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I begin this article with Mickey Mouse drawing with an image that can be representative of what I bring here. In this article you will find some very nice gifts, and that is some beautiful drawings to paint and color of Mickey Mouse, and you just have to download them and print them, because you do not have to pay anything for them. They are simply for you to enjoy and have a great time coloring these drawings.

Mickey Mouse coloring pages

easy drawing

Mickey Mouse is the emblem of the Disney company. The famous mouse saw the light in 1928, and from there it has been gaining place in the hearts of the different generations that have passed since then. If we see the current image of Disney, we always see it with the typical Mickey ears.

cute mickey mouse drawing

However, what is thought to have really happened was that Disney lost the rights of the Oswald rabbit at the hands of Universal. So to compensate he created this new character to replace the previous one.

If you search the internet for images of Oswald the rabbit, you will see that it has the same face as Mickey Mouse, only by changing the mouse ears to those of the rabbit.

disney drawings

Another curiosity of the Mickey mouse is that in the first years, his voice was that of Walt himself. For 16 years it was Walt who voiced Mickey Mouse. Later the person who would put the voice would change.

mickey mouse drawing easy

We continue with our Mickey Mouse drawings so you can print and color them. If you dare, you can print one of these drawings, color it as you want, and send it to us by mail. I can hang it on this page, saying the name and age, so you can have your own drawing on the internet. Come on, cheer up.

easy draw mickey

This Mickey image is classic, and very easy to color. But I also put it on you to encourage you to learn to draw. Maybe you want to know how to draw Mickey Mouse. This drawing is very good to start doing.

mickey coloring pages

Over the years, Mickey’s image has changed significantly. It happens the same almost with all the animation characters. With the passage of time the artists change the drawing style. Especially in this type of cartoons, which are so many years of life. The drawing you are seeing above is the image of today, with which some short films that are being broadcast on Disney Channel were made.

how to draw mickey mouse face

Earlier Mickey Mouse house appeared, where the characters were made in 3D, which changed the image a lot, something normal because technology was changed, which updated the drawing to new techniques.

beautiful mickey mouse

Nice Mickey drawings

cute mickey mouse

These types of poses are typical in Mickey’s drawings, with great sympathy and dynamism.

easy drawing for kids

Now you have the image with which I started the article, but in this case it is ready to be colored. Mickey is with a gift in one hand, and the other in his pocket.

mickey mouse is happy

Now you have Mickey jumping with his finger up as a sign that a great idea has just occurred to him.

how to draw mickey mouse

This image of Mickey driving a ship is historic. I want to say that the original image, because what you see here is a drawing made by me. But this scene is from the first short film in which Mickey Mouse appeared, that’s why it’s historic. In this case it is ready for you to print it and color it as you want.

mickey to coloring

Mickey thinking is a very typical mouse pose.

mickey mouse drawing pictures

mickey mouse full body

Colored Mickey Mouse Drawing

easy draw of mickey

As you will notice, I have made all the drawings on the computer, and also digitally I have colored these that you can see here.

In the drawing above is the famous mouse very happy. The colors are always the same. The body is black, with a flesh-colored face. The pants are red with white buttons. The huge shoes are yellow and the gloves are white. But you have freedom to color it however you want.

my drawing of mickey

Another of the images that were previously to be colored here is painted. If you look closely, in Mickey Mouse poses you always see it in gestures that break with symmetry. You will never see the poses show it with both feet and both hands in the same gesture. This lack of symmetry gives the image much more value, since it gains much dynamism.

new mickey mouse drawing

Now we are going to take a quick tour of the time in Mickey Mouse’s life. In this image above we find one of the last images we can find of the mouse. At the moment in Disney Channel they are emitting some shorts where they appear so much Mickey, like Minney, Daisy, Donald, Goofy in an aesthetic style like the one that we can see in this drawing.

first mickey mouse drawing

And in this other image we have the first Mickey Mouse. In this case I applied the current colors, but this drawing was directly in black and white. You can clearly see the evolution of the character. The most resounding example is the white gloves that appeared later so that the movements made by the hands became clearer.

mickey mouse

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