Love drawings – Drawings for Valentine’s Day

love drawings

The love drawings that I bring you in this article are going to love you.

They are easy drawings of love, but they will help you to include them in a card you make to give to a loved one.

For example, in the drawing above, there is a little girl with a face in love clutching a big heart. If you add a beautiful phrase to this picture, you will have a beautiful love card to give as a gift.

Love drawings for girls

love drawings for her

Girls tend to be more romantic than boys, so you have to take care of them and pamper them. One of the ways to do it is with this kind of love drawings, so that they feel loved.

A teddy bear always conveys a tender image, and in the drawing above, the bear is holding a heart pillow. If you give this you will look great with the other person.

love drawings easy
  • The stars fill the sky, while your love fills my heart.
  • Even if loving you were a sin, it would be a criminal, because I am in love with you.
  • Your look is so sweet that I’m going to die of diabetes.
  • I wish it was a virus, to enter your body and stay in your heart.
  • When I was a child, they told me that I should not steal, even though I knew your love just kidnapping you.
love drawing ideas

Drawings and phrases to fall in love

  • There are those who swear to speak with God, who swears to travel to the stars, but the only wish I have is to fall in love with you, dear maiden.
  • I would love to be your light, illuminate your darkest days, make your soul shine.
  • Precious, not even Physics is as perfect as the brightness of your eyes.
  • I’ve been mentalizing myself all morning, to appear safe and strong at the moment of seeing you. But with your first word everything I forget and I soften again.
love birds drawing

  • Often, I would like to hug you and whisper in your ear that you drive me crazy… but for now, I can only send you this message saying that for you I would give it my all.
  • If you were the forest fairy, I would become Tarzan to find you.
  • Your hugs comfort me, your looks seduce me, your aroma makes me tender and your smiles make me fall in love.
  • My look becomes teary, when I see you with another happy and beautiful.
  • Distance separates us, but you do not escape my thoughts, and the further you are, the deeper my feelings are.
in love drawings
  • A thousand dedications and a million poems are not enough to tell you how much I love you.
  • Remember how much I love you, never forget it, since this eternal love, you will find in no one else.
  • Sooner or later they will condemn you for manslaughter, because whenever you smile at me, you melt me ​​and I lose consciousness.
  • I need you to return my words to me, since you took them from me the day I met you.
i love you drawings
  • Suddenly the clocks accelerated. I didn’t understand anything, but when you kissed me, I realized that I was in love.
  • Have you ever been told that you walk like a goddess?
  • Do you know who fills the emptiness of my soul? Who seduced me and conquered my heart? Well, nobody but you, my beautiful love.
  • If my teeth break, it is how sweet you are, my treat!
  • I can’t forget you since I love you madly, I could only try to get used to living away from you.
how to draw love
  • I spend the day thinking about you, but I will spend the rest of my life showing you how much I love you. Of course, if you let me …
  • My soul has just told me that it leaves my body, that it is going to look for you, that it misses you.
  • As much as I suffer and try to forget you, my mind is stubborn and insists on remembering you
  • Every morning I open my eyes thinking of you, asking the gods to sleep next to me that night.
drawing pictures of love
  • Those eyes that look at me, those fingers that caress my skin, those lips that taste like honey … Hold me always, honey, and never let go of me.
  • If you’re going to talk to me, tell me that you miss me, that you love me with all your soul, that you can’t live without me … Will you talk to me?
  • You say you love God for his great generosity, but I am tremendously generous with you and have not yet told me that you love me.
cute love drawings
  • Even though I’m on the other side of the puddle, I can’t stop thinking about you, it’s like you’re here with me, that helps me calm down.
  • Although the last postcard you sent me on fire burns, I still have it here, deep in my mind …
  • Some are afraid of dying, some are afraid of pain, but I, my darling, fear that you will get tired of my love.
  • You are the snake that stirs my belly …
tweety in love
  • Chocolate feeds my heart, and that’s why he loves you, sweetie.
  • In a dark place I find myself, I need you to come and enlighten me inside.
  • I am surprised that you still do not have a partner, because with how beautiful you are, you would lose your mind.
  • Even if you are not there, I can feel you, even if you do not speak, I can listen to you, and as much as you are not present, in my mind you accompany me everywhere.

