Cow drawing – How to draw a cow

We bring you in today’s article some beautiful drawings of cows, of different styles, that you can download to color. They are very simple too, so you can learn to draw. And if this seems like little, we also bring you a fun tutorial to learn how to draw cows very quickly, and in a few steps.

Cow Drawing to color and draw

easy way to draw cow

The drawings of cows can be of very different character. Although I am telling you that they are pencil drawings, as you will see in these cases, I have drawn them directly with a fiber, without penciling them before. That is why you will see several imperfections in the drawings. But with this I want to tell you that they are easy drawings to make, taking into account the basic aspects of the images. In this drawing of the cow, we have a very frontal image, with the head in the typical shape of a cow, with the details of the eyes, the horns and the ears that shape the image of the cow very well. The body is directly an oval, which according to the shape you want to give it can be up to a circle, in such a way that it is lower. Then you put a couple of spots as you want, and do not forget the tail, which also makes clear the animal that we are drawing. Within the simple drawing, it is a detail that looks good.

How to draw a cow easy for kids

Here I bring you a video of a cow drawing, so that children can draw it very easily.

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Cow simple drawing

how 2 draw a cow

Here I present a much more childlike drawing of a cow. Basically it is the head that marks this style. We begin by drawing the head with an oval that is the snout where the holes of the nose and mouth are. The smile already begins to mark the sympathy of the character. Then with another larger oval we make the shape of the head and introduce all the details such as horns, eyes and ears. From there we can draw the body with lines always very curved to perfectly delineate one of our drawings of cows for children.

Drawing of cows – Only the head

how to draw a simple cow face

The drawings of cows can be very different, I told you at the beginning of the article. And here you can see another style totally for a drawing cow. In this case, I have only drawn you a head to show you a cartoon cow style. In general, the caricature is characterized by the exaggeration of certain features. In the case of this cow drawing, we can see an exaggeration in the area of ​​the muzzle of the cow. It could well be the part of a horse, but the result is very nice. The eyes also give a caricature touch, in the very conception of the same: the large oval-shaped balloons, which overlap. The other element that makes this caricature is the neck, very thin with respect to the size of the head. This can be a good exercise to go practicing work with cartoons.

Drawings of cartoon cows

easy way to draw a cow

I finish with this part with a caricature drawing of a complete cow. Here the face is even more caricatured than in the previous drawing of a cow. The non-appearance of the mouth, and sticking to the side of the snout as if they were cheekbones gives much sympathy to this drawing of a cow. The rest of the body is also very caricature, with the shape of a drop style that denotes a chubby body with very small extremities. A nice drawing of cows so you can learn to draw. Anyway, if you want to learn to make drawings of cows with more quality, now I present the tutorial with which, if you follow it step by step, you will learn to draw a cow with a simple method.

How to draw a cow? Cow drawings tutorial

pencil drawing

This image that you see above will be what we will have to reach with this tutorial. From the drawings of cows that I showed you here, we see that in this case it is a more realistic drawing, that is to say, away from the cartoon styles that we have been talking about. Let’s start then. As always, you should start through some simple geometric figures, to go little by little giving the shape of the drawing

pc drawing

We begin by drawing a vertical oval, in what will be the back of the cow. Then we cross-link another oval, but in this case it is horizontal. This second figure is clearly bigger than the previous one, since in it we are going to base the drawing of the rest of the body of the cow. Later we will make a third oval, which is the basis to start making the drawing of the head of the cow

draw tutorial

Although we finish in the front part with the shape of the head, we will start in this step to shape it. From the base oval, we have to draw the outside of the oval what is the snout of the cow, following the shape seen in the image. We also add the ears of the cow in the head. At this point, the interesting thing is that we go imagining more or less the volume of the leather of the cow.

step by step

In this step we will begin to configure the legs of the cow. For this we are going to draw two parallelograms with the widest base upwards. These figures are the front and back thighs of the right legs of the cow. As you can see, the back leg is made upright, while the front leg is turned a little backwards. Once placed this, we make a kind of ovals in what would be the floor. These are the legs of the cow

cow easy

In this next step we will start to configure the body, and that is where we started to see the shape of the cow drawing. Following the drawing as a guide, you can do it quietly. We begin to unite the different elements that we draw in the first stage, in such a way that we are configuring the body. The neck clearly has a curvature, as it is bending down to eat grass. Another detail to have the account is the completion of the back of the cow, which ends almost straight, with a curve.

