Skull drawing – How to draw a skull

how to draw a skull

Here is the model we want to reach if we want to know how to draw a skull.

In this article we are going to see step by step how to make an easy skull, so that anyone who wants it can learn to do it. The skull drawing of the image is the typical case of the skulls that can be seen in the pirate flags, with the bones that pass behind the skull. This skull drawing can serve you for whatever you want. Now let’s start with the step by step tutorial to know how to draw a skull.

Drawings of skulls – We started

skull and rose drawing

As with all the drawings, to start you have to start with simple forms, from which we will be developing the drawing later. In the case of our skull drawing, we start with an oval with a larger side in the horizontal direction, to which we are going to add a vertical line and a piece of bow in the lower part of the oval. At this time we still can not understand the shape of the skull, but I’m sure that soon we will begin to see it.

cool skull drawing

In the second step we will draw two lines below the drawing we had in the previous step. You can already begin to intuit that these two lines, which are symmetrical with respect to the vertical axis, will be the axes of what will later be the bones that lie behind the skull.

skull drawing

Now we add the third step and now we can guess the shape of the skull. In this case we are going to add the eye cavities. You just have to copy the shape that you see in the drawing that I have put you above. It is not a defined geometric shape. It is a kind of triangle with rounded angles.

sugar skull drawing

In this step appear the holes that correspond to the nasal passages. Little by little, the figure of the skull appears. Notice that the position of the nostrils goes between the lower part of the initial oval and outside of it the greater part.

skull rose drawing

Now let’s start to configure the outer shape of the skull. See how the upper part of the oval with which we started the drawing is modified a bit. In the part that corresponds approximately to the temples, we see that it becomes more straight than what the initial oval is. In this way we already have the superior form of the head.

deer skull drawing

Having the top of the head, now let’s set the middle part. Here you should pay attention to the serpentine shape of the line, because it is a key element in the definition of skull drawings. With this line the temples are marked at the top, then the cheekbones and ends at the bottom, which will give way to the part of the mouth that is on the bottom of the skull.

human skull drawing

And now we close the exterior of the drawing of the skull. Here is the picture of what the jaw would be, so we have closed the total form. Surely at this point of the drawing you are happy with what we are getting. Let’s go forward, we need less.

skull drawing easy

Here we begin to do a little more of the details. In this case we started to do the generic part of the mouth area and what the denture would be.

skull drawing easy

In this step, the area of ​​the teeth is determined. You have to check that the area of ​​the mouth is at the height of where the blades we did at the beginning meet, which will be the axes of the bones that go behind.

simple skull drawing

Now let’s start making the bones that are behind the skull. It’s a pretty easy way, so I’m not going to give great explanations. Just copy what you see in the drawing.

how to draw a skull step by step

The same thing we did with a bone now we’re going to do it in the other bone. In this way we have already configured the whole of our skull drawing. Now the only thing that remains is to make the drawings in thickness of what would be the final drawing and ready. We have learned to make our skull drawings very quickly and easily. Now let’s see the final drawing again.

how to draw a skull

This final drawing shows the auxiliary lines. If you are drawing in pencil, you must erase them so that they remain clean. If you do it in digital drawing, as is the case we use, what you should do is put all the auxiliary lines in one layer, and then, to the final lines of the drawing, put them in another layer. This way, when you have finished you can hide the auxiliary layer or even if you want to erase it and you will have finished a very clean drawing

Drawings of skulls to download

look at this

Here we are going to leave drawings of skulls a little more developed. Before we prepared a tutorial about how to draw skulls, where we came to finish a fairly basic model. However on the internet you can find many drawings of skulls much more developed, such is the case of the skull drawing that you are looking over this paragraph. It is a very elaborate work, with a very realistic result.

last draw

Here we have another option within our drawings of skulls. In this case it is a simpler work than the previous one, but the drawing quality is very good.

easy drawing

Here we have an image of a drawing of tremendous quality. Undoubtedly it is made by an artist of great level because you can see the shadows, the difference of lights and shadows and all the work in general. They are drawing a higher level like the one you will see below.

step by step

In this case, it is a quality similar to the previous one, only that it changes the point of view of the skull. We used to see it in a plane of foreshortening, and here it is in front.


Other drawings of skulls so you can keep yourself. These are drawings made with ink, using the line technique. With shaded lines are made. When the lines come together more a darker zone is achieved, and as the lines separate, other lighter shades are achieved. It is a very interesting technique to learn to draw with quality.


Now we have a profile skull drawing, with a technique similar to the previous one. In this case thick lines are made to determine the total drawing, and later with the technique of the lines is given more expression to the drawing.

pencil drawings

So far our list of drawings of skulls. I hope you liked everything we have presented in this article. Do not forget to visit the rest of our website. This articles are very atractive:

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