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you are a star
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I’m going to start this article quickly telling you how to draw a star. There may be many star shapes, but the one we are going to see here is how to make a five-pointed star.

how to draw a star

This is the result of the 5-pointed star that we are going to draw. It’s very simple. You will see that in a few steps we will have it ready.

* Step 1 – The beggining

easy star

We start with a horizontal line, in what will be approximately the top third of the star.

* Step 2

how to draw a 5 points star

Keep in mind that we are going to be able to do this stroke with a single stroke. The second line starts from the top down to the left.

* Step 3 – Getting to the extreme

how to draw a star step by step

Now we reach the tip of the star. In this way we already see the totality of the size it will occupy.

* Step 4 – Mirror

how to draw

In this step we go down again making a mirror line with the one we just did in the previous step.

* Step 5 – How to draw a star – Finished

drawing tutorials

We join the end of the previous line with the point where we start the star and voila. We have it finished. I hope you liked the star drawing. but be prepared because the article does not end here, but I am going to give you much more.

Star drawing for gift cards

beautiful star drawing

Surely you will love the drawings of cartoon stars. In the image above you can see a blue star that is very happy and with one eye closed, by way of greeting. The eyes of this cartoon are made in manga style

draw stars app

This other cartoon is very nice, with two wide eyes, but they are characterized because they are very far apart, which makes a curious gesture to the face.

draw star

In this star drawing, the style is totally different. We can see it as a star or as a stain, and very simple and expressive results can be achieved.

draw me a star
how to draw a star
star lord drawing
how to draw a 3d star

Starfish drawings – Beautiful star drawings

star drawing pictures

Starfish made cartoon characters can be very nice. In this first case you have a nice smiling star.

how to draw a devil star

This other starfish has a face of thinking about something evil. Hopefully it doesn’t do anything bad to us, hahahaha

little star drawing

Now you have those same starfish drawings ready to be colored by you. You can print them several times and make your starfish of different colors to decorate your room.

perfect star drawing

Christmas star drawings

christmas star

At Christmas the stars have a lot of prominence. In the Christmas tree they are at the top, being very important. That’s why you have a nice star drawing here, so you can use it on your Christmas cards. Soon I will be adding other Christmas stars.

how to draw a perfect star

And if you want the star to color it yourself here I leave it in line drawing, so you can do as you want.

Star coloring pages

This section is dedicated especially for children. Surely they will love to color those beautiful star drawings you saw so far. That’s why here you will find a good list of drawings to color.

star line drawing

We start with a kawaii star drawing. It is a nice star drawing, in which he is winking.

star drawing

This other star drawing seems to have life. It seems that the star is walking and waving with his arms. It seems to be something like a handkerchief, with a very nice face.

sea star drawing

This star has a comic character image, with its big feet and round hands. For some reason he is scared. A nice drawing to paint.

north star drawing

In this other drawing we see a laughing star but his face seems to be a bit evil. This is because of the shape of the eyebrows and their thickness.

easy star drawing

Quite the opposite of the previous occurs with this other star. He seems to be the typical character of the series a bit fat and good-natured. He has eyes that seem to be in love and is very pretty.

draw a star in indesign

5-pointed star drawing

moon and stars drawing

Now we see the 5-pointed star that we learned to draw in the colored tutorial. As you can see here I have made it multicolored, but I also leave it without color, so if you want it you can paint it as you want.

how do you draw a star

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