How to draw a PENGUIN easy

Penguin drawings can be very varied, but what they have in common is that they are always very cute. Penguin drawings can be very varied, but what they have in common is that they are always very cute.

In this article we want to bring you a step by step process of how to draw a penguin in a very simple and easy way, so that anyone can do it.

The example that we do, we made it inside the computer, drawing in Photoshop, but the steps are perfectly applicable to do them by hand.

So get ready with a piece of paper, a pencil, an eraser and go for it!!!

Easy penguin drawing video tutorial

Children’s penguin drawings are very attractive for children, but adults also like to learn how to make this kind of drawings in order to teach our children.

Por eso voy a comenzar poniendo el vídeo para que veas cómo se hace el dibujo, y más abajo te lo mostramos desarrollado paso a paso.

How to make a penguin step by step

Some people learn by watching how to do things. For them the video above will be great. But others like more explanations, and the rest of the tutorial is for those people. I’m going to explain step by step how I made the drawing, I hope you like it:

1- First strokes

how to draw a penguin

No, what we are going to make is a cute penguin.

Whenever you are going to draw something it is good to reduce it to basic shapes, so that you have a proportionate form to guide you. In this case we are going to start the head by making a rectangle with the proportion you see in the graphic. Then you make a vertical stroke in the middle, and another horizontal stroke in the bottom third, so that it looks like in the image.

2- Drawing eyes and beak

easy penguin

In this step we are going to make the two circles that correspond to the eyes, and at the intersection of the two axes that you made before you are going to make the beak. The penguin’s beak can be made in several ways. In this case you see a kind of pointed oval for the top and then an arc for the bottom.

3- Continuing with the head shapes

easy drawing for kids

You make a bow at the top of the base rectangle, which is going to be the bottom of the penguin cap.

Two consecutive vertical arcs on the sides, the top one is larger because it ends in the lower third, where the horizontal axis is. This is done on both sides.

Finally, you draw the shapes you see from the beak in the style of butterfly wings, to determine the black area of the soft. You will see this better when it is finished.

4- Finishing the penguin head

how to draw

The next step is to assemble the cap, as he is very cold because he lives at the south pole.

We start by making a band, which is the turning part of the wool cap. On top of it goes a kind of pointed bow, which will be the rest of the cap, and finally, at the top we make a circle that will be the pompom of the cap.

This way we have already completed the basic drawing of the head, so now we are going to do the whole penguin’s body.

5- To draw the scarf and body

cute penguin

Having finished the head in a generic way in the previous step, now we are going to put a scarf that determines the end of the head. It is very simple, since we make two parallel arches with the width that we want to give the scarf. Then on one side of the middle we make the two strips that hang from the scarf: one that will go on the outside and the other that will go on the back. The one at the back looks good if you make it a little shorter than the other one.

With the scarf finished, you can now trace what will be the body of the penguin. The idea is to make a kind of bag, which in the end results in a drawing that looks like a snowman. In fact, if you want you can make a snowman with the same steps that we saw here. The only difference now would be to put a carrot instead of a beak, and two tree branches for arms.

In our case we continue making the penguin, so we are going to leave it with that curvature as the total body, which in the next step we are going to complete.

6- Finishing the basic penguin drawing

drawing on pc

Now we are going to make the wings, which in a cartoon drawing act as if they were the arms. There is no mystery in drawing the wings: just as you see them in the drawing, since they don’t have fingers or anything weird. Just trace and that’s it.

You should also make the legs. In this case we have made a kind of duck legs, which look good for this drawing.

The last thing missing is a line not exactly parallel to the body, on the inner side, to differentiate the black part from the white breastplate that penguins have.

7- Highlighting the drawing

digital drawing

At this point we can say that our penguin drawing is finished, but you will surely want it in color, because they are much cuter, so let’s paint it.

8- How to color the penguin

penguin digital drawing

When painting the eyes black, it leaves part white, which gives the feeling of brightness. This creates a very nice effect in all the drawings.

9- Incorporating color

beautiful penguin

In this case I painted the scarf and parts of the hat red. If you want you can make the back of the scarf a darker color, to give it depth.

10- We finish the penguin

nice draw

If you do well, let me know in the comments, and let’s go for the next challenge. Go for it!


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