Motorcycle drawing – How to draw a motorcycle

motorcycle drawing

Knowing the amount of motorcycle lovers, but especially this spectacular two-wheeled vehicle, I decided to make an article with motorcycle drawings.

In this article you will find drawing bikes of different shapes, styles, colors. I also bring you a good amount of motorcycle drawings so you can color them to your liking. And the best part is that the images are totally free for you.

Color motorcycle drawings

how to draw a motorcycle

In this article I wanted to start with some drawings of different motorcycle styles that I have colored, so that you have beautiful digital images to use as you want.

In the first two images, I have made some cartoon drawings of motorcycle style, always applying bright colors to make them more striking. In both cases I have also done a work of light and shadow shines to give the drawing a three-dimensional effect.

how to draw a motorcycle easy

We continue with the easy drawings. In this case I bring you drawings that can be copied without problems to learn to do.

If you want to know how to draw a motorcycle, here is a clear and easy example. To draw this motorcycle, it is best to start making the wheel circles. From there you form a trapeze based on the centers of the wheels and the height will be the height of the motorcycle’s headlight. Having that base figure, it is only just putting the different details that it has.

beautiful drawing

In the same way as in the previous drawing, in this case you can do the same. The steps must be the same, and when you have the trapeze, the next thing is to go putting the details of the seat, fuel tank, engine, handlebar and other details. Once you can make one, you will see that you can draw all the bikes that I bring you here.

simple motorcycle drawing

Motorcycle drawings, like all elements of real life, can be brought to life by transforming them into cartoons. An example of this is the drawing you have above, where two huge eyes are incorporated over the lighthouse. It acts like the nose, and inside the fuel tank a smiling mouth is made. It is a beautiful cartoon, that if you make animation you can give it life as if it were any character.

my drawing

In this image I already present a more complicated motorcycle drawing, because here a perspective image already appears. The previous ones were flat, which made it much simpler. In this case the perspective shows us that the front wheel, being closer is larger than the rear, other elements have a different shape too. It is interesting to start drawing drawings in perspective. This can be practiced by copying real-life objects. When you are watching TV from a position that is not frontal, you try to draw it as you see it, or to the table and chairs.

cute drawing easy

The same as the previous drawing occurs here. These are not motorcycle drawings for children, because they are more complex styles where you have to master more things in terms of drawing.

racing motorcycle

In this case I have given you a drawing of a motorcycle. This will appeal to many, because the racing bikes are very beautiful, and the drawing also looked pretty good. Below I will leave you this same drawing, but without colors, so you can print it and paint it as you like. In this case I chose to paint everything in red blue and gray. Let’s see how it fits you.

motorcycle drawing easy

We continue with motorcycles in perspective, but in this case because of the model and the drawing style it is much easier to copy. It is a model to which you can be encouraged, because it is quite simple. It is also a cartoon style, because the lighthouse is very large compared to the rest.


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