Bird drawing – How to draw a bird easy

The drawings of birds are a type of images that are very sought after on the internet. That’s why I’m bringing you an article that the idea is that it becomes a useful tool for all ages. Throughout this space, I’m going to show you some pictures of birds to color, which are directly aimed at the little ones. Children spend a lot of fun coloring images that are downloaded from the internet, and for that you can use the images of birds that we will bring to you here.

drawing woody

Do not be scared to see that the thumbnail is in Spanish, because the video is just an image.

For those who are already a little older, I will also show you some images of birds of color made digitally. And in this area I’m going to show you a quick tutorial on how you can make bird models on your computer, with digital drawing and painting software, which can be very useful to learn how to draw.

Bird drawing coloring

cartoon bird drawing

We start with one of the most beautiful drawings of birds to print. It is a very nice example, special to have our drawings of birds to color, doing it with pencils of colors, fibers or any other way of painting. Here you can see a pencil drawing of a bird, of the many models of birds you can find. In this case you can see that it is a bird drawing that looks like a comic. This aspect is given above all by the characteristics of its head, which is very large with respect to the body, and in which the two large eyes stand out. The detail of the glitter in the eyes gives even more the sensation of caricature. It is a very nice model that can be used to make animated birds, with which to make a comic strip. I’ll consider doing it, and if so, you’ll soon hear about this new job. Although my specialty is 3d animation, it would be a good opportunity to try a bit of 2d animation. But I do not want to roll up anymore. I will continue with the drawings of tender birds, which you may like to color them. Before, when I talked about the drawings being directed so that children can use them as images of birds to color, the truth is that they are also a good platform to practice more advanced painting techniques for those who, being older people, want to improve his techniques. For example, a drawing of these can be very interesting to practice painting with watercolors. This is a technique that can take a bit to master, and these drawings can be a way to have a base that does not require time to think about what to draw.

cute bird drawing

Esta imagen que puedes ver aquí, se trata de otro dibujo de pajarito posado sobre una rama, también con un toque de caricatura, que tiene una postura de mirar de frente. Es un dibujo más sencillo que el anterior con el que puedes divertirte practicando mezclas de colores para conseguir resultados más bonitos.

Si quieres aprender técnicas de pintura, no está mal tampoco empezar profundizando técnicas de pintura con lápiz negro, en el que simplemente con el juego de luces y sombras se vayan configurando las formas. En estos dibujos puedes inventarte los plumajes de los dibujos de aves a lápiz, y conseguir resultados con mucho realismo. Puede ser una gran manera de aprender.

In this video that I have put you up, you have a tutorial to learn how to paint a bird with colored pencils. The video is in English, but you do not need to understand the words. With the image is enough to understand how to work with this technique.

Digital drawing: Animated birds

The animated birds are an attraction. This is how we have a famous Pixar short film, which shows a group of small animated birds that are on a cable of light, and a large bird approaches, and when it lands on the same cable, it bursts almost to the floor . Then the small birds begin to peck at the legs of the big one so that it goes away, until this one releases the cable and the small ones leave fired, finishing the short with all of them falling to the floor plucked. It is a beautiful image of birds made with 3d animation. The famous Angry Birds movie is also a use of images of birds used in animation, and these birds are also a good way to practice drawing birds, but in this case we could already do it in digital drawing.

angry bird drawing

How to draw a bird step by step

bird drawing

We start with the bird models:

The basis of bird images

how to draw a bird

Bird images: The base color

beautiful bird

Beginning the details of the drawings of birds:

cute bird drawing

Now begins the most exciting part of the drawings of digital birds, as we will start with the details. Now is when it begins to become similar to reality. At this point, the main thing will be to develop the capacity for observation, because the similarity will depend on the details being copied. In the image you can see that the detailed work of the eye and the beak was done. In the eye are the brightness, which are given by white or almost white colors. It is very useful that to make the painting, in Photoshop also open the original image, from which you can go taking the colors. In the detail of the peak, you can see different shades from lighter to darker. All this must be copied as is so as to have a realistic result in the images of birds.

easy draw

In this new step you can see the detail of the finished head. Here you use a Photoshop brush of the commons, but do not have a hard end, with a very small thickness. Here the work is reduced to making lines with different shades, where you can see which are the areas where the light hits. There the blue colors are lighter, and the darker ones to the other side. If you do not make variations with the colors you will not get realistic results. Following the same concept will be the total of the drawing. As I said before: here patience is fundamental so that the result is the expected, as well as the observation of the real image, so that the reproduction is as accurate as possible.

bird step by step

In this image you can see the finished bird. The parameters are always the same: observation and reproduction of the best possible reality. Testing and testing will get better and better results. The advantage of digital drawing with respect to the traditional, is that here you can make mistakes as many times as you want, that you will always have a solution. You just have to dedicate time and do not lose the illusion. Everything explained for the drawing of the bird is applied to the trunk. For this one, I created a new layer, below the bird, in such a way that I can paint it freely and the bird is always on top. The work ends with the painting of the background to achieve a magnificent result and very similar to reality. I hope you liked the tutorial and it helped you to learn how to make bird drawings on the computer, with great quality.

Drawings of easy birds

The drawings of birds that best come to children are easy to copy drawings. That’s why I wanted to dedicate a section of the article to show you drawings of easy birds, so that everyone can learn to make their own drawings of a bird.

birds pencil drawing

In this case you can see a process of a drawing of a bird. It would be what is called a sketch of a drawing of a bird. It is interesting to put this image because sometimes we see the finished drawings and we were amazed, as if they had been like this. However, here is the moment of the process, in which lines are barely being drawn to get the volume of the bird. This drawing can be good to start with your work.

bird line drawing

And here we are going to drawings of simple birds, especially for children. In this case the drawing is quite particular, as done by a child fairly. A bird drawing with a straight side, the beak that seems not to be in the head. A funny drawing of a bird of a child.

how to draw a bird

Here we see a drawing of a bird very well made in terms of its shape, but with great simplicity. This can encourage anyone to say: I will also do it and try. Only the perimeter of the bird is seen, with its head and its beak in full flight. The drawings of birds flying are very beautiful.

line bird

Another curious bird drawing. We could also say that it is a hummingbird. The curious thing here is that this bird drawing, if you look closely, can be done in one stroke. I challenge you to get it: make all the drawing of the bird in one stroke.

bird box drawing

This drawing is very simple to copy. It’s a simple way, and easy to copy. The good thing is that being such a simple and easy drawing, nobody can discuss how good the bird is and how clear it is.

how to draw a bird easy

Here we have a nice little bird, with eyes that are very tender. In this case we also see that the forms are very easy to copy. All curved but with every detail very clear. The legs are very accomplished, and the detail of the shines in the eyes gives it an enormous expressiveness. This has to be for any drawing. There is a big difference between an eye with brightness and one that does not.

flying bird drawing

Here we have a bird a little more developed, but it is still easy to draw. You can also print it to color to your liking.

simbple bird drawing

Here I put something more complicated: it is a bird drawing perched on a branch, but with a work of drawing a bit more advanced in terms of details, especially in what it does to the head. After the drawing, in this case there is a work of shading in pencil that gives a final result of a higher quality than if only the limits are drawn. It can also help you to learn to give more expression to the drawings. To color a drawing, not only has to be in color, but with a black pencil, you can make some amazing shadows.

tweety for bird

live birds drawing
bird drawing easy

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