the witch a crazy look that makes her more sympathetic. Coloring this drawing is very funny, because you can see that it has a striped hat that you can paint with fun colors to give this witch a different air.

Girls witch drawings

best drawing

The drawings that point to children are rather received by them when it comes to children’s drawings. In this drawing there is a girl disguised as a girl who is with her pumpkin full of candy. Take the broom in the other hand, and you can see the moon and a cloud to complete the drawing.

bat and witch

Another girl you have in this drawing. In this case he is carrying a suitcase and you can see behind two bats that make the space a little gloomy.

beautiful witch dra

A pretty young witch is flying on her broom. He takes his cat, his inseparable pet, mounted on the end of the broom. Witches are always represented as old women, but if we start thinking, we realize that at some point they will have been young. That is why it is not so crazy to make these types of coloring pages.

witch hat drawing

And we finish this article with the witch drawings to color with the head of this bad witch who is looking at you and is telling you: If you do not share this article I will get angry! Hahahaha, just kidding. What is not a joke is that I would like you to share this article on your social networks, so that others can take you to see the drawings.

Keep browsing the entire web, especially in Coloring Pages, because you will find many pleasant surprises for you.

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