Ocean draw – How to create easy ocean draw

When we consider making drawings of the sea, we have a wide range of possibilities.

In this article we are going to focus on learning how to make the drawing you are seeing at the top.

In our case, this drawing of the ocean is done on the computer, but thinking that everything can be done in the same way completely manually. This is because the idea is that you learn to draw pictures of the sea designed for children. Let’s go with the tutorial to start making drawings of the easiest.

How to draw the ocean

how to draw ocean

In the drawing of the sea that we are going to do, as the idea is to make it easy, you will see that there is very little of the drawing itself.

It is in the color where we are going to give the final touch. The drawing is simply the basic shape on which we will put the color.

We start by making a horizontal line approximately in the middle of the paper. We can say that this is the horizon line of your drawing.

At the bottom, we’re going to make another horizontal line, but it actually has to be a broken line. So that you know what you are doing, this is the drawing of the limits of the line of the waves of the sea. In drawing little by little you create what will be the final result.

If you keep looking at this, you’re going to end up understanding the total.

Ocean drawings

ocean draw

We continue with the part of the drawing. Now we are going to make the waves of the sea. Earlier we had made a broken line at the bottom. The next step is to make another similar line, which does not mean that it has to be the same. So that you understand what you are doing, it is on the one hand the water of the sea, and the second would be the foam that the water can leave. Therefore, what you have left in the lower part would already be the sand of the beach.

And the next thing is to draw the picture of the sun, which is setting. Therefore you make a piece of a circle emerging above the horizon line.

As we said, the drawing part itself is quite simple. So far we have come with that part.

Next we have to start coloring, with which our painting will begin to take on a more fun and pleasant sense.

Painting drawing of ocean

coloring ocean draw

Let’s start putting the color. We start with the bottom band. As we said before, we are referring to the part corresponding to the sand part of the beach. Therefore we can paint it with a brown color, which can vary the tone, depending on the area in which we think, we have a different tone of sand. In this case we use a fairly dark color compared to other colors of sand, more than anything so that it has a good contrast with the foam area, which is going to be white.

Painting the sea

painting the ocean

Having painted the strip of sand, the next is white, corresponding to the foam of the water. The current step is to color the sea. As you can see in our image, we applied a blue-green color, which closely resembles the reality of the sea. We do not recommend painting light blue, since we want to create contrast with the sky that we will later paint.

Now the sky

easy ocean drawing

In this step we are going to finish painting the basic part of our drawing. As I was saying before, we are going to paint the sky in a light blue color, in such a way that it achieves a good contrast with the sea that we had painted before. We painted the piece of the sun that we see yellow, and as you can see, within the area of ​​the foam, we put some small brushstrokes of the color of sea water, since the foam is not totally white. If you look at this drawing without anyone telling you what it is about, chances are that no one can tell what it is about. In reality, it is the final details that will determine whether the drawing is recognizable or not.

Ocean sunset drawing

painting sun light

We are going to start with a detail for which we will need to practice a lot to get it. If we look at the setting sun in reality, it is not completely yellow, but rather reddish, and we also see that a glow appears outside the sun. We will achieve this with practice. If we are coloring with pencils, on the yellow, we are going to apply red softly in the areas of the edges of the sun, on the inner side. And in turn, with both red or orange pencil, you can paint the glare area outside the sun. This is what needs a bit of practice, because you should get a gradient. For this to be the case, you start by making a soft layer, and then gradually increase its intensity as you get closer to the sun. This will give you a degraded result.

How to draw ocean waves

painting details

And now we are going to give you the details that are going to give us the definitive feeling of the painting that we want to represent. As I told you at the beginning, in my case the drawing is done digitally, with the computer. If you are drawing it the same way, be careful to make the original drawing on a different layer. So at this point, you hide it, or delete it. Having the base drawing gives us more of a cartoon feeling. If you are doing the drawing by hand, when you are going to start coloring, gently erase the base drawing, so that it is not so visible, and that the colored pencil layers end up losing it. The final touches now refer to sea water. With different shades of blue, green and white, you simulate the waves of the sea, and what gives it a very real touch is that white glow that occurs in the center of the drawing, which would be the reflection in the water of the light of the sun directly towards the observer.

Drawing of ocean finished

ocean draw finished

And here we come to the end of the drawing. With the above we have a good drawing of the sea, but later you can add the details you want. As an example in our drawing we have put some seagulls flying, as well as a small boat in the sea. In this you can develop the details you want. So far our drawing to learn how to make a nice and easy drawing of the sea. I hope you liked it, and that you are encouraged to make yours. If you get it we would like you to put it in the comments.


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