Airplane Drawing – How to draw an airplane

For some time I wanted to prepare an article with drawings of airplanes, because the truth is that I love them, and finally I have decided to prepare it.

The airplanes are machines that have always seemed amazing to me, since with the weight they have they are able to lift carrying hundreds of people and load over and travel thousands of kilometers without touching land.

In this article I have prepared drawings of airplanes of different kinds. For example, in the drawing that heads the article you have a beautiful cartoon of a war plane with huge and beautiful eyes and a smile that makes it very nice.

How to draw an airplane easy

cartoon airplane drawing

The very structure of an airplane is easy to transform as if it were a human, since its huge front windows look like eyes, and its wings look like arms. That’s what I take advantage of with the drawing above. It is a drawing of a children’s plane, with tender features and painted in a range of pink tones.

easy airplane

On this other plane in flight, he also has a cartoon drawing, but this time without making him human features. In this drawing I have colored it thinking about the tastes of the little ones, because they will enjoy it, and later I leave you the same plane but without colors, so that you can print it and color it to your liking.

airplane side view drawing

In this other example you have a passenger plane, but made a cartoon, with your eyes and eyebrows set.

airplane drawing for kids

War Aircraft Drawings

airplane sketch drawing

Wars are the cancer of today’s world, and we are totally against it. But for those of us who like what machines themselves are, warplanes are very attractive, and not only now, but throughout history. For example, in the drawing above you have an old plane, in which you can see the classic rivets with which the different parts were joining.

airplane line drawing

These other drawings of warplanes are already more modern examples, where you can even see the flame from behind. They can be space planes or anything you can imagine. They are the typical planes with which children love to play.

airplane model drawing

Airplane drawing for coloring

cute airplane

I’m going to leave you a good amount of planes to color, because I know what you like best. We start with some cartoons of airplane drawings, as in the case of the one above that has an open mouth and very nice eyes. You can give this plane the colors you like best, because any color would suit you.

airplane drawing easy

Before I showed you this airplane drawing already colored. Now is your chance to paint it in your own style.

beautiful airplane

Passenger airplane drawing are very nice too, and here is an example.

how to draw an airplane

simple airplane drawing
airplane drawing free
simple airplane drawing

bassic airplane drawing

airplanes drawing cartoon
old airplane
airplane drawing cartoon

Paper airplane drawing

paper airplane drawing

Paper airplanes make us excited about flying. When we create a paper plane and see it fly well we really get excited, and our imagination flies even more than paper. That is why in an article of airplanes the paper ones could not be missing. In this first case you have a simple plane, made with lines and ready. If you want you can give it the color.

how to draw a paper airplane

Now I have colored the drawing from before, in this case with different shades of green, changing tones depending on whether the different parts are in shadow or light. Below you have a paper plane drawing made with white lines and crossing the blue sky.

simple paper airplane

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