easy drawing

Now we have to draw the legs. In a couple of previous stages we had marked three three-legged ovals. We are going to trace those complete legs, based on the trapezoids. The left rear leg will come out from behind the rear trapeze that we had drawn.

beautiful cow

Siguientes detalles del dibujo de vaca. Le hacemos la cola, que arranca de la curva que hicimos antes como terminación de la parte posterior del cuerpo de la vaca, y le agregamos la cuarta pata, es decir la delantera izquierda. Por la pose que tiene la vaca, esta pata debe estar claramente más adelantada que la delantera izquierda, para que el animal mantenga el equilibrio al agacharse.

También aprovechamos para ir dándole la forma al cuello en la parte baja

look this drawing

How about? The drawing is already taking shape no? Surely if you have followed everything here to the letter, your drawing should look a lot like ours. Now we have to dedicate to putting all the details in the head of the cow. From the lateral position we see only one eye. We place it taking into account that the head is tilted down. In front of the ears that we draw at the beginning we put the horns, and we add in the front part the mouth and the hole of the nose. We also give some shape to the ear that we had drawn

good draw

We are concluding with the tutorial. Now we have to draw the udder, a characteristic element of a cow. Then we ended up making the hooves of the legs, giving them a more careful shape than the one we had given at the beginning. And that’s it, we have the basic drawing finished. Now to finish it we can highlight it. To do this we will take advantage to go outlining the final forms of the cow. Once finished if you want you can put some spots and you can also color the drawing with the technique that better go

More easy drawings of cows

If you’re enjoying everything you’re seeing so far, do not leave, continue with us because now I’m going to continue putting the simple drawings of cows so that you can copy them again and again. When you repeat a drawing a lot, you end up knowing how to do it by heart, and in a short time you will not need guidance.

cow line drawing

And here we go with a drawing of a cow that is sitting as if it were a puppy. It is a drawing of very simple shapes. You must start by making an egg that is going to be the head. When you have it you start to put all the details of the head: nose, eyes, ears and horns. Then you will do the front part of the body, which are the two front legs and the chest of the vaquita. Finally you do the two hind legs, which give the feeling of drawing a seated cow. It’s easy, right?

drawing a cow step by step

This cow drawing is a bit more elaborate than the previous one, so you have to have a little more skill to draw. The advance in the quality of the drawing here is given in that the forms are no longer as straight as in the previous one. You can see that in the legs that go from least to greatest, or in the shapes of the head.

easy drawing

In this drawing of cows we see a very nice design. The forms are totally unreal, but the final result is very good. A very nice drawing of a cow.

cow drawing for kids

This drawing of a cow a little more pulling realistically in terms of forms, but outlining a small smile and very tender eyes. It’s another nice cow drawing so you can learn to draw well.

cow easy drawing

This is one of my favorite cow drawings. It is a cow that is very happy. It is possible that I am dancing with happiness. It is very funny to see that an animal exceeded in weight is dancing in this way, and that is what makes it especially nice.

Learn how to make your cow drawing

young cow

I’m going to give you a good number of drawings of cows so that you can copy yourself and learn to draw. You choose the one you like the most. For example, the drawing you have above, of a baby cow sitting as if it were a dog.

cow cart drawing

Now you have the same cow drawing, but in color. This drawing and coloring are made in computer.

drawing of a cow easy

And to complete the set, here is the previous drawing with a background. This image is what I use as a logo on my Youtube channel, which I invite you to subscribe to see the different drawing tutorials that I will be hanging.

Other simple drawings to draw

cow drawing easy
cute cow drawing
cow skull drawing
baby cow
draw easy
drawing beautiful cow
how 2 draw a cow

Pencil cow drawing

pencil cow drawing easy

I also leave some drawings of cows made in pencil, so you can see that you can do exactly the same with one technique as with another.

pencil cow drawing

I hope you liked everything that I have brought you in this article.

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