Digital drawing

Digital drawing is one of the most modern branches of art. On this page we are going to tell you details about this technique, and you will have an index of all the articles about digital drawing that you can find on our website.

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How to draw digitally

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To know how to draw digitally, you must first know what the means are for doing so.

The best known for this type of drawing is through the computer.

Even on the computer, you have to know that there are different ways to do it. We have to have appropriate software, which we will talk about later, and then have external tools.

Personal computers have the mouse, which would be the first tool with which to make the digital drawing. However it is the least convenient. Starting drawing with the mouse is fine to get to know the software and even to speak the hand for drawing on the computer.

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But if you want to go seriously with the illustration on the computer, you will need more advanced tools. It is essential to have a tablet, which is a small screen on which you will draw with a pencil, all in digital mode.

You will find these tablets of two types: one is the one you draw on your tablet, but you see the result on the computer screen, and the other in which you directly see the work on the tablet screen, that is to say It works as it were if you were drawing with paper and pencil.

You can also do digital drawing on other devices such as tablets or smartphones.

Digital drawing pad

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Computer drawing

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Digital drawing is a form of artistic technique, where the tool used is the computational process, for the execution of works.

There are different software that what they do is convert the input movements, which are in an analog function, to digital.

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In digital drawing, the techniques used are very similar to traditional drawing techniques. The software emulates more and more the possibility of drawing as if it were a pencil and paper.

Digital drawing techniques

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In artistic drawing, the techniques can be divided into dry and wet, so we can know coal, cake, graphite, waxes, colored pencils among some of the dry techniques. Among the wet ones we can mention markers, watercolors, ink among others.

Digital drawing techniques can emulate any of the aforementioned, with electronic systems that are part of our daily lives.

Digital drawing: advantages

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Digital drawing has many advantages. The possibilities of image processing in digital drawing are endless, and some effects are very difficult to achieve in traditional techniques.

Qualities of digital drawing are also high, and are easy to modify. For example, the work in layers allows us to easily return to previous states of the drawing, being able to correct errors that in the traditional drawing is impossible.

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When software is well known, innovative and highly original works can be performed. Knowing how to handle digital drawing programs is not synonymous with drawing well, so that the artistic remains in the artist’s hand.

Online software

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Best known digital drawing software are Photoshop, Illustrator, Corel Draw, among others.

But there are many software that can be used online, which are generally free, and that can be used without the need for implementation on the device being used. They are accessed through a web page, yes, their proper functioning will depend on the quality of the internet connection we have.

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How to draw a horse

Thus, among the existing online software we can mention Artpad, Bezier-curve, Graffiti Play Do, Photoshop Free, Flockdraw, Sumo Paint, Super Sketchy.

Digital drawing tutorials

On this website we show you different digital drawing tutorials, so that you gradually learn to draw on your computer. The tutorials are presented in different software and at different levels, so that everyone can find what interests them. We also thank you if you tell us what you think, and give us suggestions about what you would like to see on this page.