Turtle drawing – How to draw a turtle

In this article I bring you a good collection of my pencil turtle drawings. I love the cartoons of animals, because you can make them live as if they were people, with expressions and gestures. That’s why we will be incorporating funny turtle drawings for you to enjoy.

turtle drawing cute

Here I start with the collection with one of the funniest pencil turtle drawings. It is a typical cartoon with a huge head, that if we think about it rationally we say that it is impossible for him to enter that shell. And in addition to that the expression of the face speaks to us of tranquility, something that we can blame a turtle for the slowness with which it moves. It is an example of how beautiful turtle cartoons can be.

turtle images drawing

Here you have an easy turtle drawing. There are practically two semicircles: the minor will be the head, where we put the eye and make a form for the mouth. The largest semicircle is the shell with some circles that represent the textures of the shell, and then the legs and the tail are made. An easy way to draw turtle drawings for coloring.

Turtle: Coloring page

turtle drawing step by step

Turtle drawing that I put to you to color are very funny and of very different styles. They are all pencil drawings made by me, so you can print them completely for free, and color as you like.

Among the ways I like to make the drawings of animals is in cartoon style as is this drawing that you have above. In the cartoon the important thing is the exaggeration of some parts. In the case of this drawing you can see a head so large that it is impossible for it to enter that shell.

In addition the cartoon allows you to make expressions in an animal that in real life does not have it, as is the case with the laugh of this turtle.

how do you draw a turtle

In this other drawing I wanted to make one of a style for the little ones, where the shapes are simple, with circles and ovals, to make the whole drawing. The detail of the bow on the head indicates that it is a girl.

sea turtle drawing easy

I also bring the drawings of sea turtles in the form of a cartoon, like this one that looks very excited.

running turtle

A little humor in this other cartoon of a turtle. It is known that turtles are the slowest animals there are. In this drawing we have an all sweaty turtle running at full speed. In addition, this cartoon allows us to transform a quadruped to run on two legs, as if it were a person.

tortuga cabeza grande

This other image gives us a very cute cartoon of a turtle. Through his eye and his mouth, the feeling is that it is a small turtle. Here the exaggeration of the head with respect to the rest of the body is greater. The bigger it gets, the funnier the drawing is.

baby turtle

We see that not only the head can be exaggerated when you draw a turtle. In this case the legs become thick that look like elephant legs. The smile in any type of drawing gives sympathy to the image.

turtle drawing images

Cartoons of turtles

pictures of turtle to draw

The shapes of the head can be varied from different classes. In this case, the big eyes are no longer of the typical round shape, but are in a kind of triangle with rounded tips. Also the appearance of the tongue inside the smiling mouth leads us to think about the cartoons that can be seen on television.

baby turtle drawing

A very nice baby turtle. In this drawing I also did a small work of shading so that the result is a little more advanced.

step by step turtle drawing

This drawing of a turtle sitting holding a poster, I have put it for you to print it and you can use it any way you want. For example you could make cards to congratulate someone, and on the poster you put a message, such as congratulations, or happy birthday.

how to draw a sea turtle

Sea turtles can also be very nice when we do them in cartoons. Here we have one that goes swimming, and looking sideways.

simple turtle drawing

Another drawing that can be used to make love cards, since the shell marks in this case are hearts. This can also give you other ideas to make your own drawings with different motives.

cartoon turtle drawing

The gesture of this turtle seems to be a bit distracted, or innocent. It is a special drawing for younger children, with those circles in the shell, which they can paint with different colors, as they like.

turtle cartoon drawing

Another funny scene is this sea turtle that goes swimming very happily. This drawing has the ability to convey the mood, and we even imagine how fun it is swimming, with the movement of all four legs at the same time.

how to draw a turtle easy

Nice turtle drawings

cute turtle drawing

This turtle is very cute. It is the first thing you think. Then you start to see what makes it so tender and basically it’s the eyelashes and the shape of the mouth. Just a few well-made elements can make a very good cartoon.

turtle drawing easy

This drawing is very nice, but it does not have the same development from the point of view of the drawing. It is a style for the little ones, who interpret simple forms better.

sea turtle drawing

Another sea turtle in a cartoon with exaggeration of the head, and a shape that could very well be that of a parrot.

how to draw a turtle
turtle drawing

Enjoy a lot with this collection of turtle drawings to color. I will gradually add more drawings, not only here, but throughout the web, where I recommend you look more.

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