How to draw a dog – Learn to draw easy

How to draw a dog step by step

dog step by step

Let’s start the drawing with a first stroke that will not tell you anything, but trust me, you’ll see when the dog starts to appear.

dog cute drawing

With the previous stroke we started to make the head of the dog, and in this second step we already completed the total shape of the head. If you look at the finished model, you will understand that it is the head of the profile dog.

look this tutorial of dog

Now we are going to draw to the dog the details of the nose, the eye and the mouth, with which our dog drawing begins to appear.

drawing a easy dog

We just have to add the ears and that’s it, we finished the head of our drawing.

draw of dog

The next step is longer and is the one that will determine the body of the puppy, including the legs. Now we can see the complete shape of the dog, looking up.

drawing dog

Tutorial to draw a dog

On this website we love tutorials on how to figure out step by step, because we know that people like to follow them and try to make their own drawings.

Already from the title of the article you found that I want to show you step by step how to draw dogs, because without a doubt they are one of the most sought-after drawings on the internet, so here are a couple of tutorials. In this first place I am going to put you how to make a bulldog, those dogs so nice, despite having such a bad face, hahaha.

drawing of dog easy

Well, here is the model we are going to follow, and now we start with the tutorial:

We start with the basic forms

easy dog

In the case of the dog that we started to make, we can deduce that the shape that directs the head is a circle, and that is where we begin our work.

Second step: dog’s snout formation


Observation is very important for drawing. That is why we discover the first form that is the circle. If we keep on observing the photo of the dog, the next thing that stands out is the part of the dog’s snout. We also have to do abstraction of forms, and we can summarize it in a kind of letter C lying down.

The importance of making these forms extractions is that we can quickly get the proportions, which have to be similar to our model. If at this point we see that what we are doing is wrong, we will have lost little work time.

In this way we are beginning to configure the general forms.

Third step: we finish the general forms

my dog drawing

We started modeling dog shapes

a dog

In this new step we are already beginning to mold the most real forms of our cartoon. That is, keeping our previous work only as a base, now we begin to draw on it what will later be the final forms of the cartoon.

In this case, we begin to give the face shape. For example, we see that in the lower half of the face, straight shapes appear, which go inside the initial circle. Well, we are tracing on that side what will definitely be the real perimeter of the dog’s face in the cartoon. This step we do now is what differentiates from a drawing made as for children of a more advanced cartoon.

In the drawing for children we would leave the circle as the real shape of the face, but now we give it a shape more similar to the example in the photo.

In addition to the shape of the face, we also trace as real as possible the details of the dog, such as the eyes, nose, mouth, including the teeth that appear outside the mouth.

This step is when we begin to get excited, because it is only now that we begin to see that the drawing we are making resembles the dog in the photo.

Final plot of cartoon elements

my first draw

The next thing is to highlight what will be the lines of the cartoon. In the case of my tutorial, it is done on the computer, in Photoshop. So in my case it is to make a new layer, in which I will make the final drawing and then hide the layer I had been working on before.

If you are doing the pencil drawing tutorial, all of the above you had to do without squeezing the pencil too much, so that you can now start erasing what does not correspond to the final drawing.

Therefore in this step it is already to make the definitive lines of the cartoon: we begin by making the profile of the face, ears, snout, with the details of the mouth and teeth, and then the eyes with some more detail.

The level of detail we give will depend on what level we want our cartoon to reach. If we want it to be more detailed, we will have to dig deeper.

We go to the color steps

cute drawing

If you paint with colored pencils you should be careful not to paint with dark colors in areas that should then be lighter because it will cost you a lot to cover the dark. This in digital drawing is no problem because it can be covered without difficulty.

In addition to the color details that I told you before, I also painted her eyes black, her nose even darker and some details of the hair color, especially the gray ones surrounding the dog’s eyes.

Painting some shadows

drawing a dog easy

In my case I wanted to go one step further, just to see something else. That’s why I show you this other step. Here I have applied some shaders. If you compare it with the photo we have of the dog model, you will see that I have tried more or less to repeat the shadows in the real areas, in order to achieve a similarity.

Here is the final model of my cartoon:

dog easy drawing

An even higher level would be to add the texture of the dog’s hairs, which is much more work, but the results can be very satisfactory. At the end of the day, the interesting thing is that we let go of the hand and we dare to draw more and more.

