How to draw Tasmanian Devil


We are going to learn to draw a very nice character, whose name is Taz. Its creator was inspired by an animal called the Tasmanian Devil, which exists in Australia.

This animal usually has an average height of 1 meter, and is characterized by having a voracious appetite. This is the main feature of Taz, which eats everything in its path, spinning like a tornado.

Video tutorial on how to draw the Tasmanian Devil

Here I leave you a video in which you can see step by step how to draw the Tasmani Devil, or Taz, the cute character from Looney Tunes. If you can’t follow it, don’t worry, below is the step-by-step process.

Step by step how to draw Taz

* How to draw eyes

taz cartoon

We begin by drawing his eyes, with that voracious gaze. The eyes are asymmetrical, one more open than the other. The lashes are very thick, and help to give the eyes an angry expression. But we are not afraid, because we know Taz, who is always hungry.

* Drawing nose and outline of mouth

tasmanian devil cartoon

We continue down the face. In the central part we make the muzzle. It has an elliptical shape, leaving a central part unpainted, which gives the image of brightness. Next, the outline of the mouth. Taz has a big mouth. We draw the outline, leaving room for what is in the mouth.

* Let’s draw the face

how to draw tasmanian demon

Outside the mouth we draw the face. It is not a smooth contour because it also has hairs. On the left side we are going to leave a space for the tongue, which is also large. And on the right side we will leave a space too, where a finger of the left hand overlaps. Here we take the opportunity to draw Taz’s mustaches.

* How to draw tongue and teeth

tasmanian demon

Now we move on to drawing the tongue as well as the teeth. Let’s note that proportionally the mouth is very large, occupying much of the face. This has to do with the main feature of Taz, which devours everything in front of him. We make 4 teeth on top and 3 on the bottom. One of them is half covered by the tongue.

* How to draw Tasmanian devil’s ears

how to draw taz

On both sides of the eyes we draw the ears, which are symmetrical. The coat above is abundant. And on one side and on the other they take the form of horns, although they are not truly horns, but tufts of hair. The Tasmanian devil has no horns. And in the center it has a lock that gives the impression of falling in the central part of the face. We finish the face by drawing both eyebrows.

* Making Taz’s arms

taz step by step

We already have Taz’s head. We go to draw the arms. We start with the right arm, which rises, but does not exceed the height of the head. It has 4 fingers, which are long, in proportion to the arm. And following an oblique line down and to the right, we continue with the left arm. This hand has even larger fingers than the left, because it is located further forward.

* We finish with Taz’s legs

looney tunes characters

Taz’s body has the shape of an inverted triangle, where the head of the body is not differentiated. The legs are slim and the feet are large. A small part of his body is visible below the face.

And we already have our drawing of Taz. If we want to color it, it has a brown coat, the face and the front part of the body being a lighter color. The tongue and the ears are the same pink color. I hope you accept the challenge of drawing this cute character.

tasmanian devil

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