How to draw a horse – Horse drawing easy for kids

How to draw a horse? The drawings of horses can be of different kinds: on the one hand we can find a realistic drawing, where the drawing of the horse looks like a photo, a line drawing of a horse, where only the profile of the horse is shown, a cartoon drawing of A horse, among other options.

In this article I will present a tutorial to learn how to draw a cartoon-style horse, and I will make it complete, with video and images, so that you have all the alternatives to learn how to make your cartoon horse drawings.

How to draw a horse step by step

Here is the video of how to draw a horse step by step. As you can see it is drawn on a computer. Already in the image before starting the video, you can see how your drawings of horses should look once they have seen it in the full tutorial. As I said before: it is a cartoon. A very large head, a huge but very short body and skinny and short legs. They are the typical characteristics of the cartoons drawings. Once you learn to do this tutorial, you will be able to make your own changes to the horse’s drawing, so that you are the one who decides the look. You could incorporate a very skinny, famished body, stylized legs, a much larger mouth, slanted eyes or whatever you can think of.

But as I had promised you at the beginning, not only did I leave you the video, but we will see the same thing with step-by-step images.

Drawings of horses in images

step to draw a horse

We’re going to start doing how to draw a horse step by step so you don’t get lost, if you don’t have enough with the video. Start by making a complete circle that will be an eye, then a small arc that is the start of the nose and on the other side will go the other eye, which is a little covered by the nose.

how to draw a cute horse

In this new step of the horse drawing we already put the pupils to the eyes and make a large curve to be the nose of the horse. Remember that we are making drawings of cartoon horses, therefore in this you can start to exaggerate as you want the size. Anyway my advice is that first try to get them with the proportions you see in the images, and then you are already making your own changes and tweaks.

horse outline drawing

Now we continue with the horse drawing step by step configuring what are the two nostrils. In this way we can begin to see a drawing of an easy horse here.

horse jumping dancing

Then we started to trace the mouth of our cartoon horse. We are going to give you a typical curve of a smiling mouth, and in the beginning you can see that the upper lip is formed.

drawing horse bench

Now you make the lower part of the mouth and what would be the lower lip. At this point you can see an almost complete image of the horse’s head, for now his face.

horse line drawing

We continue with the head configuration of our easy horse drawings. Now we are going to make the jaw, with a curvature similar to the one you see in the image.

cute horse drawings

Now you have to keep doing the left ear. It is a very simple way but that begins to give a clear format of the full head of our cartoon horse.

horse pencil drawing

Now we start working the horse’s hair. In this case it is what remains above the eyes. As we are making cartoons of horse drawings, we can take the licenses we want. For that we are the owners of the drawing. That is why we make a hair, as if it were a bangs. These types of details are also what make up the drawing in question is a cartoon and not a reproduction of reality.

simple horse drawing

How to draw a horse – Head complete

horse drawing step by step

So that the horse’s head can be terminated, in this step we will complete the mane. Here we make a coat that falls along the neck of the horse that is not drawn here. It is the hair itself that will configure the upper part of the neck.

cartoon horse drawing

As the hair is what determines the upper part of the neck, now we are going to make the lower part of the neck, and it is continued with the horse’s chest.

horse picture to draw

Now we are going to start adding legs to our horse drawings. First we make the front leg that is forward, that is the left front of the horse.

horse drawing easy

Drawings of complete horses

horse drawing

We will continue with our drawings of horses until they are completed because there is little left. Now we are going to make the hind leg. In this case, look carefully at the shape, because that is what any quadruped is not drawn correctly and the results are quite ugly. The hind leg, as for the thigh, is as if it were in the backward direction, then down the second part straight. Practice a lot with this detail until it turns out natural, because that will help you make other animals, such as dogs.

best horse draw

Now we are going to do the extremities that are behind, therefore they are a little covered by the other parts. In this case we make the right front leg.

horse easy

Now the right rear, which completes the body parts of the horse.


Now we are going to add the queue, in which you can also take the licenses you want to make your cartoon more fun. You can put in your drawing of the horse one or several ties, or any other decoration that you can think of to make the drawing of the horse more attractive.

cute drawing of a horse

How to draw a horse and painting

how to draw a horse easy

You were wondering how to draw an easy horse step by step, and here you have it in two ways: in video or in images to do it as you see fit. Undoubtedly it is an easy drawing of horses, so with a little practice, you can surely make a very nice one.

Drawings of different horses

horse drawing

It is good, although we are doing digital drawing, that before we make a sketch of what we are going to draw. Some people make their own sketch already in digital, but sometimes it is good to try to do it in pencil first to get a clear idea of ​​where we are going with our horse drawing.

horse drawing easy

On the internet I found this beautiful drawing that I liked very much. It is a horse that is taking a leap, and is very well accomplished.

horse pictures to draw

In this case we jump to a horse cartoon drawing. The head is huge with respect to the body, and also the expression of mischievousness on the face is priceless. It is a beautiful cartoon of a horse that could quietly be part of an animation.

sea horse drawing

A horse drawing but more artistic. It’s also something I found on the internet and I don’t know if it’s done in digital drawing or it’s a drawing made with Chinese ink. The point is that it has a lot of quality. These are the typical images that look great to make a decorative vinyl in your living room, or to print it on a t-shirt.

simple horse drawing

Here we do have a digital drawing of horses, and I’m very funny because it looks like the typical horse masks that are out there. With that big eye it is very funny.

horse face drawing

Here I have put this image for fun. It is a horse looking straight ahead, and with a great gesture.

horse pencil drawing

Do you dare to guess what movie this image is? The foreground is for the horse.

cute horse drawing

This pony drawing is very funny too. The pose is already funny, since it is sitting as if it were a dog. But the eyes that come out of the sides of the head and the huge hair it has makes a very nice drawing.

horse jumping drawing

This other can enter among the drawings of children’s horses. It is a horse drawing that is rounded in all its parts, with a head that looks like a balloon. It gives the impression of being an inflatable horse.

how to draw a cute horse

Another artistic horse, only with black lines, which achieves an extraordinary effect.

easy way to draw a horse

We return to the cartoons with the drawings of horses. This horse seems to be left over.

spirit horse drawing

This other horse is very happy. It is a very good cartoon too.

horse easy

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