Spiderman drawing – How to draw spiderman

Spiderman drawing have been throughout the years, of the favorites, in all their areas: whether they are comic strips, or spiderman cartoons, in the same way that films made with real people of the mythical character, have always It has been a guaranteed success.

That’s why I thought that maybe you would like to see some spiderman drawings, so you can download them, other spiderman coloring pages or a tutorial to learn how to draw spiderman.

Spiderman pretty drawings

look spiderman

We begin this list of spiderman drawings with this nice image of the spiderman with a gesture that something just happened. It is a spiderman handmade drawing, which can be used to print and color.

Although it is a human being, the fact of having a whole mask on the head makes a drawing of this character easier to imitate than other types of drawings of human characters, such as Superman or someone else.

If you are going to color the spiderman drawings, you should always remember that in the parts where the spider webs are drawn, they are the ones that go red, and the rest blue.

spiderman drawing

The spiderman drawings in which they are seen in action are the best when they are well done, because you see how the musculature is activated, and the drawings really seem to come alive. That is what happens with this drawing that you have here, in which you are jumping. The different drawings that you can see as spiderman, as well as other superheroes are always in action positions that are very beautiful. This particular case of spiderman coloring drawings is a very good option for you to print and color, because the contrast that occurs between blue and red, seen the character completely in front is very good.

How to draw Spiderman


I’m going to put a tutorial for you to learn, step by step, to make this spiderman drawing that you are seeing at the top. There you have it completely finished with paint and everything. I’m going to explain it to you with partial drawings of the whole process so that you learn how to make this drawing of a spiderman child. This is a very funny spiderman drawing. Let’s get down to work:

drawings to draw

I make it very big for you to copy it anyway. This is the beginning of the spiderman drawing in children. The first thing you have to do is the drawing of the shape of the head. As you can see it is not a perfect circle, but it has to be an elongated shape down and ends in a slightly pointed shape. This tip is going to be the mouth of the character, so that you go locating with the drawing. At the top it would be a circle, but down it stretches until it ends at the tip that means the mouth.


We continue to make our base forms. After doing the head, the following will be the base of the body. It is a kind of slightly folded bag. Worry that it looks like the way you see in the photo, so that the final pose looks like, because if we start crooked with spiderman drawings, the final result will not be what we want.

spiderman easy

This step is when you will begin to understand the ways that at first seemed somewhat amorphous and very ugly. In this step we are going to put the extremities, even in an initial sketch form. As you can see at the bottom are the two legs flexed and separated from each other. At the top you can see the open arms, but not at the same height but one arm is taller than the other. I give you a piece of information that suits you for any character drawing: try to never be symmetrical because this makes a drawing boring. Symmetric means that the position of the right side is exactly the same as the left side. For example, if you look at the drawings you find of Mickey Mouse, it is never in a symmetrical posture, and let’s keep in mind that Disney’s are the masters we all need to look at.

baby spiderman

Gradually our drawing begins to get more exciting, because we begin to see the shape of spiderman. In this step we will start to make the details. In the left hand is the most complicated thing: it is to place the fingers in the typical spiderman pose of when he throws his spider web. On the other hand, we have a more relaxed and therefore simpler pose. The third detail that we are going to do in this step is that of the eye holes. You should also copy the stroke little by little, since it is not a straight or geometric stroke, so you should give the curvature that sometimes goes to the side and sometimes changes. These lines that you draw in this step are the outer part of the eye mask.

good drawing

We are going to give the rest of the details in this step. From what we already had, now we are going to complete the suit. In the eye mask, make sure that the inner stroke does not exactly follow the outer stroke. In other words, they are not parallel lines, but each one follows a different line, so pay attention to each line. In drawing the body, look carefully at what the demarcations are because this is essential to later make the coloring of our spiderman drawings.

For the spider web drawings, you have to draw what would be the more or less straight vertical lines, while the transverse lines are small arcs that go from line to line of the verticals that we draw first. Keep in mind that everything that carries the spider web lines will be what will later be painted red.

The other detail we see in this step is the spider that carries spiderman in the chest. It is a fairly simple drawing to make. It is a kind of eight elongated, with the bottom part wider than the top. Then from there four legs go up and four down to pairs on both sides of the spider.

how to draw spiderman

The last thing we need to finish the spiderman drawing are the spider webs: in his right hand there is a cloth from which he is holding, and in turn he is throwing another with his left hand. These are easy drawings to make, because they don’t necessarily have to be exact copies of what you see. The idea is that there is a support that seems to hold it in the air.

