Owl drawing – How to draw an owl

The owl drawings that we are going to show you here are so you can print and color your owls, or so that you can guide yourself and learn how to draw an easy owl.

We are always talking about digital drawing, that is, drawings made with different computer software, but that can also be drawn in pencil. In the case of the drawing that you can see above, it is a drawing of an owl made with Adobe Ilustrator, which achieves a very good quality drawing in black and white. Anyway you could also color in Illustrator or Photoshop to give another way to finish our drawing.

Printable owl drawings

owl drawing realistic

We continue with our owl drawings to print and color. In this case it is also a nice drawing to learn how to draw an owl, since it is made from simple shapes.

You must start by making a large egg, and at the bottom you make two parallel lines, which will be the branch where the owl is perched. Then you make three rectangles with the rounded tips corresponding to the claws of each leg.

From there you can already make the details of the face: two large circles above, each with another circle inside, painted black. So you will have your eyes, and between them you make the beak. Then you make that kind of fin on the head, above the eyes, which will contribute in the final result to resemble an owl drawing.

Finally, make the two bows on both sides of the original egg, what are the owl’s wings, and finally you add those U shapes on the chest, which represent the plumage, and voila: we have a beautiful owl drawing.

More owls coloring pages

owl color drawing

Here is another easy owl drawing. It is a nice drawing to learn how to make another model of owl, or you print it and you can color it to your liking.

an owl

Here we have among the drawings of easy owls, a totally different model. In this case the body is made almost like a chick. The interesting thing is that it is completely made with simple shapes, so it is very easy to copy. It is one of the most fun and friendly children’s owl drawings you can find.

kid owl

Funny owls drawings

easy way to draw an owl

Now I’m going to put a good battery of owls drawing for coloring. The idea is that they are funny drawings, for me they are. I hope you think the same. I start with this drawing of an owl that seems to be laughing.

easy owl

A typical owl drawing on top of a tree branch. You can see this drawing here in black and white, ready to color. Later you can see it colored.

simple owl

This other owl drawing is also ready to color and then you can see it painted. It is a special drawing for the little ones to color, since it has so many parts that they can have a lot of fun making their color mixtures in each owl area.

beautiful owl drawing

This other owl drawing is quite different from the ones we were seeing before. It is an almost line drawing, where there is very little detail. In addition to being able to color this drawing, it is a good option for young children to try to copy, that is, to learn how to draw, since it is very simple.

cool drawing of owl

Black and white owls drawings

how to draw an owl for kids

The list of black and white owl drawings is going to be quite long. They are drawings that are ready to color, as is the case of the one above. In this, in addition to the owl, you have a branch, leaves and a flower, so the elements to be painted are several more. A nice drawing for children to enjoy the pleasure of painting, while learning to use their pencils.

how do you draw an owl

This owl is staring. It is a drawing in a more cubist style, but for that matter it is a good model to paint.

how to draw an easy owl

This is another drawing model that, in addition to being able to color, is easy to draw. The easy drawings I put on you are so that children can start making their copies of drawings. If they start with very difficult drawings, they may get bored soon and leave it. On the other hand, if they do it with simple drawings like this, they will do it quickly and that will encourage them to keep trying.

direct drawing owl

Here I leave you another typical line drawing similar to one you had before, only with a change of position.

simple owl

Colored owls drawings

owl drawing easy

Some of the drawings that I had already put in black and white before, in this case I will put them already colored by me. Remember that they are digital drawing, that is, they are made on the computer. These colored drawings are for people who want to advance further in their level of illustration, so you have an idea of ​​what can be done.

owl drawing

These drawings of colored owls that I leave you are made with the same method, although they can be done in many ways. In my case I have drawn the original with Ilustrator, and then color it in Photoshop. Everything can be done in one program, but I wanted to combine the advantages of both for these drawings.

owl drawing step by step

More drawings to paint owls

owl eyes drawing

I’m going to put a few more owl drawings on you so you have many options to paint your drawings. Remember that they are all free. All I want to ask you is to share our page on your social networks so that other people can also meet us.

draw the owl

owl face drawing
cute owl drawing
owl drawings in color
how to make an owl
how to make owl drawing
easy picture of owl

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