Learn to draw a dog in a few steps

Hunting dogs are generally very beautiful. And the variety of these dogs is very wide.

Looking for a dog to do the drawing tutorial of another dog, we are inclined to this beautiful animal, which is the Hungarian Braco dog.

dog drawing how to

First step: the basic forms

first draw of dog

In this example, we can reduce the head to a kind of parallelogram, but where the sides have a particular shape, to try to reproduce the dog’s posture. From that parallelogram, the neck and body descend.

Drawing dog details

look at this dog

After this, the ears are made, which makes it simple for us if the shape of the head is already well delineated, because it serves as a reference. At this level, we have to see that our dog looks like the one in the photo.

Drawing of the final cartoon

easy drawing

Application of color to the dog’s drawing

a dog drawing

In this case, practically the whole dog is in the same color as a brown, pulling orange, so we paint everything on that base, except for the nose that we make a little darker and the eyes that we paint black.

This is another level where we could say that we already have the cartoon of a dog made.

But we will continue a little later.

drawing dog

The next stage is, as in the previous tutorial, to apply some shadows. In the image above you can see the work I did with the shadows. It is also a simple job, but if you compare it with the other, you will see that there is a little more depth in the shading, that is, it has a little more work in this area. Anyway, improvement can always be possible.

drawing of dog

If you dare to try, you can send us your drawings made with the image of the dog you have taken as a reference. All works sent to us will be placed on this website, with your name, so that everyone knows that you are in the process of learning to draw.

Video: Realistic Dog drawing

In this video tutorial you have the possibility of drawing a realistic dog. From the very beginning of the video it is recommended to stop the video and draw along with the tutorial, in order to achieve good results.

It is very good, because in a video of just 11 minutes you can get to learn to make an excellent drawing of dogs.

Easy dog drawing

cool dog drawing

And now we start with a long list of easy dog ​​drawings, so you can copy them and learn to draw. The drawing you see above is an example of a drawing of a dog that is sitting on its hind legs and is smiling.

dog bone drawing

Dogs like to bite bones. That reflects this cute drawing of a shy dog, who carries a bone in his mouth.

easy way to draw a dog

This other dog seems to be a little crazy. They are cartoon dogs, with immense eyes that seem to come out of the head. He also has his tongue out.

easy drawing dogs

How to draw a hunting dog

easy dog drawing

Hunting dogs are very beautiful animals. In this hunting dog drawing I try to get a resemblance of that beauty.

dow to draw a dog

The good thing about cartoons is that you can do the features as you like. An example of that is this drawing of a dog with very large ears. The shape of the face is also very particular, since it is almost like a trapeze, which in reality does not happen.

dogs step by step


I called this drawing sheep dog, because that’s what I thought with those ears that look like wool. It is a very nice and easy to do dog drawing so you can also learn to do and color.

dog paw drawing

This dog drawing I really liked to make a cartoon. As soon as I have some time I will make a cartoon with him because he is very funny and nice. As soon as I have something, I’ll hang it in this same article.

dog line drawing

dog face drawing
These drawing dogs are very beautiful so you can paint them to your liking. This cartoon shows you a nice puppy that has a bone in its mouth, to have a good time. This picture of dog drawing I leave it so you can print it and serve to practice different coloring techniques. It is good to repeat things to the point where everything comes out automatically. Some people believe that drawing or painting skills are innate, and if you were not born with them, you are already incapable. But the reality is that all that also depends on the practice. Any person who is dedicated to practice can improve, until he becomes a great artist.

dog drawing for kids

In practice, repetition is very important, the routine. For example, if you look at a soccer player, in his training, you will see that every day they are doing the same. And when they rehearse a play they repeat it again and again until everything goes perfect.

dog drawing easy

Para aprender a dibujar es lo mismo. Si aprendes a hacer un dibujo, lo tienes que repetir las veces que puedas, y pronto vas a notar cómo se está mejorando. Si guardas los dibujos por fechas, en un tiempo podrás comprobar de qué manera has mejorado.

two dogs

cute dog

simple dog
pencil dog drawing
little dog
dog image
how to draw a dog step by step
how to draw a dog for kids
hot to draw a cute dog
hot dog drawing

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