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pirate drawing

Pirates have an important place in history. The pirates were seamen who dedicated themselves to looting boats to steal their cargo, or to ask for rescue by navigators

These characters were transformed into myths, often represented in various films, and there are still cartoons for children where pirates are the protagonists.

pirate drawing ideas

Taken to our time, we see them with great sympathy, and they are always characters that are present in every costume party that boasts.

That’s why we want to bring you a good series of pirate drawings, so you can enjoy them.

First of all I have left you a pirate drawing done in color. A very nice pirate, and the second is a coloring picture of a child dressed as a pirate, so you can download it and enjoy painting it as you like.

Pirate ship drawing

pirate ship drawing

Pirate ship drawings can be varied. In general we have an idea of ​​what those ships were, and based on that we can make some kind of drawing, but they shouldn’t necessarily be that way. In the drawing above we have a drawing of the ones we always imagine. A ship with many sails, which can not miss the skull with crossed bones, the typical image we currently have of pirates. It is a beautiful coloring page of pirate ships.

how to draw a pirate ship

And here I leave you another one of my pirate ship drawings. In this case I bring you a very original pirate ship drawing, in which the boat is made of newspaper. In addition the mast is a red pencil, it has its candle with the skull and a lookout above. This drawing is made in 3d, and is part of a storybook I have made about a pirate.

Pirate coloring pages

pirate drawing easy

If you want to have fun with pirate drawings to color, get ready because I bring you some very cute drawings so you can enjoy doing what you like best. I start this list with this rude pirate.

It’s a drawing that I love, because it reminds me of Brutus, the enemy of Popeye. He has a very similar physique, with very thick arms. In this case he lacks a hand and a foot, which are supplied by a hook and a wooden leg, typical of pirates. It also has an eye patch.

how to draw a pirate easy

Parrots always relate to pirates. That is why this drawing of a pirate boy with his parrot. It is a beautiful drawing to paint, since it has a lot of drawing, and it can be very beautiful.

easy drawing

Another drawing of a pirate boy, this one goes with the sword ready to attack, but his face is very nice, therefore he is a harmless pirate.

cute pirate drawing

Pirate cartoon drawings are very interesting for coloring. In this case we have a pirate boy with a headscarf and his typical eye patch.

easy drawings of pirates

With this I started the article of pirate drawings. Only before I had put it in color. Here you have it for coloring. This is a nice pirate with a mustache, who is writing on a scroll while his parrot watches him closely.

bad men

That you never imagined the pirate Barbaroja as nice as you see him here? It is a beautiful cartoon to color. A pirate with his wooden leg, his hook, his eye patch and his sword in the other hand.

Funny coloring pages

I hope you are enjoying everything I have brought you here, but I still have much more for you. Keep looking at the following, because I bring you other coloring pictures, always related to pirates.

ungry pirate

How scary this pirate! He is very angry and is going to attack with his sword. Not even having a wooden leg stops it.

No, it’s just a cartoon of a pirate so you can color it as you like.

cartoon pirate drawing

Pirates are not always bosses. They also carried their minions, who served as sailors on the ship. In this drawing we have a nice pirate sailor, with his striped shirt to give him the colors you want. The same with the scarf on his head and the earrings of his ears.

easy pirate drawing

This cartoon is very pretty for coloring. This is a pirate boy wearing a huge hat with the skull, in one hand he carries a wooden sword and in the other the map of a treasure.

how to draw a pirate

A child’s pirate drawing is also very fun for the little ones, so they paint it in their own way.

draw the pirate

Girls can also be pirates. Here is a cartoon of a girl in her pirate costume. You can paint it very well, because it has many different parts, so you can use many colors.

Colored drawings

island pirate

Do you remember the pirate ship made of newspaper? Well, this one from the drawing above is the owner. Here we have the pirate calling his sailors on an island, where he came to find a treasure that was hidden there.

3d drawing

Another image of the same pirate on the island. You are currently looking at the map information, to know exactly where the treasure is located. I have done this pirate drawing in 3d, so you can do different poses for the book I have made, and you can even use it to make different animations.

drawings of girls pirates

The pirate girl that I left before to color here you have colored as I wanted. You do not have to do the same, it is more, better if you do it differently, to your liking. We must always be original.

pirate hat drawing

The pirate boy with two swords has it colored here. You can use these color images to make birthday greeting cards for your friends, or even if you want to manually make invitations for your birthday. It is a good idea, isn’t it?


One of the bad pirates is painted here on the computer. The program with which I made the drawings is the Adobe Illustrator, while then I painted them in Photoshop.

cartoon drawings of pirates
bad pirate

So far these drawings of pirates, so you can enjoy them. If you liked, share the page on your social networks.

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