Bee drawings – How to draw a bee – Pencil drawings

Bees are very nice. Bee drawings are beautiful. They are hardworking, and they give us honey, something so rich and healthy. I have prepared here a collection of drawings of bees for you to print them and put them to color as you want. I hope you like them.

bee drawings

We begin with the drawings of children’s bees. Here you have a very simple way to draw a bee, so that any child can draw it. To make this drawing, you have to start by making an oval of the size you want. The closer you get to a circle, the funnier the bee will be. Once you have the oval, you make the four curved stripes from top to bottom, whose resulting stripes will be black. At one end you make the eye and the mouth, while above you put the antennae. At the opposite end of the oval you do the sting. The next thing is to put the four legs under and above the two wings. Okay, we made a bee drawing to paint.

Drawings of easy bees to draw

how to draw a bee

You will see that you will find a long list of bee drawings. All are bees to color, because they are black and white drawn in pencil. But as is the motto of our website, what we want is that all those who like to draw, learn through each of our articles, so in this article you will find that all the drawings can be to color, but the idea is that you learn to draw. No matter how old you are, because these drawings can be made even by small children, and if you feel like 90 years old, you can have a nice time with our drawings.

Bee drawings: Bees to color

We continue with the list of cute bees to color. All are made in pencil, and very easily so you can color them to your liking.

bumble bee drawing

In this case we have a very nice bee drawing. It has very bulging eyes that make it nice and funny. It is clear that of all the drawings of our bees, most are bee caricatures, because they are the most pleasant to draw. We are fans of cartoons and cartoons, and that is what we try to capture on this website. As we are fans, we try to transmit that so that others get infected and like all the drawings we put.

queen been drawing

It was the turn of the queen bee. As it can not be otherwise, if a caricature is involved, the queen has to wear a crown. Any queen worth her salt should have a crown and our queen bee will not be the exception. In this drawing, another very comical element is the minuscule wing size, which is not understood how you can carry the weight of that bee.

Realistic bee drawings

realistic bee drawing

This is one of the few drawings of bees a little more real that I have prepared for you. All the others are cartoon type. In this drawing you can clearly see the similarity that the bee has with an ant, except for some differences. On the back it has the typical sting, and the most obvious are the wings with which it flies. Although we can also remember that there are flying ants, which also have wings.

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