👀 How to draw a dog

simple dog drawing

Today we are going to learn how to draw a dog, the one you have in the image above. You will see that it is very easy to draw. In just six steps you will be able to make your own dog drawing.

How to draw a dog step by step

drawing a simple dog

Let’s start the drawing with a first stroke that will not tell you anything, but trust me, you’ll see when the dog starts to appear.

look at the dog

With the previous stroke we started to make the head of the dog, and in this second step we already completed the total shape of the head. If you look at the finished model, you will understand that it is the head of the profile dog.

my dog

Now we are going to draw to the dog the details of the nose, the eye and the mouth, with which our dog drawing begins to appear.

cute dog

We just have to add the ears and that’s it, we finished the head of our drawing.

beautiful dog

The next step is longer and is the one that will determine the body of the puppy, including the legs. Now we can see the complete shape of the dog, looking up.

how to draw a dog

Finally we add some spots and the dog drawing is finished. Now we just need to paint it so it looks like the one we have at the beginning of the article. Come on, go ahead and make your own dog picture.

Easy dog drawing

look at this dog

And now we start with a long list of easy dog ​​drawings, so you can copy them and learn to draw. The drawing you see above is an example of a drawing of a dog that is sitting on its hind legs and is smiling.

simple dog drawing

Dogs like to bite bones. That reflects this cute drawing of a shy dog, who carries a bone in his mouth.

crazy dog

This other dog seems to be a little crazy. They are cartoon dogs, with immense eyes that seem to come out of the head. He also has his tongue out.


Do you know Tintin? It is a mythical caricature from Belgium. Tintin has a dog named Milú, which looks a lot like this dog drawing.

How to draw a hunting dog

hunting dog

Hunting dogs are very beautiful animals. In this hunting dog drawing I try to get a resemblance of that beauty.

big eared dog

The good thing about cartoons is that you can do the features as you like. An example of that is this drawing of a dog with very large ears. The shape of the face is also very particular, since it is almost like a trapeze, which in reality does not happen.

sheep dog

I called this drawing sheep dog, because that’s what I thought with those ears that look like wool. It is a very nice and easy to do dog drawing so you can also learn to do and color.

little dog

This dog drawing I really liked to make a cartoon. As soon as I have some time I will make a cartoon with him because he is very funny and nice. As soon as I have something, I’ll hang it in this same article.

scared dog
bone dog
old dog
shy dog
two dogs drawing
sit dog
line dog
dog easy draw
dog with his leash
dog face
cool dog drawing
bull dog
big head dog

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