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Snowflake Digital Drawing

I hope that you liked that gift that I left you at the beginning.

But you are going to be able to make your own images with a bit of good taste, plus the snowflake images that I leave you and that we made in digital format.

Next to this paragraph you can see one of so many different models that can be made.

When seen in large size they give a different impression, but putting it in an acceptable scale, as for example in the wallpaper above, you see that the drawing for a snowflake is really correct.

We continue putting some other snowflake drawing.

In this case we put one that looks very similar, that is, it has some small difference with the previous one.

You need to look very closely to see any difference between the snowflake patterns.

Second special gift with snowflake

Other drawings of cute and easy flakes

snow drawing

We are looking at a new drawing of a fairly straightforward and simple snowflake. For those who want to draw it themselves, in digital format, it is very simple. If you look closely, it would be enough to create a straight branch, with the two end pieces, ending each branch with a circle. In this case, the central one is larger than the two sides. This can be variable. Then you make a part of the inner star: the two sides at vertex and the circle at the vertex.

When you already have that, what you have to do is repeat all that with 60 degrees of rotation, six times and voila, you already have your snowflake drawing.


The explanation that I gave you before, can be used for any model, since making the drawing of a snowflake we can resemble it to a mandala, where you make a sector and then you can repeat it by turning a certain degree. Generally it will be 30 or 60 degrees. In the drawing above, you have to see that they are two different branches, and then you are going to repeat them at 60 degrees until you complete the total drawing.

snowflake easy drawing

Free snowflakes drawing

cute snowflakes drawing

When we do not only have straight lines, but we appeal to more organic shapes, the aesthetics of the graphic are totally improved. This drawing is a clear example of this, in which they appear in the form of leaves along a stem to create this drawing of snow.

cute snowflake

In this other drawing we change the system for creating the snowflake. Here you have a design made entirely with circles, which form lines through circles of different sizes, even with some circles within others to create a variation within the image. The results that are achieved are very good.

digital snowflake
winter snow flake

We return with a design of organic elements. When viewed in large size, it appears to be tree leaves. Anyway, when the prints are made at 60 degrees, and properly scaled, we see that we have a very attractive snowflake design.

snowflake drawing

Within the same component elements of the drawing, they can be modified and obtained different models of snowflake drawings, so that later you can use them in different ways.


As you can see, all the snowflake drawings that I brought you are in different colors in blue, but what looks great is white, putting color in the background. It is the example of the two wallpaper models that I gave you. The effect is very pretty. For example, to make Christmas cards, it is classic to place a red background and white snowflakes on it.

snowflake digital drawing easy
cute winter drawing for you

Another element that had not yet been used up to here is to make a kind of border to the entire drawing. It can be applied to any of the simpler pictures you saw before. You apply a thick border to it and you get a design that looks totally different.

all drawing of snowflake

So far the drawings of the snowflakes, so that you can use them as best suits you. If you liked the wallpapers, and even if you want us to make another one totally free, you can tell us in the comments.

Hope you enjoyed this article. I invite you to continue looking at some others, for example:

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