Ghost drawing – How to draw a ghost easy

When I think of ghost drawings, the first thing that comes to mind is that they are scary characters. However, when we sketch anything, we are the masters of paper and pencil. That’s why we can make a very nice, cute, silly ghost drawing, or with the characteristic you want.

cute ghost drawing

What do you think of this kind of animated ghosts? What does it look totally professional? That’s the good thing about making some drawings on the computer, that is, what is known as digital.

What you see is the ghost completely over, but I’m going to tell you step by step how this image that seems to be of cartoon ghosts was made.

Inicial ghost drawing

simple ghost

The processes for drawing ghost drawings, as well as any other drawing on the computer, do not have a single possible system. There are several options. I’m going to tell you how I made this ghost drawing.

The first step to make this ghost to print was in Photoshop. Using the pencil tool, I start doing it just as I would on a pencil paper. We must not forget to do it with a new layer, not at the bottom, so that we can hide it when we deem it necessary.

Working that way you can trace everything you want until you see it as you like. In the image you can see that there are many strokes.

Advanced ghost drawings

ghost rider drawing

Here I put the drawing of the finished ghost. I left you the work of the previous stage so you can see that in this case the lines can still correct things that do not seem quite right to us from the initial sketch. This stage is also made in photoshop, with the pencil tool a little thicker than the previous one, and in black color. In the previous step I did not say that I was drawing it in a shade of gray.

my ghost

In the previous case, the highlighting of the drawing was done with the pencil in a thickness that did not leave me completely satisfied. I wanted to make this ghost with more presence, thicker. That is why I put you here this other image: it is also made in Photoshop, but the pencil in this case is much thicker. In this case I like it more.

As you can see in this last drawing, sometimes the stroke looks a bit shaky. For this not to happen, it takes a lot of practice. Therefore do not worry if you do not get well input. Sometimes it is good to start making strokes without more, even if it is a meaningless drawing. It is difficult when you begin to draw with the computer, which is a line that looks firm, but with practice it can be achieved.

Halloween coloring pages

ghost drawing

What we had seen so far was completely done in Photoshop. But now I’m going to show you the next step that I did, so you can evaluate yourself what you can do.

In this case I took the initial drawing of Photoshop, and went to work in Illustrator. I sinned it in a layer, and created a new layer to start drawing on it.

Here you also have two work options: or you draw with the brush, as they say freehand. This is because Ilustrator accommodates the strokes leaving him very well. But the most professional way is using the pen, to make the drawing with vectors that is more perfect, and even then you can correct it if something does not convince you. In the case of my drawing, the general thing is made with vectors, and the details are freehand. As you can see the final result of these ghost drawings are very good.

Ghost drawing finished

cute ghost drawing

And we just need to color the ghost drawing.

Ghost cartoon drawing

how to draw a ghost on a pumpkin

Ghost drawings are ideal for children, because in general they are very easy ways to copy. In the example above you have a ghost with a little added complexity: it is the witch hat that has the ghost. However, the character’s drawing is very easy to do.

ghost of christmas past drawing

In this other ghost drawing, there is a dark combination, since in addition to the fear that a ghost gives, the clothes he wears seem to be death.

It is an easy drawing to draw, and anyone in the family can do it.

simple ghost drawing

This other ghost has helmets, seems to be listening to music, and has a happy face.

cartoon drawings of ghosts

In this cartoon ghost drawing, the meaning of it changes completely. Despite being a ghost a scary character, however the face of this cartoon is very nice, which changes the perception. That is the good thing about the cartoon drawing, which can be given character to anything or person that is represented.

cod ghost drawing

In this other drawing of the special ghosts, we also have one that we could incorporate into the category of kawaii drawings, because being a ghost, it looks like an adorable character, with that flushed cheekbones and big eyes.

halloween ghost drawings

In this other drawing, also of ghost caricature, the design is very different. It is full of tips, and a heart-shaped mouth and tongue, also to give the character a touch of tenderness.

real ghost drawing

And here you have another ghost, which seems to be scaring, with his tongue out. The detail of one eye larger than the other gives a funny touch to an easy ghost drawing.

Casper the friendly ghost

casper the friendly ghost

Within the cartoon ghost drawings, surely the best known is Casper, also known as the Gasparin ghost. This cartoon character is a very tender ghost, and that’s why I wanted to put a section with some drawings of him. In the image above you have it flying and at the same time waving.

casper the friendly ghost cast

Now we see Casper very happy, laughing with desire for what is happening. Without a doubt, he is a very sweet character.

casper ghost names

In this other image, we have Casper waving again and flying, although in this case he is doing it on a broom, to give a touch to the ghost combined with witch. It is a very funny drawing to learn to draw.

images of casper the friendly ghost

In this other image we have Casper a little thoughtful.

Ghost coloring pages

how to draw ghost eyes

Other cartoons also used ghosts to create their characters. Here we have this ghost, which is one of the characters in the Gumball series. Here you have it for coloring as you want.

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