How to draw a unicorn – Unicorn drawing

Many want to learn how to draw a unicorn, and in this article I will bring you a step-by-step process so that you learn to make one very easy.

Unicorn drawings are in vogue today. They are used to decorate all kinds of items, such as cups, t-shirts, key chains.

How to draw a unicorn easy


In the image above you have the unicorn that we will learn to draw. It is the head of a unicorn that seems to boast its beauty.

It is a nice drawing, which can be colored as everyone wants, depending on what you are going to use it for.

* Step 1 of the unicorn

how to draw a unicorn girl

We start by making the profile of the unicorn’s head. Here the reality is that you have to copy the shape as it is, because it is not a definite geometric shape. It is a kind of an 8 upside down, but it is not complete.

* Step 2 of the unicorn drawing

how to draw a cute unicorn

In this second step of how to draw a unicorn, we will make more details inside the head. We draw what would be the nose hole, the eye closed and with nice eyelashes, and finally we will make the ear on the top of the head.

* Step 3 of the unicorn head


In this new step, we are going to do some mane, but only because it is the one that is ahead of the horn. The horn is the other element we do in this step. We are already seeing the shape of the unicorn.

* Step 4 finishing the unicorn

unicorn draw

And we finish the drawing of the unicorn doing the rest of the mane. The interesting thing is to make different strands, so that you can paint it with bright colors, as you saw that I painted it. The unicorn is always related to the rainbow, and these colors are the ones that can be used. It is a nice drawing that you can use in your own gift cards.

Drawings of pretty unicorns

I already made a mini tutorial for you to learn how to draw a unicorn drawing. But there are many ways in which you can draw drawings of unicorns. Now I’m going to put several drawings of very beautiful unicorns, which you can download for free, so you can use them in your greeting cards or as you like.

unicorn drawing


We start with the list of drawings of unicorns with this cute work for babies. It is a beautiful drawing to decorate a children’s room with vinyl for example. It is a unicorn that fell asleep on top of the moon.

unicorn girl drawing

And continuing with the children’s drawings, here I bring you this other drawing of a unicorn, reminiscent of the carousel horses. It seems to have the same pose, but with those big bright eyes it gives a touch of tenderness that fills.

unicorn drawing easy

Here we have one more cartoon unicorn. As always, in the tail and in the mane highlights the color that always surrounds a unicorn, but with the features of the face, especially the eyes and the shape of the head we have a typical cartoon drawing.

simple unicorn drawing

Another cartoon of a unicorn. The huge bright eyes give a lot of sympathy to this drawing. It seems to be a little unicorn that is sitting on the floor in a loving attitude. It is a nice example of our painted unicorn drawings to give away.

More drawings of painted unicorns

how to draw a baby unicorn

Here we have one of the typical drawings of kawaii unicorns. The eyes are characteristic of this type of drawing. It is a pose similar to the previous drawing, but these features make one drawing and the other totally different.

cute unicorn draw

In this other drawing, our unicorn appears even more colorful. The good thing about painting these fantastic animals is that we can do it as we please, because nobody can say that it is not. Everyone can paint it as they imagine. And this children love, the freedom to do something as they want.

unicorn cartoon drawing

A baby unicorn that seems to be a little scared is the one we have in this other drawing. It is a very beautiful model, as we said in the first drawing, to use in the decoration of children’s rooms or in elements that are for babies, such as a body or a bib.

draw so cute unicorn girl

Before we talked about kawaii drawings of unicorns, and here we have another model of that style. Here we can see that the ears are different, they almost resemble those of cats, just as the unicorn’s snout also looks different, smaller. The tail also has a hairy tip as if it were a lion, with the typical colors with which we paint the unicorns.

draw so cute unicorn

Now we have a rockstar unicorn. It is a beautiful drawing of a unicorn with huge sunglasses, and stars all over the body, which make it very nice. Surely you will love painting this drawing.

how do you draw a unicorn

And in this other drawing, the meaning changes a bit. Here it is no longer about the drawings of unicorns, but it is a girl, who wears a unicorn pajamas. It is a beautiful drawing to decorate elements of a young girl.

Unicorns coloring pages

All these colored drawings that I put to you, were for you to print and use on cards or any gift you want to make. But for children, who love to paint and color, now I will bring the same drawings but no color. You can download, print and color them however you want. You could even learn to draw these unicorns, little by little you will see that you will get it.

how to draw a cartoon unicorn

cute unicorn pictures to draw
unicorn drawing tumblr
unicorn donuts to draw
draw so cute unicorn cartoon
drawing of unicorn easy
step by step how to draw a unicorn
dog unicorn drawing
unicorn simple drawing
unicorn cake drawing
So far our drawings of unicorns. I hope you enjoyed this article. If so, share it with your friends, and continue visiting our website, because you will find articles that you will like much more. For example:

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