Colored drawing spiderman

easy drawing

We are done with our spiderman drawing. Now we go with the second part that would be the colored one. I didn’t tell you yet that my tutorial is entirely done with the computer and a drawing tablet. There is no difference with doing it as a pencil drawing. It is all the same.

To make the coloring, you can also do it with different techniques: colored pencils, tempera, watercolors, oil or whatever suits you best. My drawing, as it is done on the computer, I have also digitally colored.

In the first step we paint all the areas that have the spider web drawings of red color. Try, if you paint by hand, that at first it is all more or less the same shade, in a fairly intense red, but trying to make a fairly uniform red surface.

how to draw spiderman step by step

The next step will be to paint the rest of the blue suit, also trying to make a flat color in everything blue. We also painted the edge of the eye area black, as you see in the graphic.

You can also paint with gray what would be inside the eyes, to complete the base. At this point you can say that you have finished coloring your spiderman drawings. But if you want to go further with your drawing skills, I encourage you to go one step further, and you will see the difference you will get in terms of the realism of your drawing.

From this last drawing to the one I finished when you started the tutorial, you will see that there is a big difference, and that is only because the drawing above is shaded.

To shade, you decide imaginary where our character is illuminated. In my case I determined that the light comes from spiderman’s right. Then you have to imagine that everything in the opposite sector will be in shadow. Then in these places you will paint with a darker blue and red than the ones you used before. You can also do it if you paint gently with the black pencil on your drawing.

In the opposite area, that is, those that receive the headlight, you can paint with a lighter shade. Even look in detail at my finished drawing, and look at some lines that I created in a lighter color. This gives the feeling that the suit is bright, and achieves a much better result.

More spiderman drawings

pencil drawing of spiderman

I hope you liked the step-by-step tutorial to learn how to make spiderman drawings. Here I start with another spiderman drawing, but in this case I made it by hand. It is another interesting pose, where due to perspective, the approaching hand looks much larger than the head. This drawing is made in pencil, and colored with colored pencils. You can also see that there is a shading job to give a more realistic look to the drawing.

spiderman head

If it is still very difficult for you to do all the spiderman drawing, I bring you this drawing that is very good, just from the head. Here you can see the detail of the eyes and nose, which in smaller drawings is not appreciated. It also has the shadow that the head itself throws over the shoulder, which gives more volume to the drawing.

how to sketch spiderman

Another image of spiderman in a pose also very athletic, so typical in this character. He is taking a great leap, and with his right hand he is throwing his cloth. Here, although it is a black and white drawing, there is a great shadow job to give volume to the drawing.

drawing to coloring

Another drawing in a spiderman jump pose and with the left hand throwing his cloth. In this case there are no shadows as there were in the previous one, so you should put the shadows when painting your drawing.

good drawing

And here you have another painted spiderman. In this case there is no shading job. It is a drawing in which spiderman is standing but in a fighting attitude.

Spiderman drawings to color

easy spiderman for kids

The best spiderman drawings are those in which he is in action. This is the case of the image above, where the superhero is throwing his web.

spiderman drawing step by step

A close-up of Spiderman’s face is ideal for practicing about coloring something with quality. Later I will put this same colored drawing on your computer with a work of shadows and lights.

spiderman black and white

A typical spiderman pose, at rest but ready to attack. Drawing done in illustrator, and now that I look at it well I missed some lines of the left glove.

spiderman cartoon drawing

In this drawing of the torso, interesting things can also be done for coloring.

easy spiderman picture to draw
how to draw spiderman

These two spiderman images are ready to paint. They are two poses of the upper part, where you can see the muscles of the body, and the challenge is to paint them so that these forms are highlighted. A good practice to improve the way you paint.

Colored Spiderman Drawings

drawing spiderman tutorial

Of the coloring drawings of the previous paragraph, now I am going to put some colored drawings. All are painted in Photoshop, and you can see how they can be painted. First I put the face in the foreground of Spiderman. In this case it is only the base of the red color and the black part that goes as a mask, leaving the lines of the spider web blank.

how to draw spiderman head step by step

And now we have finished after giving the work of light and shadow. As you can see, it is considered a lighting from above, hence the brightness at the top of the head. The shape of the nose is appreciated by shading, but it is not noticed. This is the good thing about working correctly with the shadows, which allow you to notice the volumes.

easy drawing

And now I bring you different colored action images also with the techniques that I explained before. In this case, the lights and shadows allow you to notice the musculature of the character.

spiderman drawing photos

In this other image there is a work of more lights, which gives the sensation of a different texture of the spiderman suit.

spiderman in color
how to sketch spiderman

How to draw Spiderman easy

I hope you liked all the spiderman drawings that I brought you. On our website you can find many other interesting articles. For example:

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