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moon drawing

Moon drawing in the form of a cartoon are very funny some, others very tender.

In this article I bring you a good collection of images in cartoon of the moon, so you can enjoy them, you can download them to use as you want, and I also bring you the drawings of the moon ready to color. You can print them and then paint them in the way you like best.

Color Moon Drawings

simple moon drawing

Already in the header of the article you have one of the funniest cartoon moon drawings. It is a moon, with its craters and everything, laughing with all the desire.

The good thing about cartoons is that inanimate objects allow us to give them expressions and attitudes as we please. In this image above you have another moon drawing. In this case, we see the moon with a lost look, in an almost melancholic gesture.

crescent moon drawing

As the moon always comes out at night, the dream has a lot to do with our drawings of the moon. Here we see her totally asleep, to the point that she seems to be snoring. In the different drawings of the moon, the use of shading should be noted, in such a way that they imply that it is in low light, since it is only the sun that illuminates it from a distance.

moon drawing art

Now follow this other moon drawing. This is the same full moon at the beginning of the article, which was once very smiling, but now it seems very angry. A moon with its hands in a jug at the waist, without a doubt is a license that only in cartoons can we find.

drawing down the moon

Moon drawings related to the dream follow. Here we have a nice drawing of the moon, with tiny glasses and a nightcap. The glasses give us the feeling that the moon was reading a book before falling asleep.

moon line drawing

This other drawing is similar. Here the moon has not yet fallen completely into sleep, but the eyelid quite fallen from the eye betrays that it will not take long to fall asleep.

moon and stars drawing

The drawings of the moon are also good for illustrations for young children. Such is the case of the drawing we see above. It is a moon that is asleep, all surrounded by stars. With drawings like these you can make cards to greet the birth of a child, or you can even make vinyl to decorate the rooms of the babies.

moon pencil drawing

In the same style as the previous drawing, we have a moon where she herself is not a character for the first time, but a mouse has landed on her. From the moon hangs a star, therefore the moon is a hanger of those used in baby rooms, and on it slept this mouse that is very warm with a wool hat and scarf.

how to draw a moon

We return again to the drawings of the cartoon moon. Here we have the image of a moon with wide eyes and a smile on the lips. The lunar craters are very marked, and the face of the moon is very nice. Here the technique of making the eyes non-symmetrical was applied, but one is clearly larger than the other. It is a very simple technique that gives a cartoon a lot of life, by breaking the symmetry of the drawing.

how to draw a moon step by step

Another very nice cartoon of the moon. Here you can see that the rain is falling, because the moon is surrounded by clouds, and it has already opened its umbrella so as not to get wet. Even in moments before the rain, this moon is very happy.

a drawing of the moon

And here again the moon has fallen asleep, and a bear that has also fallen asleep has risen. It is another of the tender drawings of the moon that can be used to decorate the babies’ bedrooms.

Coloring Pages – Beautiful drawings

As I told you at the beginning, I will also leave all these drawings you saw before, but ready for you to color them to your liking. It is a good opportunity to practice your skills with colored pencils, tempera, watercolors or whatever you like best.

how to make a moon drawing

We start with the drawings to color with the same drawing with which we finished the previous section: the sleeping moon and the bear on top of it. As you have seen in the drawings that I have colored, the moon can be given different colors. In general it can be seen yellow or almost white, although in some drawings I have also used bluish tones to define it. Here the bear is dressed in a nightgown to sleep. You can use this item to create a touch of different color.

sun and moon drawing

What I used to call an image to decorate baby bedrooms, I have painted it in yellows and oranges. It is a good option, but it is open to your creativity how you can paint this drawing. Maybe the stars could be colored too.

cartoon moon drawing

The moon cartoon has different parts for you to paint as you want. Beyond the moon itself, you have for example the gloves that I painted them in white, but you can make them in another color. Also the eyes, which in my drawing are black, could be brown or colored.

sailor moon drawing

The drawing of the mouse sleeping on the moon hanger is another beautiful drawing that you can paint any way you want.

half moon drawing

In the drawing of the moon with a sleeping hat, the cap can be painted each part of one color: the cap itself of one, the bottom of another, and the pompom of another. Even the hat can have drawings, like stars or circles, and it will be very beautiful.

full moon drawing

The craters may be darker than the surface of the moon, because it is deeper and therefore gives more shade. They are details in which they can make a very beautiful drawing of the moon.

easy moon drawing

Here the moon has two circles on the cheeks. These can be reddish, to give a touch of color. The umbrella, as it has stripes, could also be multicolored.

moon drawing easy

In this drawing there are not many things to paint. It is only the moon. Here the strength of the drawing is to work with the shadows, so that it looks like a three-dimensional drawing.

how to draw a full moon

In this new drawing you have the surface of the moon plus the craters with which you can create an attractive surface. You also have your mouth open with eyes and tears. You can give different colors to everything to create a very nice painting.

how to draw a moon easy
how to draw a half moon

So far the drawings of the moon. I hope you liked them a lot. I ask you to share it on your social networks, so that other people also know the web.

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