Dinosaur drawings – How to draw a dinosaur step by step

Do you like dinosaur drawing? Surely, yes, otherwise you would not be here at this moment.

dinosaur drawing

If you like it, it means that you are one of mine, and that is why I have prepared this article with a good number of drawings of dinosaurs made by me. They are digital drawings, that is, I have made them on the computer.

How to draw a dinosaur easy

It is good to have the images of the drawings to be able to copy them, but many people like the videos more, to see the order in which they are drawing things. That’s why I bring you this video about how to draw an easy dinosaur.

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Drawings of dinosaurs coloring

how to draw a raptor dinosaur

I put an image of a dinosaur as if it were the cover of the article. As you can see it is already painted. I have also colored it on the computer. I’m going to make a video and I show you how to do that coloring, in case you’re interested in working on the computer. But since the kids love coloring pictures, now I’m going to put a few dinosaurs so you can print them for free, and color them.

Generaly, I like caricatures much more than realistic drawings, so practically all the drawings you’ll find here are dinosaur cartoons so you can color them to your liking.

dinosaur drawing for kids

The good thing about the caricature is that you can make your drawings as you wish. Then you can make some animals that are fearsome, especially for the size they had, with a very nice face, as is the case of this drawing that I have put you up.

dinosaur drawings for coloring

And whatever the species may be, babies are always a love. That’s why you have here a baby dinosaur drawing that is sitting, with a tremendous innocent face. I’m sure you’ll like it. I loved it, and I’m probably going to color it to use later in my products.

Dinosaur drawing free for you

draw a dinosaur step by step

I’m going to tell you some tricks when it comes to drawing cartoons, so that you not only limit yourself to get a dinosaur drawing to print, but also encourage you to draw your own drawings. In the cartoons the faces are fundamental to give expression to the character that we are drawing. In general, when you draw a picture, try to make a drawing that is not symmetrical. What does this mean? A drawing is symmetrical when you part it by a line in half, and exactly what is on one side is repeated to the other, as if it were a mirror. This takes a drawing life. If you look at the Disney drawings, you will see that this never happens.

Then, with this trick, you can see the detail of the eyes of my drawing above. The eyes are not the same size. This is something unnatural, but it works very well. An example of this is in the Phineas and Ferb series, this last character has eyes like that.

dinosaur drawing with colors

Here is another clear characteristic of the cartoons. The heads are usually very large with respect to the body. This dinosaur with an angry face has a good head, which always gives him a very nice character, although the expression is angry.

Dinosaurs drawings to print and color

how do you draw a dinosaur

Here I have put a dinosaur drawing to color ideal for the little ones. It is a dinosaur with a very nice face, and apparently it is young. Young children often feel identified with those who are also small and that is why this cute dinosaur drawing is going to love them.

dinosaur cartoon drawing images

In this other drawing we already find a dinosaur with more of a rogue face. He’s sitting there eating ice cream, and his bulging eyes make it look funny.

learn to draw dinosaurs

When I look at this dinosaur drawing, the first thing that comes to mind are the floats in the pool. It will be because right now I am in summer and I really want to be swimming. The spots on the back of the dinosaur, more than spots, give me the impression of patches, so it would be very funny if you painted each one a color, as if the dinosaur was made of cloth and is completely patched.

dinosaur easy to draw
raptor dinosaur drawing
dinosaur drawing easy

Drawings of kawaii dinosaurs

kawaii drawing

This type of drawings always triumphs. The drawings called kawaii drawings come from Japanese culture. It can be translated as beautiful or also tender. The concept kawaii can be applied to different aspects, such as toys, or food or personal habits. In the kawaii drawings, it is the same. These are drawings with a tender appearance, where they are always characterized by very large eyes and a very friendly face in general.

black and white dinosaur drawing

In some dinosaur drawings you can have more fun than in others, because they have differentiated surfaces, so you can apply different colors. This is the case of the image you have above, where you can apply different colors. Print this drawing for free several times and you can paint it in different colors, to see which one you like the most.

step by step drawing dinosaurs

This drawing is very funny, and it is very good to color because it has many different parts, so you spend all the colored pencils you want in it.

old drawings of dinosaurs

The drawing with which the article started, and which is colored, because here you have it without coloring. It is a very nice and nice drawing that you can paint as I did or make your own version. Whatever you do, I’m sure you’ll be very nice. When you paint it tell me in the comments how you fit.

how to draw a dinosaur easy

If of cute drawings of dinosaurs, this one that you have above is one of those that takes the palm. We caught him in mid-flight, and apparently he’s very happy. It is a nice drawing for you to enjoy coloring.

dinosaur t rex drawing

This dinosaur looks like it is looking for something, we help it find it? For now, you can help him find his colors, because the poor have none. I have no idea what color this animal had, so you have full freedom to paint the color you like the most. What do you think if it was yellow or fuchsia?

Drawings of baby dinosaurs

baby dinosaur drawing

I already told you above, that babies are always very nice. Dinosaurs are already fearsome animals, as far as we know. However, the magic of the caricature can make a baby dinosaur as sweet as it gets. This is the case of this image above, where a baby dinosaur is coming out of its shell right now. It is a nice drawing that I also commit to coloring and putting in a while in this article, because I think I use it to make personalized t-shirts or mugs to give as a gift.

dinosaur pencil drawing

This other baby dinosaur is very happy. He has a broad smile, so we can guess he is very happy. They are pretty drawings of dinosaurs so you can print and color them to your liking.

easy dinosaur drawing

I hope I left you satisfied with my article about dinosaur drawings. Little by little I will be adding more images, so you can visit it again in a while.

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