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Pluto is Mickey Mouse’s faithful friend. It is one of the few animals within Disney drawings that are pet.

The Pluto dog is Mickey’s affectionate friend, who always accompanies him in all his adventures.


Pluto is one of the few Disney characters that are not anthropomorphized, that is, it is not made as if it were a human being. That is why it is a pet. Despite not being so, he has in his face all the gestures as if it were a person. So we can see Pluto laugh, cry, be ashamed and other common expressions.

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A curiosity of this character, is that it was created at the time when the planet Pluto was discovered (which would later cease to be a planet to be a planetoid). Hence its name, since Pluto in English is Pluto.

pluto disney

The year 1930 was when Pluto first appeared, although at that time it had no name. It was in a short film starring Mickey Mouse, and Pluto was one of Pete’s dogs.


In these coloring drawings I leave you with different poses of Pluto, in which you can see that they are exact attitudes of a dog, since the animations of this dog are very good.

pluto dog

To color all these drawings you must bear in mind that in the original, its color is pulling orange, it has a black tail, ears and nose, the same as the eyes. It has a hard collar that usually turns green, but could be any color.

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In images like the one above, the inside of the mouth and tongue appears. In cartoons, the tongue is usually colored red, and the inside of the mouth is usually black or very dark red.

pluto christmas

In the image above we have a fun drawing of when I was a puppy, and wearing a kind of headband with reindeer horns. Therefore it is a drawing that can be used for the Christmas season, to decorate your Christmas cards.

mail pluto

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pluto head
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drawing of pluto
pluto in love
Scenes like the ones you have upstairs where you are totally in love are very funny. We see that it is surrounded by hearts, a smiling face with droopy eyelids and abnormally crossed legs.

dog and ball

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pluto is a baby
pluto running
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Colored Pluto drawings for you

If you liked these coloring drawings of Pluto, surely you will also like the ones I have brought painted. They are some of the same ones that you had before to color, to which I have already applied color.

pluto and hearts

cute pluto drawing
easy pluto drawing

I hope you enjoyed these drawings of Pluto. Keep browsing our website, especially in the Easy Disney Drawing, because you will find articles that you will love.

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