Love coloring pages

tweety coloring pages

All these love drawings you saw so far, you will have them now in line drawing, in case you want to color them yourself. I’m going to start with the nice Tweety, in case you want to paint your own love drawings.

simple drawings of love

The teddy bear is ready for you to color. The good thing about this is that it can be the color you want.

pencil drawings of love

A coloring page for lovers. This rabbit is so in love that he is surrounded by hearts, and he has no eyes, but instead he also has hearts.

making love drawings

These drawings are special for Valentine’s day. Two hearts in love is a special coloring page to make your own love card to give to the person you love. Dare to download this drawing and create a fun love card for your partner.

Phrases in love

love you drawings
  • Last night I looked at the sky and began to give each star a reason why I love you so much. I lacked stars.
  • I wish I could talk to you, I wish I could smile at you, I wish I could hug you, but most of all I wish I could kiss you.
  • Your imperfections make you the perfect woman.
  • Give me the time you spend, and I will spend it on making you the happiest person on the planet.
  • I adore you as if you were a Saint of my religion, as if following my path to the sound of your heart.
love things to draw
  • I have written romantic novels on paper, but in my heart is my love for you, the most faithful.
  • I broke an orange in half and she alone moved towards your home, looking for you, because she knows that there is my other half-orange.
  • Your eyes are like two moons, and I always wanted to travel to the moon, now I understand my desire to be an astronaut.
  • Can you fill me the glass of love, please? I’m thirsty to love her.
love heart drawing
  • If this square were a field and people were pink, as I love you madly I would choose you, for being the most beautiful.
  • Your name may not be Alice, but you are wonderful.
  • I wouldn’t change a minute yesterday with you for a hundred years of life without you.
  • I will be a thief of minutes to spend more time with you.
  • Eyes that I will never get tired of looking at, lips that I will always want to kiss, but best of all, a heart that I will never stop loving.
love couple drawing
  • With my legs I walk, with my nose I breathe, with my head I think and with my heart I say “I love you” with all my love.
  • If one day I cannot look at you, for me it will be a dark day, because you are my only sun, the one that illuminates me, my love.
  • You are not human, because humans are not perfect.
  • A painter came down from the sky to paint your figure, but found no color for such beauty.
love cartoon drawings
  • It is beautiful to contemplate the sea from the sky, but it is even more so to caress your mouth with a kiss.
  • You are a beautiful landscape with which I want to delight, your eyes the flowers, your face the meadow and your mouth the sea.
  • That whitish and bright face, those eyes that caress me looking at me, those fingers that touch me at dawn and that love that fills me inside.
  • Never before has a love been seen equal to the one I feel for you; It does not fit in my heart, nor in this universe.
i love u drawings
  • Legend has it that from your bed you can travel to the top of the sky.
  • The destiny of our lips is to meet, why lengthen it further?
  • A happy castaway would be, if your mouth were the sea and I was a drifting sailor.
  • God got into debt with me, and that’s why he brought me to you.
  • I hallucinate with technology, that even a hottie like you is able to speak.
  • Last night I asked an angel to protect you while you were sleeping. After a while he came back and I asked him why he had returned. “An angel does not need another to protect him,” he replied.
cute love drawings for him
  • The most beautiful thing is that you are not aware of how beautiful you are and that innocence is what makes me most in love with you.
  • When they introduced us, I took a needle and released it in the middle of the sea, and when someone finds it I will not love you again.
  • Light does not exist if you do not enlighten me with your presence.
  • I don’t care if the hours, days and years go by; All I want is for all that time to pass by your side, princess.
  • You are the star of this universe.
birds in love coloring pages

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