Lion Drawing – How to draw a lion

In this tutorial you can learn to draw a lion that you are seeing in the image above. It is a tutorial of a medium level, but that with a few simple steps can be obtained from simple figures, in such a way to configure the complete drawing. Let’s move on to learn how to draw a lion.

How to draw a lion step by step

If you want to learn to draw a lion step by step, I will bring you this video in which I have drawn it very slowly, so you can follow it as is. You can pause the video as you go forward so as not to lose detail of the drawing. Surely if you dare you will get the same.

Anyway, to make it even easier for you to learn how to draw a lion, I’m going to tell you step by step with images, so you have it easier.

Here we go:

To start learning to draw a lion, the first thing is to create the basic shapes from which the drawing will take shape.

how to draw a simple lion

Then, to the right of the oval and coinciding with the lower part of the oval, a circle that has a diameter slightly more than the total height of the oval should be drawn. This is going to be the back of the lion. From these figures, the elongated elements that begin to configure the two legs that are towards this side are drawn.

Learn to draw a lion – giving the first forms

Next step is to begin minimally to give the basic forms of the lion. The two arches that connect the left and the right part are drawn, in such a way to configure the lion’s body. The two legs that are on the back are added, and the lion’s tail is created.

In this drawing, the most complicated thing is to get the proportions right between one part and another, so we must constantly compare with the original to know that we are on the right path to learn how to draw a lion.

cute lion

This step is when we can just say that we are on the right path of learning to draw a lion. Until now, only drawings of rather disjointed figures were seen, but this is when we begin to define the shapes.

Next to the small oval of the head we draw a smaller one, which will be the lion’s ear. From there we make the shape of the face, and we give a principle of shape to the lion’s mane below the face. On the other hand, on the back, we add the typical tip of the lion’s tail, and we begin to form the left hind leg. With these small aggregates we can already see the shape of the lion.

how to make a lion

We have almost done our lion drawing

In this step we can see the lion in its fullness. We produce the finish of the back legs and the tail. Also in this step we are highlighting the drawing so that it becomes stronger.

In the front, we also delineate both legs well. In the face we make the small details of the nose, beginning to sketch the mouth and the eye. Finally we give a touch to the lion’s mane to finish the total shape.

how to draw a lion

At this point we can consider that the lion is finished. But if you want to increase the level of completion, you can apply to give more details, so as to reach the level of the image that we show in the header.

These termination details would be to detail the features of the face, incorporating the whiskers. Also add curved lines that mark the direction of the hair on the lion’s mane. And above all, what will give a great result, is to shade.

To shade the drawing, it is interesting to imagine a place from which the light comes, leaving certain things in shadow. You can guide yourself from the reference image to do a shading test. In shading, a trick that is very effective is not to make a flat paint, that is, always with the same intensity. It is good that the shadows are degraded, from the points where there is less light to where it gives a little light.

How to draw a lion for children?

If you still would like to learn how to draw a lion, but in a simpler, easier style and with a type of children’s drawing, here I am going to give you a second tutorial, so that you can draw a lion in a very simple way.

how to draw a lion for kids

You must start by drawing the triangle that is the tip of the nose. From this one you draw up the rest of the lion’s nose.

With a full nose, you can now make both circles of the eyes. They are two circles that are cut by the nose. Within these are the pupils of the eyes. From there we will draw the mouth part. Starting from the upper vertices of the triangle of the nose, we draw two incomplete circles, which end at the lower vertex of the same triangle, and complete the mouth with the bottom in the form of a rectangle with three sides. The whiskers give the final shape to the lower part of the head.

Next step is to complete the lion’s head. How to draw a lion on the part of his head? We start a vertical line from the circle of the mouth, to a little below the eye. From there we form a circle that gives the shape of the head. Doing this symmetrically on both sides of the lion, we already have the shape of the head. In the center we make that kind of bangs, and on the sides of it the ears. The ears are two pieces of circle, to which the inner part must be made. That way the head is ready. To make it look good that it is a lion, you can not miss the mane. With a line with incoming and outgoing, and surrounding the entire head we have just drawn, we easily configure the lion’s mane.

Now we go to the lion’s body part. We start by making the front legs, always symmetrically as seen in the drawing. Then we make an outward curve to make the hind leg, ending with the leg itself. We also do the one on the other side with symmetry. In the four legs we make two curved lines that will be the fingers, and on the outside a small line from the mane to the back leg that indicates the body of the lion. And ready. Now you know how to draw a lion in a simple way. If you have any questions yet, I will put a video below in which you can see step by step how to draw a lion.

Lions coloring pages

cute lion drawing

In the image above you have a lion made especially for children. It is a cartoon of a lion with very large ears with respect to the head, which in turn is large with respect to the body.

simple lion drawing

This other drawing is designed for the little ones. It is always good for children to use easy drawings, with simple and simple shapes for a better understanding of the drawing. In this case we have a nice lion to paint as they want.

how to draw a cute lion

Here I bring you another of the cute drawings of lions to color. In this case it is from the movie Madagascar. One of the main characters of the movie was this lion, which I drew here in black and white, so that you color it to your liking.

scar lion king drawing

A lion drawing for babies, with very simple shapes is the one that I leave here.

lion king drawing

If the lion is the king of the jungle, he should wear the crown. Here you have a cartoon of a lion with his crown.

lion drawing step by step

And here follows the cartoon series of lions for coloring. In the image above we have a nice lion who is laughing.

lion drawing easy

In this image we also have a smiling lion and sitting in a pose that looks more like a baby. They are the advantages of the cartoon, which allows us to do things that do not really exist.

baby lion drawing

Again we have a lion drawing made with simple shapes, so that the smallest of the house will paint it.

lion drawing pictures

how to draw a lion for kids
This lion cartoon looks like a child, but with very thick mane.

lion cartoon drawing

beautil lion king draw
The lion king is one of Disney’s most famous movies. Here we have it in one of the most typical poses, in a perfect replica of the real-life lion pose.

how to draw a lion face

Here we have a lion drawing with another technique, in which it is practically shadows that define the drawing. I leave it to you like that, without the shading, because that way you can print it several times and you can make variations with colors as you want.

lion gead drawing

Lion drawing for tattoos

lion face drawing

Lion is an animal that speaks of power. That is why lions are favorite reasons to make tattoos. Here I am going to leave you with a couple of images that are valid for making lion tattoos. In the image above you have this lion with thick features and thinner lines representing the hairs of the mane.

lion drawing

This other drawing is that of shadows that I told you before without colors. In this case it is already shaded with black, but it gives you options to do what you want with the colors.

how to draw a lion head

Here I have made a simple game with colors of the same drawing. You can play as you want with the colors to make your own designs. Not only can it be valid for tattoos, but you can apply them to t-shirts, cups or any other product.

lion drawing color

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