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tree drawing

Tree drawings can be presented in various ways, and in this article you will find drawings in different styles of trees.

An example of the different forms is the image you have at the top. There you see a drawing of a tree in cartoon style. It is a tree that has a face, where a trunk acts as a nose, and has eyes and mouth. A pair of branches on the sides are the arms, and the cup serves as hair. These types of cartoon characters are good for animations. Let’s see if I encourage you and I put an animation in this article of some character of these.

Tree coloring pages

simple tree drawing

It is very fun to spend time coloring and coloring. That’s why I’m going to bring you some good drawings of trees so you can paint them yourself. In this first example I have left you the same tree with which I headed the article, but in this case only in a line drawing. So you can print it and paint it the way you like it best. You can make your own creation with this nice tree.

oak tree drawing

I will continue with some examples of cartoon trees, all these for coloring. Here you can see a cartoon in a different style from the previous one. In this case the tree has feet and arms with hands. The big eyes and the huge smile give this character a lot of sympathy.

tree cartoon

Another cartoon represents a fruit tree. The fact of having apples is good to be able to bring another color to the drawing. If you put a red apple you will see that your drawing is much more enhanced. In this case the tree is more robust than the previous ones, and look at the detail of having one eye bigger than the other. That, subtly, adds a touch of lack of symmetry that gives vivacity to the character.

tree easy to draw

I still have fruit trees, but in a very different style. Here we already have a much simpler job in terms of the tree itself. You can see that with a couple of strokes you have made the trunk and the tree top. Where there is a little more work is in the cartoon details of the character, with those eyes closed from the huge laugh that shows his mouth, with his tongue out of his mouth and beautiful teeth.

When you find drawings, of whatever nature, that are solved with simple strokes, it is because they are drawings for younger children, since they need simpler ways to understand them.

tree coloring pages

Here is another simple cartoon in terms of strokes but very nice. This drawing has huge eyes and a nose, which leave the trunk itself. The huge cup gives the feeling of being a character with a lot of hair.

good tree

This other tree drawing is more stylized, with larger roots and arms, with one of which is saluting the camera. The smaller cup also makes it different from all the previous ones. This tree even with little thing could be a broccoli.

nice tree cartoon

And here is another cartoon that has another concept. In this case the face appears in the tree canopy. With huge eyes, mouth and teeth. It is ready for you to color to your liking.

Tree drawing in autumn

dead tree drawing

Autumn is the season of sadness, when trees lose their leaves. Here I bring you a drawing of a tree in autumn, where almost all the leaves have fallen, just a few. On the face of the tree you can see an adult face, symbolizing the autumn of life.

how to draw a tree easy

In this other drawing you have a tree to which a cup has been drawn, but you can draw it yourself, and if you don’t make the cup you have an autumn tree left.

Coloring pages for little ones

tree drawing easy

When we think of drawings for the little ones, it is always the best that they are as simplified as possible. That is why here you have an example, where a few branches are made to symbolize a trunk, and an elongated shape that represents the cup and that’s it, there is clearly an easy tree drawing.

pine tree drawing

In the same way as in the previous drawing, a very easy pine can be drawn only by drawing a tip that generally forms a triangle. Below is the trunk and ready.

easy to draw tree

This other example is a bit more complex, with the naked eye. However, the only thing that makes it look like it is the veins of the trunk, because in reality the cup is formed by cloud-like shapes that together form the cup. It is a very simple way to make a drawing of a tree for the little ones.

More realistic tree drawing

how to draw tree branches

It is not the intention in this article to make drawings of realistic trees completely, but in this case we ignore the cartoon drawing, and in the configuration of the drawing we do see a higher level of realism. To be realistic drawings there should be a deeper work that was not intended to be done for this article.

In the drawing above, for example, an intention of realistic drawing is seen: the thick trunk, which at a certain height begins to divide into smaller trunks and branches, and at the ends the sets of leaves that form the cup.

cute tree drawing

In this case there is a work similar to that of the previous drawing but a little simpler.

big tree

In this other drawing, a careful work appears above all on the trunk, where the effect of volumes on the trunk that had not been worked before is achieved. These drawings, if you want, with a colored job, are lights and shadows you can get to a fairly realistic drawing.

tree line drawing

This other drawing is among those of realistic drawing because it has a realistic general configuration, however in itself it is a design, since the idea is that the thick lines that form the drawing are strokes that grow or decrease, therefore the final result It would be more of an illustration job than a realistic tree drawing.

Colored drawings of trees

how to draw a tree

In the first drawing of the article I put one of my drawings colored by me. But I wanted to do some more. Both the one and the one above this paragraph, are cartoon style, where they are painted with the classic brown for the trunk and green for the cup. From there, you work with the shaders, that is, imagine a point where the light comes from. In the drawing above, the light comes from the left, therefore the trunk and the cup are illuminated from that side, while on the opposite side they are darker. It is a simple job to do and that leaves the drawing very well finished.

how to draw a tree with leaves

Here is a tree of another type: in this case it is done directly in color. First a trunk base is made, then the cup is painted in a shade of green and then other shades of green are applied so that depth, lights and shadows are denoted. Finally they put the flowers that decorate it completely.

how to draw a tree step by step

I hope you enjoyed our drawings of trees. Little by little I will be adding more drawings for you. Share our website on your social networks, and keep looking at everything we have for you in Digital Drawings, because you will find fun things.

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