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tattoo drawings

Nowadays you can talk that tattoo drawings are in fashion, and in turn there are fashion tattoos. We can also say that they are modern tattoos. And if we say this it is because tattoos are not something new, but exist since a lifetime.

How to make an easy tattoo drawing in video

Simple tattoos to draw

sleeve tattoo drawing

This is an example of simple tatoos to draw. If you do carefully you will get a cool easy tatoo drawings.

Tattoos are a very old art, and therefore, you can talk about tattoo styles over time. Therefore, when we refer to modern tattoos, we are going to refer to the tattoos that are made today.

cute tattoo drawings

Perhaps you will be wondering what an article about tattoos does within a web dedicated to drawing, and it has a very close relationship. Tattoo artists are artists, and drawing spectacularly is the basis for modern tattoos. The demand for the quality of fashion tattoo drawing is increasing.

Tattoo Drawings – Defined Style

tribal tattoo drawing

When we talk about modern tattoos, you can clearly see that it is a definite style, but we should not say it in the singular, because different styles are currently used to perform tattoos.

cat tattoo drawing

Among the different styles of modern tattoos, a style that is widely used is like that of the image that can be seen at the top. It is a pointillist style drawing. Pointillism is a drawing technique where, as the name implies, it is based on points next to each other. According to the separation we give between point and point we will get denser areas than others. It is a spectacular style to make tattoo drawings with realism, since it is a technique that allows to make gradients with great quality.

cool tattoo drawings

This technique is ideal for small tattoos, because of the laborious work of pointillism. However, it is not uncommon to find great tattoos, such as back tattoos, made with this technique.

cool tattoos drawings

Pointillism tattoos are ideal for seeing them as arm tattoos, small tattoos, tattoos for women, tattoos on the wrists and other possibilities.

Meaningful tattoos

tattoo drawings for men

Many want to get modern tattoos because they are aesthetically pleasing, but there are also those who have meaningful tattoos. In this sense it is normal to find phrases for tattoo, which accentuate that meaning. In this case you have to look for letter tattoos that look good and also lead to meet the meaningful tattoo.

bull tattoo drawing

With the meanings, we can find the widest motives. With this we can find tribal tattoos, Maori tattoos, Viking tattoos, symbolic tattoos or even tattoos with manga drawings, to give just a few examples.

Tattoos for friends

tattoo drawings easy

Within the tattoos for friends, you can find a wide variety. In family tattoos you can see beautiful motifs, in which tattoo drawing techniques are secondary elements. The important thing is the meaning that will be given. In tattoos for friends they can be the same as family tattoos, sister tattoos, also in that sense the name tattoos are the same.

tattoo drawing app

Other interesting and widely used motifs are skull tattoo drawings. A group that usually consume a lot are bikers, those who love to jump on the road on their motorcycles. For these people, skull tattoos are essential. In this type, although they repeat the motifs, you can see original tattoos of exceptional qualities.

tattoo drawing

In this example you can see a design that we made. It is actually a design that was made for the realization of t-shirts for bikers, but that can perfectly be transformed into skull tattoos. It is the typical design of the skull, but with the characteristics of a biker.

tattoo design drawings

These designs are made in digital drawing, and are suitable for application in tattoos on different parts of the body.

But modern tattoos also have other styles that are often used. 3d tattoos are some of those ways in which artists do incredible works.

tattoo drawing ideas

Other designs are geometric tattoos. In these times where mandalas are so in vogue, that also leads to modern tattoos. Mandalas are basically geometric drawings, but these can be of any other nature.

But fashion tattoos really stand out are realistic tattoos. In this case we refer to tattoos with photos of real people. They are usually images of the idols of the moment. Messi tattoos are classic, to give a clear and practical example. Be a known character, or someone in your family, making a realistic tattoo requires a high level of the artist to get an acceptable result.

Old school tattoo drawings

Tribal bull

If modern tattoos exist, it is because there are also old school tattoos. This refers to tattoos that have always been done. In the image above you can see one of the anchor tattoos. These are typical models of old school tattoos.

Other classic motifs are heart tattoos. These usually become chest tattoos, which increases the significance of the motif. Rose tattoos or flower tattoos in general are also classic.

tattoo drawing designs

An arrow tattoo was also very typical in ancient times, and today, with a retro style, wrist tattoos or finger tattoos or foot tattoos are still being made with these beautiful motifs.

simple tattoo drawings
simple tattoo drawing
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lucky draw tattoo
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