Christmas tree drawing

Hi friends. Here we are with an article in which we have been making some drawings of Christmas trees, using the digital drawing technique, in which we have tried to put originality, in such a way as to do something different and that you may like. Not only can you download the drawings in medium quality, but we have selected the best drawings, and we make them available to download in high resolution PDF, so that you can use it in your Christmas gift cards.

Download an original Christmas tree drawing


Christmas trees are one of the symbols that always remind us of the end of the year holidays. In this article we are encouraged to prepare a few drawings, but trying to be very original drawings, so that the typical Christmas tree remains for other types of pages. We have thought that perhaps you might want to prepare your own Christmas greeting cards, doing totally original things and different from what everyone else does. For that we have prepared these drawings of Christmas trees, but we want to give you some to download in high resolution, so you can use it to prepare something of quality, and you can print it with good results. First of all we leave you this drawing that you see in the image above. As you can see, we maintain the typical shape of the Christmas pine, but with a totally original style. Below you will see the link to download this tree in PDF, with high resolution.

Second Christmas tree to download


Here’s a second Christmas tree drawing form to download. In this case we have a multicolored drawing. The Christmas pine is formed with colored circles, which will give you a new image for your Christmas cards. If you liked this image, below you will see a link so that you can download it in high resolution, as always, totally free, and so that you can use it as you want.





Christmas tree drawing easy

Now we bring you more Christmas tree drawings, so you can make them yourself. We have many ideas to make original drawings, for now they are these, but soon we will be adding more drawings.

We love this design. It is a single line that forms the tree. It is a very visual, modern and colorful design that can bring your Christmas cards to life. In this case we have made green balls, but you can put them in multicolored, and the star above can be more or less big.

Continuing with very geometric graphics, we present a tree with lines that go to the point above, which ends with a star. It is a very minimalist tree drawing, where few lines and colors give you a clear sense of what you want to represent.

In this example we continue with the geometry, but giving it a totally different touch. In this case the tree is simply a green triangle. The classic balls were transformed into squares, which are joined with the red lines that represent the garlands that we always place on the trees.

In this other Christmas tree, we have a conjunction of geometric and symbolic design. The tree is made up of spirals that make up the pine triangle, and what would be the trunk is a candy in the shape of a cane with the typical colors of Christmas.

Non- geometric Christmas tree drawing

Within the drawings of Christmas trees that we have prepared, so far we show you many in which we use a rather geometric style. In this first image, we show you a tree that gives the feeling of being an abstract painting, with a red stroke that goes where it wants. However, the abstract is not such, but it is forming the Christmas tree. Another line makes the leg of the tree, and a strange star appears at the top. The drawing is completed by Christmas balls, in blue, but you can apply much more color if you want, or do it as is. But we have other options also in this style, which we are going to show you below. For example, in the drawing that you are going to see below, we decided to return to the green color for the typical tree, but in this case we also tried to make a drawing by hand, in lines that form the pine in stripes, to which we added the typical elements so that the tree is perfectly made. If you compare these drawings you will see that they have nothing to do with what we were showing at the beginning.

In this other drawing we see a total simplification of the tree. A vertical like a trunk from which horizontal branches like a branch clearly configure the Christmas tree. From that you can make the balls in any way you want. Clearly we put that intention by making balls rounder, more oval or whatever, trying to project an idea of ​​chance.


Traditional Christmas tree drawing


And we wanted to end this article so far with at least one more traditional drawing of Christmas trees. Surely everyone can recognize these types of drawings, for which you do not need further explanation. We hope you liked the drawings that we brought you. Within our website we have much more to show you, so I recommend that you continue visiting the different Easy Drawings articles, and that you share with us that taste for drawing.

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