How to draw a kawaii bat

If you arrive to this article you will feel like drawing a kawaii bat. The idea is that it is not a very technically developed drawing, but something simple and easy, that in a few steps we have it learned and done and that it is very nice. That way you can show that drawing to your son and teach him how to do it.

Kawaii drawing of a bat

drawing a bat kawaii

As you can see, when we want to make an easy drawing, we have to go to very general features, but among them we have to have good features that are characteristic, in order to get an element that is sympathetic and tender. Being a bat, which is not something tender or nice, the cartoon gives us elements to get it. In this case the typical thing is an exaggeratedly large head in relation to the body. On the other hand, the eyes also of a large proportion within the size of the face give you a very satisfactory result.

Before presenting you the step by step development of the tutorial to get to this final result, I will leave you with the video, so you can see step by step how I have drawn it, so that if it is more comfortable for you, you can copy it as the video progresses.

Video tutorial of the drawing of a kawaii bat

As you can see in the video, the example I give you of the bat drawing is drawn on the computer, using a tablet and Photoshop. This is something that doesn’t have to worry you or discourage you, because when you work with a tablet on the computer, you draw exactly the same as with a pencil and paper, so it serves you in the same way.

Drawing of kawaii bat step by step

Now yes, for those who want the video to be a tutorial to read and with step by step explanations, let’s take the following lines to try to explain everything I have done, so that you can replicate it and make a much better drawing than mine, taking it calmly and calmly.

* We begin to draw the bat

bat eyes

There are different ways to start a drawing. In several tutorials I explained that one of the techniques to start a drawing is to draw some general geometric shape, to take the proportions of the drawing. For example a circle for the head or a square or whatever, and then go on configuring more precise shapes.

In the drawing of the bat, we are going to change the technique, and we are going to start with the shapes of the inner drawing. So let’s start by tracing the eyes.

That’s what the two eggs you are seeing in the graphic respond to. Two rather large ovals will be the eyes of the bat, and from there we start with our drawing.

* Finish drawing bat eyes

bat drawing easy

As we said in the previous step, we are working with a different technique from what we usually do in other tutorials. We started with the ovals that are the eyes, and in this second step we are going to complete the eyes:

Inside each oval, we start by making a small arc at the bottom. The reason for that is to give a sense of depth to the eye. It’s as if that eye has thickness to it, as it does in real life, where the eye is not a sheet attached to the face, but has depth.

Once these arcs are made, we make two circles in each eye: one at the top and one at the bottom. These circles will be the shines of the eyes, something very used in manga or anime drawing, which gives a lot of expression to those eyes. In the case of our drawing, these shines will help us to give tenderness to the drawing. Maybe at this moment it doesn’t give you that feeling, but when we are going to color it will give you that feeling.

* We continue with the features of the bat’s face

drawing bat face

Once the eyes are finished we will complete the features that we will draw on the face.

There are not many things we are going to draw, but enough elements to understand the animal we are drawing.

We start by drawing the nose, which has a heart-like shape between the two eyes and just a little below.

From the lower part of the heart we draw two arches that form the upper part of the mouth. With a kind of “U” we finish the lower part of the mouth, and on the sides we draw the two fangs, a fundamental element when we draw a bat.

* We form the bat’s face

how to draw a bat kawaii

Having made the face features, the next thing to do is to set the boundaries of the face.

In general, we could include the face inside a slightly flattened square. But in my case, I directly gave the shape of the face. On the sides, you can see a curvilinear shape, to give it a better definition. At the bottom, you should finish the lines as if it had a couple of hairs. This serves to give the sensation of texture of the animal’s skin.

The lower part, also has an arc shape, because if we make it straight we would have a rougher feeling. This way we have configured the face, only the upper part of the head is missing, which we are going to configure in the next step.

* We finish the bat head

drawing bat head

The next step to complete the head is the ears. The ears of a bat are also very characteristic. You have to try to copy the shape of the drawing. It has to end in a point, starting from the middle part of the eye vertically and ending at the side of the face we had drawn in the previous step.

In the final part of the ear we draw again the kind of hairs we did before, in order to continue giving texture to the drawing. Inside the ears we make those arches, in order to give a three-dimensional effect to the ear. As you can see in what you are seeing in the drawing, there is only one detail left to finish the head. You can finish it directly with a bow between the two ears, and it would be fine. But in order to make it a little more sympathetic, we are going to incorporate hair, to give it a little anthropomorphic shape, as you can see in the following drawing.

bat head and hair

Drawing the bat’s body

So far we took care of finishing the head of our drawing. Now we are going to continue with the body. Let’s remember that in general the proportions that we are going to give to our drawing are of a head much bigger than the body. With this in mind is that we are going to advance with the body.

* Draw the bat’s legs

easy drawing

To make the body of the bat, we will start by making the part opposite the head, so that we will have the total proportion.

Therefore you have to start by making an arc at the level of what would be the belly of the bat. It is simply an arc with the tips upwards covering approximately the same width as the eye area. This arc gives the impression of a pot belly, another feature that gives sympathy to the caricature.

Once the belly is drawn, we proceed to make the legs. Each one starts from where the arch ends. From there it goes down, and we draw the leg at the bottom. Then we join both legs by means of an arc. In this way we have finished the lower part of our bat.

At this stage of the drawing we already have a general image of the bat drawing we are trying to do, but the truth is that the most characteristic thing we haven’t done yet. If there is something that is going to determine which animal we have drawn it is the wings, so to finish determining our drawing, let’s proceed to make that most characteristic feature.

* Wings of the bat

digital drawing

The wings of the bat are perhaps the easiest part to draw, and at the same time the most characteristic, so let’s clearly see our drawing.

The upper part is an arc that will span the entire width of the wing, but what will really give the feature is the lower part. You have to draw two arcs, as if it were an umbrella. This shape is typical of the bat’s wing, so we can clearly see the drawing.


* Finished bat drawing

bat finished

Our drawing is now complete. Just as we gave it a sense of texture with the hairs on the head, now on the body we draw those four lines that determine on one side the body and insinuate the folds of the wings. In this way we have finished the drawing of the bat. Now we just need to color it to finish our drawing.

How to color kawaii bat coloring pages

Let’s remember that we are making a cartoon drawing. The good thing about this is that the author of the drawing is the owner of doing what he wants. Therefore at the time of coloring the drawing you can give it the touches you want. However I am going to show you what I decided to do in this drawing.

bat painting

The colors of the drawing are not many. In general the bat’s body is gray, as if to give it something more like the real thing.

To give him some touches of color, I decided to paint the inside of his ears with a rubbed color, and his nose in red.

To give him a touch of color and make him more sympathetic, I decided to make his hair blond. I also painted the inside of the eyes black, so you can already see the result of the white glitter inside the eyes. As you can see, we already have a very nice and simple drawing of a bat in kawaii style.

At this point we can have the drawing finished, but if you want you can give it one more touch to make it look a little more developed, and that is to shade the drawing in such a way to give it a more three-dimensional aspect, to get the final result.

drawing a bat kawaii

The way to shade a drawing is very simple: you imagine a side from which the light comes. In the case of my drawing, the light beam comes from the right. That’s why the faces that face to the right are lighter, while the opposite areas are darker. In this case the shadows are hard, which is a cartoon style of drawing. Another way to make shadows is with gradient tones, where the gray gets progressively darker towards the shadow and progressively lighter towards the light. This way is easier to do when painting by hand, although with Photoshop you can also do it this way, but we’ll leave that for another tutorial.

I hope you liked this article, and that you learned how to make this drawing.

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